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  1. Great Start. Welcome to the world of Ca-K!
  2. Great first attempt. How many panes? I always find it really tough getting consistent illumination in H Alpha mosaics, Ca-K is much easier!
  3. Saturday morning, sun is out, Raben shows spots - great lets go get some solar imaging in Get out, get set up, Quark warming. it's a bit windy Don't worry, it'll be fine Quick white light view through the eyepiece - looks good, even the seeing looks decent Grab laptop, plug in camera - nothing Restart laptop to get the camera to connect. Ok, good to go Clouds Skies clear again, great lets go Phone rings, daughter needs help with her broadband 20 minutes later, skies still clear lets go Meanwhile laptop battery has failed and the laptop switched
  4. Wasn't bad in Ca-K either Seems there was quite a bit of activity that day.
  5. Spent many years studying spots via solar projection before full aperture filters became a thing / affordable.
  6. Having used an 1100D to image the Sun, focusing is very tricky. The most reliable method I found was to connect the DSLR to my laptop so I could focus using the live image on the laptop screen. If there was a decent sized spot / group (spots that are visible at the moment are relatively tiny compared to the size of the disk as John mentioned above) then I was able to use live view on the LCD. John mentions an ND filter as the image you posted is possibly a bit over-exposed, so get the exposure right down, my raw files looked very, very dark straight off-camera. You don't mention exposure time
  7. They look a little out of focus. What camera did you use?
  8. Great start with the new kit Steve.
  9. Nicely done. Good prom capture
  10. The Sun made a brief appearance today but the seeing was horrible, so don't look too close! Managed just a couple of images before clouds came back and forced an early conclusion to the session. White light full disk with the Bresser White light close up with the Skywatcher And AR12806 in H Alpha using the Skywatcher / Quark combo I did shoot some Ca-K but the results were not pretty Maybe next time
  11. Good result. Seeing was horrible here today, looks like it was better down your way.
  12. Great result. All cloud here yesterday.
  13. Nicely done. Back at work today so no imaging for me.
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