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  1. Great picture takes me back in time. I went out tonight earlier and also noticed it was reasonably clear so I used my Meade etx90 and had some fantastic views of the moon with a few glimpses of Mars. Two local neighbours passed and they had a few views of the moon and they were blown away as they had never seen the moon through a telescope. I then set up my Celestron6se and used a barlow lense once again they could not believe the detail available,all in all Iwas pleased to show them what is possible to see.
  2. Great shot I was viewing the same tonight but as previously stated the clouds rolled in
  3. Same problems but I have a Meade 90 etc set up on a tripod no drives .I went out tonight and had 2o minutes on the Moon,Jupiter and Mars then the clouds rolled in . I also have a Celestron 6se but by the time I have set it up same old problem, but the next next will be ok won't it????
  4. Thank goodness for SGL there is always someone to help well done. Went out tonight to view Mars and have a good look around at the Pleiades and all things available. The problem was the clouds came rolling in after half an hour ,but it was still enjoyable.
  5. This obsy is a good design, I can see why you have placed the tins in the horizontal position as this provides a good seal with the corrugations. If you were to project the tins over the sides by 100 mm and then turn the edges down to 30 degrees the rainwater would run off the edge and not run back to the obsy. nice job, looks like it may be goodbye to my greenhouse. cheers
  6. Welcome Dave enjoy SGL
  7. great topic ,I use my Celestron 15x70 for star hopping these are great for star clusters . for planetary viewing I like to use my Meade etc 90 .I have had good views of Saturn Jupiter and Mars and its very portable. I also occasionally use my Celestron 6se which also is very good . Looking at your photo of the binocular set up I find ball joints to wobbly I use a good heavy 90 degree bracket on a Manfrotto 128rc head this is rock solid and easy to manoeuvre.
  8. Very nice,its a shame that these beautiful skies are not available to most of us. I know that we needs lights for all sorts of reasons, but wouldn't it be great to be able to switch them off a couple of nights a month. I have been fortunate to live in Australia for a whiled had these types of Skys for weeks on end what a privilege.
  9. Hi I had a good time tonight viewing Jupiter Saturn the Moon and lastly Mars. I first used my Meade etx 90 and all of the planets showed good detail I then used my Celestron 6se and it was all over the place and the views were rubbish, It was missing all the targets by a good amount. Put the Celestron away and continued with the Meade I have never seen so much detail on Mars before. I will have a look at the Celestron tomorrow and most likely do a reset.but still an enjoyable evening.
  10. Hi I have had two good nights Viewing Saturn and Jupiter and lastly Mars . Jupiter and Saturn have been really great but tonight Mars was good for a while but then not so good . I did see some detail but then it was gone. All in all it was a good night.
  11. yes I too set up two telescopes in anticipation but the clouds blew in and the wind was unbelievable ,still I enjoyed the potter as always, maybe tomorrow????
  12. super image but your wife does know the same as mine
  13. I also took my Celestron 6se to a local darkish site and had good views of Jupiter and 3 moons , also viewed Saturn with the one clear moon but the sky was starting to cloud over I also viewed mars but it was very low with little detail all in all it was very enjoyable. 3 passers by walking their dogs enquired as to what I was doing showed them Jupiter and Saturn and they were blown away perhaps 3 new converts???
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