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  1. I have owned three of the AZ-GTi mounts , one of them was faulty .. but two were superb . The tripod that they are supplied with is at best adequate but it does the job . In The end though i bought a steel tripod with 3/8” bolt . It made the mount rock solid and I am regretting selling it . In fact , I am thinking of investing in another one . As for using the az-gti with batteries , I used it for 4 nights without any problems , however a different power supply would be my preference. I can’t comment on the Celestron scope but I have used the skymax skywatcher one and as long as you let it cool down it gives great views . Choice is a great thing until it’s you that has to make it . Lol it’s a bit of a lottery as you will get lots of opinions from genuine people on here . Whilst a handset is great as actually pressing buttons on a cold night gives more feedback than trying to press a phone screen or a tablet , but I actually prefer the modern wifi method . just my opinion of course . good luck in what ever you decide.
  2. Good idea for the imaging side of things .. weather update !! Mostly cloudy AGAIN zzzz oh how I long for those long frosty clear nights
  3. Lovely images .. tonight , despite the snowy start is meant to be clear .. can’t wait to finally use the scope again ! Actually reading posts from fellow SGL astronomers is the best way to get enthusiastic, even when it’s freezing cold out there.
  4. Nice post ,especially as i have an EQ5 with the dual motors and a 200p. Its nice to see that you had success with the combo . I've only had the gear for one month (just managed one night of viewing .. without the motors as they are a brand new and only just installed) I intend to be mainly visual although i will image .. but not to the standard of some of the wonderous photos i see on this forum . Like you, i also had an heq5 and found it a lump to haul in and out of the house ...especially as my gear is stored upstairs . So , an EQ5 for me is the perfect weight /Size ratio . People have said that i am pushing the weight by using a 200p on the mount , but i think as long as its not too windy , its fine . I hope you have more great successes .. i will certainly follow your progress
  5. Hi TonjeF, Welcome .. Please remember , NO question is silly . For every question asked there are many other people that will also benefit from the answers given . And , as you have found , the SGL community will ALWAYS help where they can . I hope you have lovely clear skies .
  6. i will never actually give up , Roy ... these cloudy skies are what makes us even more enthusiastic when the weather improves
  7. Hi Roy ... welcome... This is a subject that is very close to everyone's heart , in my case to the point of being almost fed up enough to give up! ( on astronomy , not life , you understand lol ) Having bought a scope in December i have used the thing once in one month . I FEEL YOUR PAIN . But lets celebrate the fact that the skies WILL eventually clear . I wish you every success with your scope .
  8. I can't believe its another foggy night ... only 25 miles away over london it looks clear ... zzzz still at least the motors are now fitted to my mount ... and they work and look nice ... even though i can't use them
  9. I am getting new motors for my eq5 today (hopefully) and i'm really looking forward to using them ... have i just put the mockers on a clear sky ?
  10. i agree with Mark ... i have posted some of my photos on Facebook and the positive responses gave me a lot of pleasure... my images were at best , ordinary compared to some of the wonderful images i see on here... but, they were MINE
  11. Ashamed to say, i passed on an opportunity , it was clear for about an hour last night , but by the time i would have set my gear up i would have had to trawl the whole lot back inside ( not exactly but you know what i mean) . It really made me realise how good smaller set ups are .. a small(ish) scope on a lightweight mount , something i've had before and now i miss. I actually felt guilty in missing a date with the stars . Big chance to redeem myself on Saturday , hopefully .
  12. Hi Gaz , welcome ... you could check the latitude angle of the scope by using a smartphone placed against the mount . Might confirm your suspicions .
  13. A great little read ... reading posts inspire others as you have already stated . To be honest , Mars is past its best now. Although still high in our sky ( when we actually get a clear sky ) its a difficult planet to see much detail . Saturn and Jupiter are too low , at least for me , to see now so its the good old moon that really takes centre stage . And why not? There is ALWAYS something to see there , especially when it shows its phases . Congrats on your scope . Exciting is exactly the word i would use too. I think we , in Britain are the most enthusiastic and patient astronomers in the world as we have so few clear skies . Stu
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