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  1. I had a similar scope in my early days ,looks like we could have a Tasco revival thanks for the memories
  2. interesting reading ,when I (now an old codger) first acquired the astronomy bug any equipment was very expensive this was 60 years ago. I too like Nigella purchased a 6inch newtonium from fuller scopes which was about 12times my weekly wage,I along with a few likeminded enthusiasts made most of our equipment. We purchased ex wd lenses and mounted them into tubes I still have and use these eyepieces no hobby is cheap but back then the range of equipment was not available as is now the case. My favourite tripod is a wood and brass ex theodolite one solid as a rock . But as the s
  3. Superb I would love a print of this for my wall excellent
  4. Hi all I went out tonight at around 5pm and set up on the moon . soon as it was dark spent 2 and a half hours on the moon and had a few views of the Orion nebula it was clear until 8.45 pm really enjoyed the nights viewing and it wasn't cold. I used my Celestron 6se and my Meade etx90
  5. Nice photos I have recently purchased a phone holder for my phone ,will need a lot of practice to match those well done
  6. Hi Nigeboy great images get those pubs open as soon as `Boris says go
  7. It must be the right time for uk manufacturers to emerge and take advantage of the demand for astro equipment. The time may be right to sell my house and buy as much astro equipment as I can lay my hands on, anyone got a spare room??
  8. I purchased two army surplus torches with 90 degree head ,these were supplied with one ,clear one red and one green filter. I also have an ex br signal torch which also has the same range of filters at the turn of the on off switch well cheap and work well
  9. Wow these images are superb, only cloud here all day and night. thanks for shearing these images with us ,I have never seen the sun like this
  10. Thanks for the information I will look into obtaining the same type of rdf cheers and clear skys
  11. HI I find the red dot finders that are sold with certain brands of telescopes to be useless, this is due to the fact that they cannot be locked once aligned' I have carefully aligned in daylight, but it is always off on the evening viewings. I like the concept of the ref but I feel they should manufactured from aluminium with locking mechanism. I know that they would cost more but they would serve their purpose better, so I will continue to use my 9x50 finder in unison
  12. HI I purchased a ManfrottoMPMXproa3 monopod with the 234rc head as a Christmas present for my grandson This is a superb piece of kit this will take binoculars and telephoto camera lenses . the build quality is great and the height adjustment has a good range
  13. Hi I think this may be the problem but I use my Meade ETX 90 the most
  14. Hi great to hear other members are hooked on Bino viewers I use mine all the time with my Meade ETX90 its really good. I also have a Celestron 6se but the bino viewers make the telescope judder due to the weight.
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