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  1. Don't forget to cover any finder you have on the scope too. I'll leave the other answers to the experts but my understanding is you are correct. You should also check the filter EVERY time before use.
  2. A zoom is a personal thing, some love them, some don't. The Baader and barlow are well regarded and would certainly cover most of your likely needs. Be aware though that zooms usually have a narrow field of view at the longer end, which is not the most useful. If you go the zoom route you'll probably want to supplement it with a fixed EP at the longest end for finding stuff and for larger DSOs. Your 25mm could serve that purpose initially though, it's not too bad a quality until you feel the need for something better. Give us some idea of budget and you'll get more suggestions.
  3. I have a couple of Photon Freedom micro-lights, a yellow with a wide beam and a "covert" red one that has a narrow beam. Both have variable brightness, ranging from extremely dim to fairly bright. I use the yellow for setting the scope up, finding things and so on. I use the red one for charts, planisphere etc and try to keep either of them at the lowest setting I can get away with. I have a clip that accepts them and allows me to clip them to whatever and aim wherever I want, if needed. The clip is also magnetic, so can be put on a scope tube for convenience or loss-avoidance.
  4. I think if life were found somewhere like Europa, or signs of past life found on Mars, it would point the finger at the idea of it being likely where conditions permit. That, in turn, suggest life could be commonplace throughout the universe. If it's not found despite permissible conditions, that suggests it's rare. Neither possibility is confirmed by a few observations though, so I think the search would or should continue regardless. One thing I think few people actually consider though (except astronomers, probably) is that the size of the universe isn't the only problem. It's also the
  5. wulfrun


    Welcome to SGL. The H prefix probably means "Huygens" and the R in SR might be "Ramsden" but I'm not sure on that one. Both refer to the optical design IF that's what the manufacturer meant, which isn't certain. Take it with a pinch of salt.
  6. Yes it is - and I got there first so hands off Seriously though, it's a perfect sketch of what I can see, except my view's in a Newt and inverted.
  7. It's made the main headlines on Beeb: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-56241511
  8. I saw it streak through Orion, heading SE ish from here. I had the scope out on Orion and happened to look from the eyepiece, towards the end of its trail. Spectacular!
  9. I was out with the scope last night, looking around Orion. I happened to look away from the eyepiece and saw a very obvious fireball streaking by, with various "outbursts" and a bit of a "pop" at the end. I think I must've missed the earlier part of the trail since I was at the eyepiece. It passed right through Orion, heading SE ish. There's a clip on the BBC news saying it was seen over Bath and souhtern England, I assume it was the same one I saw. Like a fool I omitted to note the time but it would have been roughly 9.45-10pm (I think). Anyone else out there see it?
  10. Nope, that doesn't help but I appreciate your trouble. Mine's not on the list in that link. There's nothing in the BIOS and nothing online that I can find. Anyway, we've derailed this thread a bit far. I'm resigned to doing what I do already, it seems the battery is still in good health after 4 years so we'll see how it goes.
  11. Looks like I'm out of luck on my HP, I can find nothing useful on a search online. In fact, the question has been asked on the support page and the summary of the answer was "no, it doesn't exist". The battery limiter you linked to merely provides an audible alarm, better than nothing but not preventative or automatic. I was hoping for something where I can just leave it plugged in when in use and limit charging, seems like HP didn't include such a thing. Hey ho. I tend always to pull the plug when it reaches about 90% anyway, probably explains why the battery health app reports it's at 9
  12. Indeed, asterism would be a better title. Twas only light-hearted, I don't expect much IAU interest! I wonder what names we'd have if we started over, from scratch.
  13. I sat on a chair in the garden for a couple of hours, armed with the binoculars and ducking by the fence to escape the moon's brightness. I was 50/50 about a scope, the full moon was washing a lot out and although it looked fairly steady seeing here it was very hazy. To the point that you could see the light-cone from nearby streetlights. Still enjoyable just perusing, with no set agenda!
  14. I see it more in real life since simulations "bloat" stars based on magnitude. This villain, from the Star Wars films: (Photo from Wikipedia)
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