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  1. I use an ST80 (400mm @f4.9) with a ASI120MM for guiding and PA, it works absolutely fine.
  2. I has the same issue after the last update. There was a post on the pixinsight forums about it. Solution: Uninstall Pixinsight then download latest version and re-install. (i.e. doing updates within PI doesnt fix it) I think this was the post https://pixinsight.com/forum/index.php?topic=14562.msg87376#msg87376 Rob.
  3. Hawke are a well respected make in the birding world, I have a pair of Hawke Endurance ED Bins (from FLO) and they are excellent value for the price. No experience of the Blackwatch model though. Rob.
  4. Same thing for Win7 - you need Pro or Enterprise. I have just made the switch to W10 Pro in the last few months and have to say it's a lot better than I was expecting. You do have spend a while changing the settings to maximise your privacy (plenty guides out there) Most importantly for those with W10 Pro (or enterprise) - set active hours so the system doesn't apply updates and reboot itself in the middle of a session ! You can set up to 18 hours as your "Do not reboot time" R.
  5. You need Windows 10 Pro (or enterprise) to get RDP, well worth it as it's much better than Teamviewer. Rob.
  6. 1.8.6 is working fine for me on Win10 Pro. Did you uninstall the previous version and reboot before installing 1.8.6 ? p.s. Pretty sure Pi doesn't use java which I don't have /don't want on any of my boxes!
  7. Chris Shillito's videos are the best starting place for all EQMOD users. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB117AE85EB6BF04
  8. LOL, you just couldn't resist it Olly, could you.
  9. My ST80 is bolted down hard (not using guide rings) and pretty accurately aligned with the main scope so sharpcap PA is fine. I adjust until it claims < 10" in both Az and Dec. This results in PHD2 logs saying PA error is anywhere from 0" to 35" which will happily guide out.
  10. My figures for my EQ6-R are an average of the last few months, guiding with an ST80 + ASI120MM at 1.93" and imaging with an ED120 + 0.85x reducer (1.025"). This is from a Bortle 6 back garden and I set up & tear down every session (sharpcap pro to polar align) I have seen it as low as 0.48" for brief periods but I think it's more realistic and informative for potential purchasers to give the average RMS over a decent period not a best ever "score". Rob.
  11. Having used an EQ6R for a year now I can say that in terms of bang for buck its a pretty good mount. The QC from skywatcher must have improved a lot because the mount was immaculate, well adjusted belts with little backlash no black gunk to be seen and no swarf inside the casing. Carrying handle makes it easy to move outside if you are on non-permanent base. Guiding averages 0.7” RMS (on tripod ST80 guide scope) and on a night with good seeing (rare) I have guided over an evening at under 0.6" RMS My PEC curve (5 full rotations of the worm) was ±6.5” I have no doubt with a hypertune it could get to 0.5" RMS You are covering a pretty wide price range so it really comes down to how much you want to spend, EQ6R is good for the price, an EQ8 (too big to lug around) or a CEM60EC would be fantastic (but then again so would a Mesu ?)
  12. I only tried calibrating near the target after being clouded out in the south but having the east (target area) clear, it resulted in some of the best guiding stats I have ever had with my EQ6-R (under 0.6"). Rob
  13. Chris Shillito's videos are the best starting place for all EQMOD users. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB117AE85EB6BF04 Rob.
  14. 2 panel mosaic from 10th October 2018. Due to the lousy weather It's only about 3.5 hours in total but it's still a striking image. ED120 DS Pro, EQ6-R pro, 0.85x reducer, ASI1600MM, Astronomik 6nm Ha filter. it's a wide image so Click to view at higher resolution.
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