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  1. JTEC

    Eyepiece upgrade - TeleVue ?

    John, I quite agree, some of the 100 degree eyepieces - the 13mm Ethos, for example - are astonishingly good in the very areas where orthos etc are traditionally considered to be first choice. If there is any compromise it is small - mercifully, however, I don’t have time right now to get into that debate - how much, in what way, in which scopes, at what focal ratios, etc, etc ... aaaargh!! Not again, please ... I’ve only used the TV offerings, but again would agree that the 100 degree eps are at least as good as or better in key areas than some of the 82 degree options we’ve enjoyed for some time now. The prices, at least of the TV options, are a huge problem though. Changing tack (and afov) somewhat, the Morpheus line does look very interesting and decent value. John E
  2. JTEC

    Eyepiece upgrade - TeleVue ?

    Yep, agreed, when everything is optimised and the sky is cooperating the big Dobs can give great planetary images. We were talking about eyepieces though. I take your point about the OP seeking the ‘spacewalk’ experience. No question, the Ethos etc give that extraordinary wide view. My point was simply that there is nothing intrinsically preferable about eyepieces with wide apparent fields of view. They are just one option among several. For certain types of observation they are just the ticket, of course, and absolutely the way to go. ATB John E
  3. JTEC

    Eyepiece upgrade - TeleVue ?

    That sounds debatable enough to be a whole new thread to me . As with scopes, so with eyepieces: horses for courses. Different designs for different applications. Don’t you think there’s an argument in favour of variety when it comes to optical design and consequent differences in behaviour and performance?
  4. JTEC

    Eyepiece upgrade - TeleVue ?

    I use a TEC140 and a C11, often with a binoviewer, and have a varied collection of eyepieces, mostly Televue and Tak. The Tak orthos seem excellent to me in both scopes and the 13mm Ethos is great in the refractor. I’ve been especially impressed with the Delos line in both scopes - the 10mm is a particular favourite. Incidentally, I wouldn’t buy another Ethos because, wonderful though they are, the price is crazy. I also think the Delos has slightly better throughput than the Ethos and goes a little deeper, and I’m entirely happy with the more conservative fov. The ES 24mm I think is good value and the images have a nice brightness, contrast and crackle about them - I use it a lot. If I were buying from scratch, I’d probably look to build a range of Tak orthos and a range of Deloses (...oi, if you must ;>) for wider field, then look to ES or another manufacturer other than Televue for a 100 degree exotic or two. Having said all that, I just forked out for one of the Burgess monocentrics that BillP so expertly and helpfully just reviewed! So much for good intentions ... John E
  5. JTEC

    1.25" diagonal annoyances

    I dug out my dusty ST80 and checked. You’re right - not comical exactly but not an easy fit and doesn’t look like a great match either. Many other good options that others have suggested that don’t break the bank ... John E
  6. JTEC

    1.25" diagonal annoyances

    Quite agree with John about price being an issue ... also that other diagonals can perform very well. So, if you can’t see any difference in the eyepiece, what the hey. No visible CA is contributed by the Baaders used with my TEC - that is f7 however. I’ve got an ST80 somewhere, so I’ll give it a go with the 1.25 Baader - the scope itself is already quite ‘colourful’ though so if, as seems likely, any CA is apparent with that combo, I’d not be in a hurry to blame the prism.
  7. JTEC

    1.25" diagonal annoyances

    Ags, the Baader Zeiss spec prisms are the best diagonals I’ve ever used with TEC140 and C11. Both the 2” and the 1.25” outperform, to my eye, the top of the range Astro-Physics Dielectric mirror diagonal I previously used, in terms of contrast and scatter. I realise they are not budget options though ... Bill Paolini has an informative review; from memory, I think he preferred the 1.25. John E
  8. JTEC

    Diagonal Decisions

    Looks good! And I have a suggestion for your shopping list ... if that isn’t a Baader Clicklock eyepiece holder shown in the pic, I’d respectfully suggest that one of those could come next . One click to lock, one click to release, even, secure, no screws etc, just excellent and not too pricey. You’ll never look back. John E
  9. If you feel like subscribing to ‘Audible’ - it costs £7.99 a month for a new audio book each month and there are frequent special offers - there are loads of good astronomy titles to choose from. (Other topics and fiction as well if you want). You download and can play on any suitable device - my iphone is packed with them. I listen in the car all the time and have enjoyed, for example, the titles by James Kaler and Neil deGrasse Tyson as being easily listenable and engaging. There’s plenty of more demanding stuff available as well. That said, there’s so much on there, you’re spoilt for choice. John E
  10. JTEC

    Diagonal Decisions

    Well, John, maybe saying ‘comfortably’ was a bit of an overstatement ... sorry! I do see a difference though - better contrast, less scatter. I bought the AP when I bought my TEC believing it to be the best around and a good match for that scope. It remains, to my eye, the best mirror diagonal I’ve used; the WO though less ‘built like a tank’ wasn’t at all bad optically. Improbable as it may sound, I began to suspect that the much-vaunted protective layers to which the AP owes its durability were making a contribution of their own to the image. Tiny though the depth is in everyday terms it is perhaps not negligible in relation to the behaviour of light entering the coatings and return-exiting them. A professional optical worker friend whom I consulted felt this was at least possible. I don’t know whether the idea holds water, but I clearly prefer the performance of the Baader Zeiss prisms in 1.25 and 2” in the TEC and C11, mono and with the binoviewer. That said, Bill P, in his review, speaks very highly of the silvered Baader mirror! I’d love to try one, but there comes a point when the spending has to stop! John E
  11. JTEC

    Diagonal Decisions

    I’ve used the WO and the Astro-physics Dielectric with my TEC140 and other scopes. The AP was very solidly built and robust but optically had no advantage over the WO. And I am a very fussy observer! Both were comfortably outperformed by the Baader Zeiss spec prisms, which I now use. (See Bill Paolini’s review). Trouble is they are expensive, but unsurpassed imv.
  12. There’s knowledge, there’s truth ... then there’s journalism.
  13. JTEC

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    I time my imaging trips abroad for the dark of the Moon. But the Moon is a fascinating and accessible subject to observe even with modest equipment and from polluted skies. More than that, it’s beautiful: the Harvest Moon rising golden and round, the high winter Moon lighting with silver the midnight woods and fields, the setting Moon casting a shimmering path on the sea. Just love the Moon. John
  14. Looks like a real find! Leitz quality and appears massively functional and built to last. ‘Built in’ 45 angle, so no need for additional prism in the train to achieve comfortable viewing position with the refractor. Has all the apparent attributes of a ‘classic’ Hope so! John TEC140, C11, 14.25” f5.5 Hysom/Hinds Dob, Baader MkV binoviewer, Baader Zeiss prisms, Tak ortho pairs, TV plossl pairs, 13mm Ethos, 22mm Nag, 10 and 12mm Delos, Edmund RKEs including 2x28mm, QSI583, Astrodon filters, AZ EQ6 at home, EQ6 in Canaries. Nikon 7x50 bins and Kasai WideBino. Too much junk to list.

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