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  1. by the way can you still get a quarter pounder burger, Not over here no chance can't even get the English breakfast menu miss the sausage n egg muffin and the bacon one, mouth drooling...….
  2. just got it I am now drinking a shake, Shame they do not do them over here in France do they still do those flavoured milk drinks in the uk been 15 years since last had one...
  3. lucky you to own one.... and at a great price I believe, But I am happy with my sky atlas care to swap for a second one
  4. this is on hell of an Atlas good quality well impressed with mine and not planning in parting with it.. good luck with the sale
  5. life is restored I had panic attacks for 2 hours had to watch the tv...… so boring
  6. interested in Vixen LV 18mm m 20m eye relief If @andrew63 Does not want it Regards Andy
  7. http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_telescopes-sky-watcher.html you could try and see if they can help
  8. fozzybear


    I thought as much had great help back in the day and recently also with the help from John at OO I take it they are still in Newcastle under Lyme….
  9. fozzybear


    Back in the day early 90's just turned up for parts mirror recoating a week turnaround, sourced a spider and primary cell same day, they had/have an excellent tooling workshop so do not know what the problem is. sec mirrors in stock maybe a downturn in production made to order I do not know? telephone them. and ask... Andy
  10. I ordered a watch and delivered well never arrived who is Hermes...different names myhermes,parcelhero, who are there partners and do they take care of your parcels...
  11. Don't worry it happened to us via littlewoods back in 2002 in th UK and the kids new Nintendo Gamecube console for Christmas delivery driver left it behind the hedge before the days of a card as to guess where it is well we could not find it until a week later ruined Christmas we had to send it back and eventually after a month received a new one after end Jan . Nothing changed, It is Ok here in France as we have a PostBox so the regular mail man/woman, and special delivery ie TNT,UPS……… have a skeleton key to open our box and voila... safe and sound if it fits, yes other wise a trip to a neighbour or local sorting office.
  12. Well the right ones I hope now to program it as original would not fit the l293d shield
  13. ordered a couple of v1 Nodemcu Lua ESP8266 CP2102 ESP-12E lets hope they are the smaller one's did ask on a well known site starting with A that they will fit the shield L293DD finders crossed Andy
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