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  1. I'm not an expert, but I might hazard that the Celsius scale has been redefined for simplicity at some point. It doesn't really perform any hard scientific logic to where the scale starts and ends (since the properties Celsius represents at either end of the scale vary depending on the environment!) and if we had determined some base for 0°k, which is far more important scientifically, the SI people may well have just decided to round Celsius off for simplicity. That's just a theory, but it may have some truth to it since as you say such round numbers are not common in physics. The closest thing I can find to support this is that the "triple point" of water is 273.16°k (0.01°c). Perhaps they set the Celsius scale to that end?
  2. pipnina

    LED vs. sodium street lighting?

    My experience has not been great. The LED bulbs they've put in where I am seem to be brighter than the old yellow lamps, not dimmer. On the counterpoint they do seem to direct that light downwards better than the old ones. If there is someone who does have good before/after photos, I'd love to see them.
  3. pipnina

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    I have a target for tonight! I got a 55-200 lens for christmas and this is test #1. Beautiful night so far so finger's crossed! Also, your subs are better than my whole stacks!
  4. Something like this might provide a good surface to shoot at for flats? https://www.amazon.co.uk/32-Inch-Portable-Translucent-Collapsible-Reflector/dp/B002ZIVKAE/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1546970257&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=photographic+reflector&psc=1 Also, flats don't need a perfectly reflective surface because your lens should be focused at infinity while the target is considerably closer.
  5. How did you find collimation? It seems to be delivering some great results so I presume it went well?
  6. pipnina

    M81 M82 CCD and DSLR - colour

    One of my favourite object pairs, and a lovely image of them at that! Well done
  7. A DSLR might not be the best way to start, but it is the cheapest! I got mine for only £230 pre-owned from London Camera Exchange. As much as I'd love a cooled CCD I wouldn't be imaging at all right now without my DSLR.
  8. pipnina

    My photo of the Orion Nebula

    Definitely not a bad first photo. Mine was a lot worse! You might get some good results with double stars if you have eyepieces with enough magnification if you want some extra target ideas.
  9. pipnina

    ngc 1333

    Nice image and a happy new year to you! Quite a convenience, I was just thinking about this target as you posted since hubble took a photo of the target only a few days ago, showing up on my feed today.
  10. That looks considerably better than what I got with my 130-PDS + Nikon D3200. This is two hours of exposure.
  11. That's a nice image How much exposure time did you give it?
  12. One day I'll have to get a cooled CCD/CMOS astrocam. One of my 2019 resolutions is to get my first job so maybe I'll be able to save for one before the end of the year.
  13. have you taken before/after of same target with the DSLR/CCD? I have been rather underwhelmed about the results from my Nikon D3200, two hours at M45 and hardly a peep out of the nebulosity - no colour in the stars but plenty of yellows and greens in the background Curious to hear of your experience moving from one to another! Hope you get plenty of clear nights to use it with in 2019
  14. @SamAndrew @Allinthehead @happy-kat Thanks for the suggestions guys! I ended up settling for M45. I got two hours of data, but when I changed the SD card and battery in the camera I forgot to turn the camera back on... So the 3rd hour of data was never captured The background gradients (I think caused by vignetting - I didn't use flats) are a bit horrible, but the stars have come out nicely I think and the cluster's nebulosity is showing through strongly as well, which I hoped for. It might not be too late for me to take flats... I left the camera attached to the scope when I brought it in...
  15. The forecast is excellent for tonight, but the moon rises just after 10 so my hopes of continuing my M42 image are slim until 2019. M31, M33, M45 are well placed at the moment but which should I image? I've not attempted any of these targets with the 130-PDS/HEQ5 yet so they are all tempting, though M31 is far too big to fit in the frame. Suggestions rich in or mostly Ha likely won't come out well, since my camera still has the IR filter. Thanks

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