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  1. Would be impressive shooting carrots at that distance!
  2. Well done Charl. I managed a quick look in WL this morning before the clouds came in. Not missing much from the looks of it.
  3. Hard work paid off, very nice full disk.
  4. Great set Marty. I'm looking forward to see what you can do with that setup when the Sun gets a bit lively.
  5. Good catch Charl. Back to work today after a cloudy weekend so of course the Sun has been out most of the day here!
  6. Thanks for the update. It's all cloud, wind and rain here so not looking likely I will get any viewing time today. Of course the forecast for tomorrow (when I'm back at work) is sunny, bright and clear
  7. Off to youtube to have a look and maybe learn something.....
  8. Someone who knows how to do these things probably could
  9. Thanks Charl. The Lunt seems the "safe" option, just wandering if there is a "better" option. I managed a quick look this morning between the clouds, agree on the seeing plus it's blowing a gale here! My low profile EOS T-ring arrived whilst I was away this week and the good news is I can now reach focus with my dslr on the white light wedge If it were not for the broken retainer screw on my wedge then I would not be looking to replace it but I am not happy with my DSLR balanced atop the wedge without any kind of restraint
  10. Time to replace my aging and slightly battered white light wedge, the question is what to go for? It will be used primarily with my 120mm achro Evostar scope but I am torn between Lacerta and Lunt options. My current 1.25" Lunt copes with the 120mm objective with no issue (gets a little warm but not so hot as to be dangerous) so I am thinking 1.25" again as most of my eyepieces I use for solar are that size. Also back focus is a consideration, based on some measurements I think I may struggle with the Lacerta 2" model getting to focus, especially for imaging with a DSLR. The Lunt is a proven performer but there are some very positive reviews of the Lacerta on here so I inclined to think I will go down that route..... Thoughts, other options, consideration? All contributions welcomed Cheers, David
  11. Look forward to hearing how this performs. Will you be imaging with it?
  12. Super set Marty. Typical, I'm away from home for a few days and some spots turn up!
  13. Middle two look decent Dave, not that the others are bad
  14. Didn't know you could get such a thing! My DSLR so very nearly comes to focus with the Lunt Herscel Wedge but runs out if in-focus. Have ordered one of these in the hope that I will be able to reach focus now. https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/accessories/t-rings/low-profile-canon-eos-t-ring/ I know there is little or nothing to see in white light solar at the moment but I do miss being able to capture a full-disk image. The only options for me at the moment are either go back to film filter or mosaics with my ASI178 (which are not an option with a disk devoid of significant detail). So I am hoping this will do the trick and If not then I might look at changing the wedge to a Lacerta 1.25" which seems like it has a shorter light path than my Lunt. I'm sure others are using these already but thought I would post anyway in case someone is looking for a similar item or facing a similar problem
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