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  1. heliumstar let me have your postcode via PM to get a price for postage and do you want it tracked yes/no
  2. Hi, I have for sale a Pyrex 8" Primary with an Orion Optics 50mm Secondary the primary needs recoating but over here in France to expensive to resilver so I'll explain I used to live in the UK near Bolton Astronomy and the Primary was figured by the best guy I knew Brian and Dave All I am asking is postage the primary and secondary is 2kg in weight total the scope got damaged moving to france so trashed.: (O So if interest let me know otherwise will stay in the quality street box. I do have an original primary holder of that circa if I can find it will chuck in and a 2 fin secondary holder again if I find it amongst the mass of stuff photos to follow BTW this is a Dob Mirror set... regards Andy
  3. Hi and welcome from France. As @Knighty2112 states in his response once done job done. This site is heaven for a wealth of information ask the daftest of question and you will get a response even though the answer was probably staring you in the face but could not see it. Been there and got the teeshirt. Andy
  4. Returns refused by seller be carefull as if Glass broken not covered by shipper.. well here in France, do not know about UK shippers?
  5. obvious error finder scope wrong way round 220 quid new 120 quid max.. or 130
  6. If I was to sell any of my equipment (not that I am in a position to do) I would advertise here on SGL not ebay . Would not Buy from Ebay unless I knew the seller from SGL recommendations. So as @johninderby post what you are looking at on Ebay. Here then an honest valuation if good/bad at the end of the day it is your money spent well or bad. (not that I have a problem about ebay as buy stuff from the site but this is specialised equipment with a lot of TLC, People looking after their equipment or someone after a quick buck...)
  7. What a good Company well done Steve I like that in a Company going the extra mile to help out. No if's or buts.
  8. I've bought other SVBONY astro stuff and well made but not a finderscope but looks like other's that are available under different brands it up to you to buy or not but at that price a steal at 41% discount
  9. Hi whats's with the 71ED kit wise as bought with 2" to 1.25" adapter and covers how old and how did it come to "fun guy" Mould? i'm seriously interested will pay postage as you state you are open to regards Andy
  10. All is fine on vero board just the ancillaries …
  11. I built mine on a vero board a nightmare page 34 loads of fun
  12. James I've built Roberts dew controller and used this guide not quite finished as loads of things on the go at the moment started it last year then found out I needed glasses couldn't read small writing anymore or solder for that matter eyes getting old and tired had my son do the soldering.... so mine is still work in progress. See attached Document from Robert albeit from 2018 page 5 for list of components Andy myDewControllerPro3.pdf
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