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  1. Thanks for all your great comments above ... i've sold this to a "first time buyer" . His enthusiasm actually made me so happy that this scope is going to a good home .. i Still have my small Bresser refractor , but that might have to give way to a 6" refractor lol . I will have a "new" mount hopefiully on Saturday . In a way im happy its cloudy and a bit rainy at present as im not missing any lovely clear nights ( selfish ) lol .
  2. John , its my own fault ... i look ...i like ... i buy ...and then i think !! i dont know why astronomy gear makes me so impulsive lol . If i could keep both this and the new mount i definitely would .
  3. Hi , i am very reluctantly having to sell my very recently acquired 10" dobsonian (Bresser ) . I am in the process of buying a new mount which is reletively expensive and its a choice between the scope and the mount . In this case the Mount wins ! The scope cost me £525 from FLO . I have had it less than one month and already had some great nights viewing . I will take £ 395 , as the scope is so new . It comes with all the accesories but the box has been discarded ... therefore its collection only please, from Bishops Stortford ... there is no way i want to send this via the parcel butchers . Please note that i have priced this to sell and i am already losing money on it ( dont tell my wife ). I am also including a TelRad finder ( with extension ) . I also have a laser collimator which i would like to sell for £25
  4. Some good points made in the above answer ... i have actually had a couple of the AZ-GTi mounts ... the first one was faulty but the replacement was spot on , i sold it on here just this week . I actually preferred using it in the Alt Az mode even though i upgraded the firmware . Its ultra portable. The only reason i sold it was to part fund a bigger mount . I agree that the star discovery looks a good bet though .. it seems a bit more "solid " . If you get the AZ-Gti , buy a good tripod . Sure you can use it on a camera tripod but i found mounting on a steel tripod it was rock solid .
  5. Ok , I am selling my AZ-GTi and a star adventurer wedge , both have been used twice!! Also I have a counterweight shaft which is from a. EQ1 Mount and fits the AZ-GTi Mount .. I am looking for £210 for these items . I want to sell them as a package . Also I have a Geekoto tripod which has a payload capacity of 8kg , comes with its own carry bag . I will sell the tripod for an additional £35 . ... plus I have a dec bracket for a star adventurer .. £10 .. if you buy the lot from me then I think £235 is a very fair price .
  6. wow ... brilliant images . Just purchased the bresser so im really happy seeing shots like that . I downloaded the firmware to make the az-gti into an eq mount , but , to be honest i like the simplicity of the Alt Az
  7. Many thanks for the reply , i was considering a 120 but i thought it would be a bit on the heavy side , especially when i put a camera on it . I have made a purchase of the little Bresser , i have the option of returning it if i want , which takes all the pressure off . The jury is out whether this little scope has ED glass but i suppose the proof will be in the pudding on that one . Im a bit smitten on bresser stuff at the moment , apart from the attrocious finder and average lens they supply wth their scopes ( why do they do that ?) the actual OTA are built very well . From what i have read longer focal length scopes seem to cope better with CA . My tripod can carry 8kg although it looks like it could be blown over by someone sneezing , so i am mindful of keeping weight down . This scope will be used for wide field , and taking a few snaps , ive got the dob for planatary stuff (when they finally get visible at a reasonable time ... cant wait for the autumn ) , so im not too worried about the CA . Of course i will look at stuff like that , but i not expecting too much .
  8. Bit late to this , but , nice image ... ive just ordered one of these scopes ...there doesnt seem to be too many reviews ( the ones ive seen are all in German zzz) .. so , what do you think about the scope ..pros and cons?
  9. ok So heres a little update ... i bought my dob ... a 10" bresser ... oh wow , what a scope ! but , and here's the surprise , i was able to change my Az-GTi with another one and low and behold this one is doesnt slip ... i am now on the look out for a very short tube refractor ... the bresser 102(460) is in the frame as its such a compact and light scope . I want to use it for wide field, and portability is the key here . It says in the blurb that it has ED glass but the only reviews i see are in german lol . ... i actually really like the bresser stuff , although i could be tempted with an ED 72 from skywatcher . Any thoughts on these two ?
  10. Update on my Base issues ... Bresser have apparently been informed , FLO have said i can continue to use the base as there is no problem with a replacement part or indeed whole base .. thats the least i expect ! but its welcome all the same . Clear evening here ... but it doesnt actually get dark until after 10 zzzz Damn these summer nights lol
  11. yes , maybe i didnt explain that well ... itis sturdy for sure , ive got a pic on my pc but the better half is asleep ... Bresser have the pic as i forwarded it to FLO . it looks horrible although it doesnt prevent the tube moving in any way . Im sure i will get it sorted .
  12. Guys , has anyone had a problem with their Bresser base or am i just unlucky ? One of the side panels seems to have "blown", and is flaking . FLO are looking into it and are onto Bresser . I am not sure if i like the base compared to the skywatcher ones , although i think its a good system , and a good look but i reckon the skywatcher ones look a bit more stable . any thoughts ?
  13. Update : Didnt get much time with the scope tonight ... i am begining to hate summer evenings lol ...but after really tightening the screws on the primary , i didnt need any collimation tonight . So ,it was my naivity that was causing the scope to be out every night . And , to be honest , i have to extract it from a pretty tight space in a wardrobe and then travel down stairs etc etc , its like an assault course carrying a 13kg weight (carefully as poss) lol so i was expecting it to need collimating .
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