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  1. Rob63

    Pixinsight hangs at splash screen....

    1.8.6 is working fine for me on Win10 Pro. Did you uninstall the previous version and reboot before installing 1.8.6 ? p.s. Pretty sure Pi doesn't use java which I don't have /don't want on any of my boxes!
  2. Rob63

    EQMod Setup Impulse buy.

    Chris Shillito's videos are the best starting place for all EQMOD users. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB117AE85EB6BF04
  3. LOL, you just couldn't resist it Olly, could you.
  4. Rob63

    Which Mount ?

    My ST80 is bolted down hard (not using guide rings) and pretty accurately aligned with the main scope so sharpcap PA is fine. I adjust until it claims < 10" in both Az and Dec. This results in PHD2 logs saying PA error is anywhere from 0" to 35" which will happily guide out.
  5. Rob63

    Which Mount ?

    My figures for my EQ6-R are an average of the last few months, guiding with an ST80 + ASI120MM at 1.93" and imaging with an ED120 + 0.85x reducer (1.025"). This is from a Bortle 6 back garden and I set up & tear down every session (sharpcap pro to polar align) I have seen it as low as 0.48" for brief periods but I think it's more realistic and informative for potential purchasers to give the average RMS over a decent period not a best ever "score". Rob.
  6. Rob63

    Which Mount ?

    Having used an EQ6R for a year now I can say that in terms of bang for buck its a pretty good mount. The QC from skywatcher must have improved a lot because the mount was immaculate, well adjusted belts with little backlash no black gunk to be seen and no swarf inside the casing. Carrying handle makes it easy to move outside if you are on non-permanent base. Guiding averages 0.7” RMS (on tripod ST80 guide scope) and on a night with good seeing (rare) I have guided over an evening at under 0.6" RMS My PEC curve (5 full rotations of the worm) was ±6.5” I have no doubt with a hypertune it could get to 0.5" RMS You are covering a pretty wide price range so it really comes down to how much you want to spend, EQ6R is good for the price, an EQ8 (too big to lug around) or a CEM60EC would be fantastic (but then again so would a Mesu )
  7. Rob63

    PHD calibration

    PHD2 as well.
  8. Rob63

    PHD calibration

    I only tried calibrating near the target after being clouded out in the south but having the east (target area) clear, it resulted in some of the best guiding stats I have ever had with my EQ6-R (under 0.6"). Rob
  9. Rob63

    EQASCOM wont run

    Chris Shillito's videos are the best starting place for all EQMOD users. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB117AE85EB6BF04 Rob.
  10. 2 panel mosaic from 10th October 2018. Due to the lousy weather It's only about 3.5 hours in total but it's still a striking image. ED120 DS Pro, EQ6-R pro, 0.85x reducer, ASI1600MM, Astronomik 6nm Ha filter. it's a wide image so Click to view at higher resolution.
  11. Rob63

    Windows 10...

    Make sure to get Windows 10 pro rather than "home"- this allows you to set times when the system can update i.e. no reboots during your precious imaging time! You can also defer updates for several weeks to help avoid buggy updates.
  12. Rob63

    Polemaster - Accuracy

    If you are not on a permanent mount then you don't really need perfect PA. I'm using sharpcap pro (guide scope ST80 + ASI120MM) , I adjust until under 10" on both axis and then get on with it! Done in under 5min, add another min if I do it twice (little benefit In my experience) If I feel the need to check it, a PHD drift and PHD guiding assistant and log viewer usually say my PA error is around 15" - 30" and the mount (EQ6-R) will happily guide that out. Rob.
  13. Rob63

    Asi1600 or 8300ccd

    Very good information on the ASI1600MM at Jon Rista's site https://jonrista.com/the-astrophotographers-guide/the-zwo-asi1600-guide/ I have had mine for a couple of months (latest pro version) and am very happy with it. Amp glow is not an issue unless you start going over 5min exposures - and if you want to do longer exposures then CMOS is not really for you.
  14. Rob63

    best auto guide rate to use for a eq6rpro

    I am guessing that you are talking pixels for your RMS as I used to own an AVX and there was no way I could get anything like 0.6" (arc sec). Its always best to use arc seconds as other people can accurately compare to their setup. Anyway, I am an EQ6-R owner and my average guiding is 0.67" (0.35 pixels) the best I have had up around the zenith was 0.47". I image with an ED120 at 1" per pixel. I struggled at first using the same sort of setting I used on the AVX, however, after getting some help from sky-watcher via FLO I was advised to go with lower aggression and have settled on the following as a starting point: RA aggression 42, Hysteresis 12 Dec aggression 90, min move is 0.16. I use 3 sec exposures in PHD2 (depending on the seeing I am using 2-4sec). Hope this helps, the EQ6-R is a very good mount and I am sure you will get there. Rob.
  15. Would a difference (5nm - 3nm) between those two give you a pseudo NII filter? could be an interesting one to try.

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