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  1. fozzybear

    Hello from center of France

    Bonsoir, Bienvenue chez SGL hello and welcome to SGL just realised 2nd page never mind a 2nd welcome Duh..... Andy
  2. David sorry I am the new proud owner built like a tank and yes the rings are screwed to the bar Andy
  3. fozzybear

    Digital eyepiece

    me I have a canon d450 and also a (qhy5IIm for imaging planets/moon) the canon 450d I plan on using for DSO I also have an imaging source dbk21au04 for guiding
  4. fozzybear

    Digital eyepiece

    what sort of budget are you talking about maybe the imaging crew can add to this as me still learning
  5. fozzybear

    Digital eyepiece

    Hi Mark What exactly are you looking for an eyepiece or are you interested in taking photo's i.e a camera for your scope as your description is a little vague "digital eyepiece" and welcome to SGL Andy
  6. fozzybear

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ problem !

    I am interested in this yet on the rpi forum this bypasses the thermal fuse built into the rpi i have a couple of lm2596 buck convertors and was going to put a 7805 regulator in as well, also a fuse just in case albeit the 7805 is rated to 1 amp i'll fit a heatshield as well, so anything over 5 volts is protected. what do you think
  7. fozzybear

    Position of focal plane relative to focuser travel

    what version of windows are you using if 10 just extract then click on newtwin.exe then a popup will appear that a utility will need to be installed to run 16bit programs (from Microsoft)
  8. fozzybear

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ problem !

    PC running win 10 pro and running kstars on that then accessing rpi will try on my lappy running linux
  9. fozzybear

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ problem !

    Damn, after all you just answered my questions as eqmod kept getting connect errors in ekos, something else to figure out cheers CCD works ok
  10. likewise before moving to france I was 2E0CEQ/M3CEQ in the UK I know..... but moved whist studying for my Full licence and no reciprocal over here in France so went silent and sold all my gear I was rather upset as I loved the hobby. Maybe one day now my french is getting better after 14 years since moving I might go back Andy
  11. fozzybear

    Position of focal plane relative to focuser travel

    Neil Have you tried the old newt25 program from way back Don't know if this helps it's an old 16 bit program Andy newt25.zip
  12. fozzybear

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ problem !

    when I look at the option above are you referring to the rpi or pc as on the rpi in align all options are shadowed out and can't do anything?
  13. fozzybear

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ problem !

    Radek cheers for the update one error I made is that I did not add it under aux in control panel that's why I could not find it, now it is loaded but won't solve yet under align icon can't do anything (click on anything) also kstars 3 on my windows 10 kept on crashing when talking to the rpi ( ran troubleshooter for windows) and running in compatible mode seems to keep it alive for now Also on ekos there is a tab to download the index files in the astrometry options nice and easy Andy
  14. fozzybear

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ problem !

    bit of a daft question never used astrometry how do you load it on rpi using the link above for my 150pds and 450d canon= FOV: 1.70° x 1.13°

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