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  1. fozzybear

    FLO & GDPR

    not wanting to put a damp squid on anything, but does this also affect forums in the UK? "The GDPR applies to all organizations established in the EU and to organizations, whether or not established in the EU, that process the personal data of EU data subjects in connection with either the offering of goods or services to data subjects in the EU or the monitoring of behaviour that takes place within the EU. Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. " The good service that SGL provides should not warrant emailing every member to accept, the reason why, I have received an influx of emails from french forums I subscribe to. Plus the UK offerings a real royal pain in the neck. Strange not had anything from amazon yet or ebay
  2. fozzybear

    FLO & GDPR

    I have just subscribed, thought I was already but apparently not.
  3. astroboot.co.uk has one for sale 45 degree albeit for 24 quid delivered to don't know if this is to expensive. Andy
  4. they are not polarity dependant so just cut the old connector of and solder on your new one there should be two wires. if you have a hifi unit it is the same and sometimes come with a dvd player for the rgb to scart cable cheap as chips. I used an old phono cable for my hifi cut it in half.
  5. +1 just cut them off as above and make your own connectors works for me..
  6. I bought a canon 450d from Cameral jungle low shutter count this year I paid 98 quid including shoulder strap not needed, battery and charger also viewfinder cover and all manuals and software I have a Nikon 5300 but wanted to keep this for normal photography (Daylight) as not many modified for astro use. as all the software for astro photography is able to cope with the 450d i.e APT or byeos. I went down that route a cheap outlay albeit non modded and if I want to go further then I will look to get it modified. there is one on camera jungle with 2,279 shutter count for 110-00 quid. just a thought + 12 months guarantee. happy hunting Andy
  7. I live in france with Tri-phase figure that one out? at first complicated but now like water of a ducks back. load balancing etc.. plus colour coding each phase! electricity can have a habit in biting where it hurts! as homer simpson says Duh.....
  8. fozzybear

    Adding EQ5 goto upgrade to Skywatcher EQ5

    +1 for astroeq works a treat
  9. fozzybear

    veroboard/protyping board

    bit the bullet and bought from ebay france albeit one board less than uk but why do the uk suppliers think they can charge a fortune for delivery unregistered post.
  10. fozzybear

    veroboard/protyping board

    Hi looking for a good source of veroboard/prototyping board usual source e*^y and A0aZ*n but delivery charges are outrageous anybody know of a good source greatly appreciated looking for 90 mm x 50 mm 35 µm 2.54 mm horizontal qty10 regards andy
  11. fozzybear

    Lathe line-up

    reminds me of the song golden brown by the stranglers.....
  12. loads ok for me on win10 pro 32bit
  13. fozzybear

    Lathe line-up

    At work we have RIGID 300 C POWERDRIVE COMPLETE THREADER and a common trick is to put in reverse you cannot get a thread on anything. ok of topic but a workshop prank... I came foul of this a few times. Doooo.
  14. those little Chinese people have big muscles

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