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  1. Michael cheers for the update my dream shattered my motor is a nema one with the gearbox and was thinking those RCA ideal for dew control Many thanks
  2. maybe hang on before installing albeit my AV says it safe no virus Norton... I'll sit on the fence for now
  3. has anyone been brave enough to try it as cannot find it on their official site yet on facebook ......seems strange albeit the link seems to point to their site ...
  4. Michael The 12v Rca outputs are they for dew shields or just 12v feeds care to ship to france? as per roberts script is this for 5v or 12volt motors..... I am trying to look at your amass of wires in the photo Andy
  5. Sorry about my avatar she is now 8 but love her when we first picked her up a story in it's self. As you state OVL should QC the goods received as we do it is business standards here in France so see no reason in the UK unless sourced direct then we would QC the goods but as many suppliers it is on "good faith" but I see this hobby/scientific so should be treated so not a whim hobby but with some respect
  6. Ok maybe a thought distributor sells to supplier I know extra work for the supplier in this case unless supplied direct as in our case 3rd party items checked and QC seal applied as item verified visual surely can't be to much work we do it every day as a QC for our customers. ok it means opening box's. until this is resolved so who is to blame the retailer or importer or a manufacture problem? QC is king
  7. This is such an upset for the buyer as he pay's his hard earned cash probably saved up for age's or forgave other things and except 100% workmanship, As me in manufacturing if I mess up the buck stops with me and all hell breaks loose, Cannot fault the supplier as they buy in good faith that the product is 100% maybe the importer i.e OVL should QC all the goods they receive before sending on to the retailer as this seems to be the problem unless the retailer is buying direct from manufacturer. We QC all our suppliers otherwise we would be out of business. Come on manufacturers sort it out …. at the end of the day it is a "scientific instrument" not a toy. sorry for the rant but it is how I feel
  8. Update lens arrived yet lens holders never arrived so refunded and re-ordered another month wait duh...
  9. Hey Marvin What dept are you in as maybe a trip south this summer? Me dept 50 Andy
  10. Just a question on skywatcher finder 9x50 what is the correct FL as I see two different lengths in this post and does it make any difference for PHD2 Skywatcher 9x50 finder scope which is 180mm FL and SW Finder telescope 190mm focal length Does anyone know the correct FL or I can enter either in PHD2 and 10mm is neither here or there. I use mine with a ASI120mm does an exact FL improve guiding? Regards Andy
  11. I have the Sky Atlas 2000.0 A great one to have and at that price a steal. I'd love those separate charts but a risk posting to me might get turned into origami good luck Dave surely someone must snap either or both together Andy
  12. what an informative episode they should do more like it then more people would get involved shame a long wait till next episode
  13. forgot to record it now watching
  14. you try good old B&Q they can scan an item via Valspar and match the colour as you only need a small amount they will sell you a tester pot for 3 quid they might give you the colour code to source elsewhere maybe Humbrol paints ( model making) they have a colour chart https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/humbrol-wallchart just a thought Andy
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