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  2. mmm, as I know the bigger the aperture, image will be less faint. It doesn't matter how much heavier it will; will not carry them in my back-pocket: EDEG HD 14" and GCE pro is my first choice . I can manage 6000 GBP by now, but I can wait
  3. 5'5" , then I will be using my one feet high little chair to stand upon
  4. I e-mailed SkyWatcher on support@skywatcher.com some 2 weeks ago about selling EQ6, AZ-EQ6 or EQ6-R on amazon..I saw they have AZ-EQ5 and EQ6-R, but EQ6-R is out of stock and still says on amazon "We don't know when will this item be available again." Is support@skywatcher.com the right email? They dont have any other email lol..or maaybe someone knows when the named items will be back on stock?
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  6. This is horrifying. I've a good mind to ring Pepsi's doobell and run away. The good news is that another 5 billion years and it all be overwith.
  7. Pm on way regarding guidescope rings.
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  9. Is this mount suitable for DSO AP with a short refractor? I'm attracted by the guaranteed PE upper bound, included GPS, and portable design. I know the common wisdom is to get an HEQ5/Sirius but I've encountered manufacturing quality issues (see my post history). My only concern with the iOptron is that the mount is relatively new to the market, so I'd feel to an extent like a guinea pig.
  10. I started this target during the full moon and I managed to gather 78x300sec in hydrogen alpha. This is a target I haven't seen very often and I thought it would be nice to start capturing data when it went above 35 degrees in altitude. I'm still trying to work out how to sharpen some of the areas like the dark nebulosity without ruining the whole image. Emil
  11. A real Jaffa Adam, nicely done. If you have P'Shop you can brighten the whole disc then use a mask to rub out centre to even it up. Dave
  12. Hello The BAA has highlighted OJ287 as an object to have a look for and they are hoping variable star observers will send in some magnitude measurements. I decided to see if I could see it with my setup (see below). It's the most distant object I've looked at - 3.5 billion light years. Blazars are not fully understood but OJ287 is generally accepted to consist of binary supermassive black holes. The larger one is 18 billion solar masses and the 'small' one is 150 million. More information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OJ_287 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_Lacertae_object (Blazar is a combination of BL Lac and Quasar.) I convinced myself that I could see the actual object by checking against a finder chart: https://www.lsw.uni-heidelberg.de/users/jheidt/spm/target/oj287/oj287.html I also used All Sky Plate Solver to scan over the field and check the coordinates of the object. The Moon was quite bright so I was glad I managed to catch this. (Mag 15.4) Bill
  13. Very interesting topic! Any new update or more tests? I was thinking to combine a Televue ploss 32mm with an asi224 but not sure about the distance... (also we should probably move this topic out of the reports section and in discussions)
  14. Love it, awesome granular detail, like the way the edge of the disk subtly darkens, giving a real sense you're looking at a sphere and not just a disc. I must say, it is one of my fav full disc shots i've seen so far.
  15. I was thinking about making one as im a joiner... That's if you can make one out of wood
  16. I know DSLRs are more for “official” AP imaging and I should probably stick with my trusty ASI224 or maybe think about a 294 or similar sensors but....as probably many, I have a DSLR sitting at home not doing much. Can I do EAA with it? Today is quite easy to have 24Mp in relativity cheap bodies so why not to use it somehow? Small pixels..I know, but maybe going for wide field and bright objects with fast lenses it may still work and give something interesting. Anyone tried? Any experience? What I really like of EAA is the ability to do everything while observing and without the need to come back for long processing sessions. I have searched around a bit but I can’t find a stacking software like Sharpcap for DSLR doing live viewing as well as stacking. I think I could somehow save each frame in a folder and then stack them with DSS (if I got the name right) but can I then control remotely the camera, exposition and have live preview when slewing around? Just interested to know if anyone know more about this or more in general about DSLR and EAA. Flavio
  17. I've used AstroArt for over ten years - to control all my cameras, image acquisition and pre processing (darks flats, stacking etc), it also does guiding, plate solving and has some good image processing capabilities. Try the free download ..... I recommend it.
