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  1. My Skyris 274 a £700 camera has decided to packup on me.

    I think that this is probably the final straw. I no longer had the time, inclination or funds to carry on with this hobby. 


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    2. nightfisher


      Good to hear still just in warranty, one less thing to worry about, i fully understand your comment above, stick with it mate, 

    3. Ant


      Look like a combination of issues. 

      The camera appears to have got confused. The usb lead I think has a fault, and lastly the laptop wasn't plugged in and I think wasn't supplying enough power through the port. 

      I think it might be sorted :) Big thanks to Grant. 


    4. barkis


      That must have made you feel a little happier.  There's always hope, and it seems things aren't so gloomy after all. Plus 1 for Grant too.

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