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  1. fozzybear

    New astro programs for Raspberry PI

    Han Just in the process of downloading both hnsky and astap onto my Pi running ubuntu with Rob's script on and rpi3 so will keep you updated Regards Andy
  2. fozzybear

    Moon Atlas (On-line) - Suggestions

    Nige You could try downloading this Virtual moon atlas from the author of CDC cartes du Ciel http://ap-i.net/avl/en/start Andy
  3. fozzybear

    Oh God is this the Future?

    Funnily enough I watched the film Geostorm last night and this thread sprung to mind of what could happen..... a possibility who knows
  4. fozzybear


    Astroboot has some parts if you fancy building one sorry I do not have a spare 50mm finder only a 30mm one as standard with my 150pds new and unused as I bought a 50mm one and bracket from astroboot good luck with your hunt Andy
  5. fozzybear


    what size are you looking for?
  6. fozzybear

    Forum Speed Issues

    No problem for me here in france as normal as it could be (holding my breath)
  7. fozzybear

    Forum Speed Issues

    slowing down again.
  8. fozzybear

    Astro boot clear out

    Gus, Pm'd ref Vixen LV 7mm 1.25” EP
  9. or maybe this might help
  10. astroboot.co.uk have one for sale £7-90 plus shipping. you will have to check that it comes with the rubber o ring a must
  11. you could try one of these bases https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Multi-Function-Finderscope-Dovetail-Slot-for-Optical-Telescope-Finderscope-New/172379954816?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  12. Here is a picture of the finder
  13. at the moment I am playing around with it using the std finder bracket albeit I have changed the base to a baader one with twin thumbscrews
  14. I've converted my celestron 9x50 finder model number #51611 and bought the adapter from Bern at modern astronomy https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/accessories/adapters/sky-watcher-clones-to-c-mount-adapter-for-straight-through-finders/

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