  18. Thanks for the comments Robert and Martin. Robert - Scope is a 200 mm f5 Newtonian with a 0.5x reducer. However the position of the reducer (on the camera) means it's not giving the full 0.5x reduction. The original focal length of 1000 mm is reduced to 672 mm. So it makes the scope really a f3.36. The camera is a Lodestar X2. All mounted on an HEQ5 Pro. Martin - Yes there's always a wonder about what belongs to what. The plate solver looks to be only Windows I'm afraid. Last updated 2016 so let's hope it keeps going on Windows too. As a bit of a change here's a snap of Messier 82 from a few weeks ago during the testing of Jocular. The facility for excluding specific subs was useful for this. By the look of some that I missed out I must have caught the telescope or something. Bill
  19. Where are you located in France, Marvin? There are a number of subscribers from French locations (including me until the end of May) who might have alternative equipment you can take a peek through before upgrading. For example, I have a SW 150 PDS myself. As far as I can see your existing focuser takes only 1.25" eyepieces. Most dual-speed focusers have 2" draw tubes so you would have to modify the aperture in the tube, even assuming you could find a focuser that then fits your tube's parameters. It's a subject that has been raised elsewhere since 2009 and there seems to be no quick, easy or cheap fix. You're talking at least £100 for a new focuser, even before you start enlarging the aperture in your tube. A new OTA that comes with a decent focuser included might be your best move for imaging and keep the Orion for observing on your old EQ2 mount, if you still have it. There is a second-hand 150 PDS for sale on AstroBuySell at present.. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=149128 Not much more than the cost of a new focuser. Hope this helps.
  20. You mean with the 2.8 dB LNA or with the 0.5 dB LNA? My 0.5 dB LNA is on the other side of the country where the dish is, so it's not possible to use that, so I was wondering if I can do anything with this LNA? Can I achieve any detection at all or should I ask my friend to send it over to me to use it as an in-line amplifier (so I can get him a proper LNA)?
  21. The light pollution people are completely out of control, the resources it takes to light the night sky globally that are completely and utterly wasted each and every night for the silliness of the sleeping masses is about as foolish as believing the world is flat. Why folks are bent on replacing nature with nonsense is beyond my understanding, things like this are a kin to lighting houses on fire just to watch them burn... Yes I am being as harsh as possible here, ideas like these take from many to feed the greed of few and deserve flat out honest opinion forthwith. My bluster for today
  22. I do like astronomy but am terrified of the dark where the monsters hide, I have seen a future where the whole sky is covered with adverts/games/information and renditions of stars and galaxy's and to be honest it looked great..... I personally assume that sky conditions will get so bad anyway that we will all be observing via space telescopes or similar. Alan
  23. Hi Tomato, I thought you had a nice image, just a little purple which I hope you don't mind I removed and stretched it a bit more for the details and did just a few curves, Its a nice image and it helps me to play a little to see what I can do, I might have added a little bit of noise, but I am still after over a year still trying to get my head around PI Nice one.
  24. First solar image of this year. Lunt 60mm, DMK21, 2x Celestron barlow. Captured in FireCapture, stacked in AS!3 and mosaic assembled in PS, slight tweak in RS6, may have overdone it a little? Thanks for looking Adam
  25. I’m in the Medway valley and if the wind is easterly, I think we cop the plume from the estuary power stations. Local PMs have been 4x national 24h average limits for the past week, until today. I check the local UKAIR monitoring stations before I try and image these days. If the PM 10s are high it ain’t worth bothering, even if the sky seems clear. Sounds crazy but it makes all the difference.
  26. That seems to be the most popular upgrade, Miguel. I just wish I'd bought that one in the first place instead of the highly-criticised tripod that SW sell with the mount as standard. As it is I am happy with the AstroTrac I bought from 365Astronomy (see earlier post).
  27. Thanks again Alan. I've still new to CCD imaging, but I was referring to binning the camera during capture, not afterwards. Does the same apply? It does make sense that I'm just hiding the error though.
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