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  1. I hope everything turned out right for you . This is easy to write but , don't beat yourself up over collimation . Honestly ,its easy to get paranoid over it , and that can spoil the hobby. A star test is a really good way to learn if your mirrors are aligned , as was written earlier .
  2. Not my first photo but probably one of my favs . The setting moon this evening was a great target . This photo was taken by my iPhone through an ST120 on a nexstar mount .
  3. Great video . Looks like I know what I will be looking at tomorrow
  4. i second the use of a raci with a small Mak , i started last night with a RDF but soon grew tired of craning my neck, the RACi is a joy to use
  5. I would be interested in the filter and the batinov mask if you wish to sell them separately . KR Stu
  6. Well Chris if you really want to them follow @Stu ‘s advice . Those BST EP’s are meant to be very good for the money . Good luck and welcome to the forum
  7. I would stick with the supplied gear for a time . You said you were just learning so there are a lot of things to learn before even thinking about upgrading . There is a reason those two EPs came with the scope . They are good FOcal Lengths . Sure there will be better EPs down the line but , don’t be in a hurry . Clear skies
  8. Just a note … when I started this thread I didn’t realise how keenly people would be to contribute .. so it’s obviously ignited a passion for small scopes of which I am really happy … keep it up guys … my ST120 sits on my Nexstar mount waiting for a bit of action tonight ! My target is hopefully the ring nebular but I’ve a feeling clouds might roll in before it rises above the house . But , hey , that’s the life we lead .
  9. Hi , brilliant makes me want mine back again lol . Can’t wait to read your report on night sky viewing
  10. Stu1smartcookie


    Hi James , thats not a great start is it ? ... giving us ALL location envy !!! .. but we will forgive you , a very warm welcome from bortle 6 skies nr .Stansted Airport
  11. I think there is a hell of a lot of snobbery in astronomy regarding false colour in Achromats . Dean , its a good choice to keep the scope . And as it excels at wide field viewing colour will never be an issue anyway .
  12. A lovely scope , Joe . LoL although i sold mine to another member on here as i don't have the patience,and time for serious astrophotography . Quality gear from Williams optics . ( i'm sure i will buy another one in the future )
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