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  1. Mine look like that what's the problem? Alexandra
  2. Oh Ok, maybe I won't go then Alexandra
  3. Is anyone going? I can't decide whether to go or not but if a few of you guys are going we could meet up for a social hello and chat. Anyone want to do this? Alexandra
  4. These are really lovely and you are very lucky to be blessed with sunshine Alexandra
  5. Beautiful images! so lovely to see all the big spots returning I don't think the Sun has shone in the Cheshire area since July Alexandra
  6. Thanks guys a big congratulations to Michael Wilkinson too, it was great to meet him in real life
  7. When viewed at full size the NRs aren't that noticeable, but the detail in the full disc is cracking Alexandra
  8. Great animation Is it a gif? Flickr will play this but not in the preview, if you go to 'all sizes' and click on 'original' it will play. Likewise when you embed it in a forum you need to pick the BB code 'original' and it will play. Alexandra
  9. That's great! does that mean you need to be by the beach for a refill when you are there? I have been doing some practice too, on my tests so far I have gone into a blind panic as soon as the count down starts and pressed all the wrong buttons. I need more practice practice! oh well, so long as I see it I won't care, if any photos happen it will be a bonus I have never seen one before so visual is priority. Alexandra
  10. Ah well, if you must try those cheap Morrison's bags, you need the posh Waitrose ones, they are much thinner! in fact the one I got the other week was so thin I had to double it over to get the right density I guess they must be cost cutting. A great shot above, beautifully done Alexandra
  11. That is a great shot, nice to see a bit of activity Alexandra
  12. That is great! rather than 8 rounds of cling film how about trying the supermarket fruit bag instead, I have great results with that. It doesn't matter about exposure time, I usually ramp it up to get around 2 frames per second and match the histogram to the original by upping the gain instead. It doesn't matter how high the gain is so long as you have a good number of frames to create your flat with (evens out the noise). I find 200 is plenty. Don't worry about limb darkening in Halpha, if you look by eye there really isn't that much, it is quite subtle, not as much as white light, in Halpha an etalon sweet spot can cause more, my PST is terrible for this compared to the Solarscope. Many folks find using the drift method easier and simpler for full discs, if you have the space just let the Sun drift from one side of the field to the other during capture, then Autostakkert will even out any defects during stacking. Alexandra
  13. You are taking some lovely halpha shots Alexandra
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