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  1. I would go outside with your laptop/phone and see if you get a signal first then if so get the dongle
  2. Anyone brave enough to upgrade from windows 10 32bit to 64bit. I know it is a new install starting from scratch but any pitfalls ? New Drive (SSD) so all data on old drive . backup
  3. Wifi depends on the construction and boundaries set so if you say have a house built of Stone rather than brick the signal will have a reduced signal so dependant of the material it has to pass thru . So if your house is stone built then hit and miss. hot spots ie pass via the windows (signal) . Plus placement of the router/wifi in the house
  4. I would say so as on my setup with a Flirc case no problem on 5ghz internal wifi used in the garden it depends on the output power of your Router/Access point in the house luckily mine has a good range but by adding a 10quid or so little usb dongle could/will improve things for you look at the tplink ones on the long river company cheap as chips https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-TL-WN823N-Wireless-Supports-10-9-10-13/dp/B0088TKTY2/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=tp%2Blink%2Bwifi%2Bdongle&qid=1614457247&sr=8-3&th=1
  5. cheers for the heads up on a second edition for affinity photo guide just placed my order with Dave so can't wait till it arrives 

    1. Littleguy80


      No worries. I found the first edition really helpful. Looking forward to getting the second edition too. Will be good to learn about the new astro features in there :) 

  6. is your laptop a Mac or PC windows. Just download the link I provided to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eXBCN06Uz6pGdf-TDd_8ETVW5QRw9zSO and download the whole bin folder then extract and run the app under your OS concerned. If you have a Mac I am flying blind as do not have one.
  7. Have had a look on the indilib forum about changing the firmware on the ASI120mm. I think it has been mentioned on here before as a problem with the ASI120MM and linux @alacant i think raised this https://www.indilib.org/forum/ccds-dslrs/8807-asi-120-mm-usb-won-t-capture-anymore.html and the files here drive.google.com/file/d/17SuwrJaj9T1uEG_...S-h/view?usp=sharing
  8. Can you not get distilled water in 5 litre containers from the supermarket (for Ironing purposes) cheap as chips. Well over here it is, As normal tap water here high limestone content (hard water is it in England) Being from the North (UK)our water was soft and never had problems with kettles irons etc etc.
  9. this scope won't hang around long soon to be snapped up by someone at that price. Good luck with the sale. If I lived in the UK i'd snap it up
  10. Don't know but maybe the OP can shed some light on it
  11. something not right as mine worked straight away on all of my builds with astroberry don't know why the op refers to When I then click on connect to hidden wireless network it searches and goes back to wired. Surely the wifi should be visible unless he has hidden his SSID in which case. Make sure it is spelt correctly as Case Sensitive
  12. Mine set at 0 to guarantee wifi connects to my home router
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