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  1. A great start first images are always such a major triumph, so well done! The first thing you need to do is bring the exposure right down, a lot. You will then find that focus is much easier. Practice will make perfect so keep up the good work! Alexandra
  2. It will be great to see you again Steve Helen, can't you come both days Ade, it will be great to meet you too if you can make it I think I might carry a sign with Solarchat on it so I am more conspicuous Alexandra
  3. That's a pity Dave. I too preferred it when it was in May when it first started Alexandra
  4. That's a pity Charl, it would have been nice to meet you. Thanks Alan, I will definitely be passing by the FLO stand as I have lots of shopping to do so I might spot you. If you want to chat pure solar please do come for lunch Alexandra
  5. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone was going to IAS 2019? If anyone here is, I am planning to meet for a Solarchat at 12pm on the Saturday. I thought we could meet outside the cafe and then have a lunch together and chat all things solar. It would be nice to meet everyone and makes the day a bit more special. All warmly welcome, I hope someone comes. Kind regards Alexandra
  6. Well done!!!!! a great achievement Alexandra
  7. I had a transit yesterday but I didn't even bother to take the day off, it rained all day as usual. Alexandra
  8. Wow! Dave! you are a patient guy!!! I gave up on try 2 Alexandr
  9. Thanks James, you are amazing really because I never thought it possible to do this with a Apple computer. Point 4. Usually in firecapture or ICCapture there is a little counter/clock at the side, so when you press the record button a little dial starts counting in real time how many frames you are capturing. So you can sit and watch and manually click stop when you hit 200 frames, 800 frames, 2029 frames if you wish. In this version with no counter you are blind. If you forget to hit the limit button and set where you want to stop the recording then you sit there and think, hmmm when did I hit the record button, I wonder how many frames I have recorded? The only way to tell is to hit stop and go and view the file in Autostakkert or Registax. It would be a nice extra feature if you ever got round to it, for forgetful people like me Well done though, very pleased with my image, so I hope the Sun does come out in the Pyrenees next week Alexandra
  10. Did you manage to get the gamma working in Firecapture? Alexandra
  11. OK so this evening I tried out OaCapture to capture the Sun with the DMK41. There are a few querks and it took about an hour to work them out. I am writing this down mainly so I don't forget next week when I need it. 1. The manual exposure issue. Initially I put the camera in the PST and then opened the software. Because it goes immediately to automatic exposure it ramped the exposure really high as I hadn't found the Sun and the telescope was dark. I changed to manual exposure via the above method but when I found the Sun it was impossible to get an exposure low enough. Even with a double stack on I was at 3 micro seconds and it was just OK. Single stack was impossible. I thought this aint right, so I closed the program down and started up with the camera out of the telescope and facing the Sun so when the automatic exposure kicked in it didn't ramp it up. Then when I changed to manual exposure I had a good range and double stack was about 40 milli seconds and single stack exposure was possible. It seems that wherever the auto exposure changes to the manual exposure starts from that point when you change it. So it seems a bit random and exposures are not the same each time, weird but workable. 2. the next problem was I took several AVI and checked them for processing on my Windows PC and ran them through Autostakkert and started to post process. Nope, it seemed to record on a very high compression and the pictures were very pixellated. Next try I found in the Capture settings you need to tick both boxes, Windows compatible AND no compression. It worked. 3. It doesn't seem to remember settings once the program is closed. I need to remember to set the file path for capture, tick limit to 1000 frames and check the two boxes are ticked for the AVI settings. 4. I must remember to tick the frame limit as there is no way of knowing how many frames you are capturing as there is no counter, if you don't set this limit you would need to calculate with the calculator how long you need to capture for with your frame rate and use a stop watch. Very querky but at least I did it and with the Apple being the only computer coming on holiday next week at least I can now snatch it from the hubby and take a quick capture with the PST. Here is my final effort, very pleased with myself and thank you very much James oaCapture-20190826-180145_f colour by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr Alexandra
  12. Yup! that works! makes no sense but I am happy thanks a million. Need some Sun to test it out now Alexandra
  13. Oh thanks, I'll try that tonight. I did see that aperture priority button but didn't know what it meant. Alexandra
  14. Dear James, As you can see from this screen shot there is a n area which says 'Auto on/off'' but you cannot press it, it is just writing. Kind regards Alexandra
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