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  1. And just for interest, a starless version (via starnet++)
  2. M27 The Dumbbell nebula in Ha & OIII (HOO). I gathered around 4 hours of data gathered while getting the scope ready for the new season and testing everything still works (one dodgy usb cable needed replaced). R (Ha 100%) G (Ha 35% + OIII 65%) B (OIII 100%) Really happy with it for such a limited amount of data M27 is one of the first things I ever took a photo of in the 1980's (on Film !). I will be returning to it for more data and some RGB for the stars. Sky-watcher ED120 DS pro + 0.85x flattener on an EQ6-R ASI1600MM Astronomik 6nm Ha & OII filters Processed in Pixinsight, tweaked in Photoshop
  3. It's pretty simple especially for DEC. DEC: Loosen the 3 grub screws around the weight bar collar (hemisphere where the weight bar comes out) then loosen the dec axis by rotating the collar anti-clockwise. Loosen enough to get free movement but not so much there is any movement perpendicularly (i.e. in the direction along the weight bar). Then tighten the grub screws again. I used the same principle for RA - it's a little more complicated and I used Astrobaby's EQ6 stripdown guide to help. Remove polarscope (screws out anti - clockwise), it's retaining ring and then loosen the RA axis nut - note there are four (not the three there were on the EQ6) grub screws. Then as before turn axis anti clockwise to loosen a bit (some peole have trouble with this as it can be very tight - mine waasn't) and then. re-tighten the grub screws and reassemble. Dec stiction adjustment was far more important for me.
  4. Remote desktop for me as well, far better than Teamviewer and I can easily (and reliably) connect to my PC with my macbook pro or iPad
  5. The first sunspot I have seen in ages (AR2765). I really had to fight strong winds, the clouds and several rain showers for brief glimpses but it was worth it. Captured with ED120 scope and Lunt Herschel WL wedge. ASI290MM camera using Baader solar continuum filter and 2x Barlow (Which needs a good clean).
  6. Made a solar finder out of a spare skywatcher finder-scope using the pinhole camera principle. Removed lenses, covered front with foil and added a pinhole with a needle. Held in place With elastic bands (could use something more permanent but this is very easy to replace). The lens cap still fits over the foil for protection when not in use. On the rear I used some kitchen parchment taped to the inside of the adapter that holds the “eyepiece stalk” and added a crosshair. Pinhole projection gives a solar disk about 3-4mm and whole thing is adjustable as per the normal finder-scope. Tested yesterday and works a treat, I can now get the Quark on target without having to use the WL wedge with 25mm then 8mm to get it aligned first.
  7. I adjusted the backlash following the skywatcher guide (someone posted it on this site), it's pretty easy to adjust. See post by ste7e on this thread page 3 for the pdf PHD 2 now reports "backlash is small, no compensation needed" I also adjusted the stiction out of the Dec and RA axis which has made a difference (scatter graph on phd much tighter) Guiding now averages 0.65"
  8. I use an ST80 (400mm @f4.9) with a ASI120MM for guiding and PA, it works absolutely fine.
  9. I has the same issue after the last update. There was a post on the pixinsight forums about it. Solution: Uninstall Pixinsight then download latest version and re-install. (i.e. doing updates within PI doesnt fix it) I think this was the post https://pixinsight.com/forum/index.php?topic=14562.msg87376#msg87376 Rob.
  10. Hawke are a well respected make in the birding world, I have a pair of Hawke Endurance ED Bins (from FLO) and they are excellent value for the price. No experience of the Blackwatch model though. Rob.
  11. Same thing for Win7 - you need Pro or Enterprise. I have just made the switch to W10 Pro in the last few months and have to say it's a lot better than I was expecting. You do have spend a while changing the settings to maximise your privacy (plenty guides out there) Most importantly for those with W10 Pro (or enterprise) - set active hours so the system doesn't apply updates and reboot itself in the middle of a session ! You can set up to 18 hours as your "Do not reboot time" R.
  12. You need Windows 10 Pro (or enterprise) to get RDP, well worth it as it's much better than Teamviewer. Rob.
  13. 1.8.6 is working fine for me on Win10 Pro. Did you uninstall the previous version and reboot before installing 1.8.6 ? p.s. Pretty sure Pi doesn't use java which I don't have /don't want on any of my boxes!
  14. Chris Shillito's videos are the best starting place for all EQMOD users. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB117AE85EB6BF04
  15. LOL, you just couldn't resist it Olly, could you.
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