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  1. Many happy returns. Nice looking cake.
  2. Incredible image.so sharp and so much detail. Brilliant.
  3. Thank's for you're reply ' Newbie Alert' .Maybe i' am jumping the gun a bit . will look into it a bit more.
  4. Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a camera for my 8" sct. Have been looking at ZWO ASI 183GT COOLED MONO or ZWO ASI 1600 MM PRO WITH MINI FILTER WHEEL. Has anybody used the 183GT . Any advice would be greatfully received.
  5. Enjoyed you'r video. good bit of fun in these troubled times .Well worth the effort.
  6. Very nice set, particularly orion. Thanks for sharing.
  7. i don't know if you know , but you can connect a DSLR on it direct with a T adapter if you have one. Good luck.
  8. I made some video of a storm from the sea front just up the road from us sitting in my car. when i told my wife what i was going to do ,she thought i was mad, but when she saw the end product she seemed quite impressed.
  9. Nice. A pity no pics or video.
  10. As already suggested, try hibernate and see what happens . save's a lot of time. are you setting up on a tripod each time. nine is on a pier.
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