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  2. ISTM that the RMS accuracy of the encoders will easily outperform the variation in star position due to seeing. The encoders should also correct for things like cable drag on the mount, too. The effect of atmospheric refraction won't be corrected by encoders. We are told that +/- 45° from the zenith, this refraction is about 1 arc-min. as a worst case. So starting with an object 45° in the east and imaging until it gets to 45° west, that comes to 120 arc-sec movement from the theoretical position in 6 hours of imaging. On average, 1 arc-sec per 3 minutes of exposure. Though at the zenith there is none and it increases as the object is lower in the sky. Down to about 5 arc-min at the lowest practical limit for imaging. So if you rely on encoders for tracking, even with a perfect PA, you will still see some elongation if you take multi-minute exposures and target objects that are lower in the sky.
  3. Personally I would cut both wires at the red lines - solder the connection and heat shrink it. Mostly because I hate fag lighter connections with a passion !!
  4. Cem60ec first run. Ieq45 pro on a very good night. Look at the responses to helm. Ieq45 pro at the start of my relationship with it. So yes you can get excellent results without encoders but maybe takes a while to learn all the kinks. With my ieq45 pro it needed fair number of tinkering with the mount. You could also say that the CEM design is better do require less tinkering. However the cem60ec seems to just works out of the box.
  5. A guiding program dithers by a very small margins in either a random way or circular but by very small amounts 1 pixel or believe 2 at most. The idea of guiding is to keep stars round I can't see how anyone no matter how good could do it with a mount comtrol, by all means have a go but I think your going to be disappointed. Backyard Nikon and Eos I think have dither programs. Alan
  6. The manuel says 20 kg is the maximum load. Has anyone some experience if this is really the case ? I read a comment of someone who said that 12 kg is the maximum weight for photography….
  7. Thanks for the info. Now I understand why there is a time difference. That was very helpfull. Do you also know if there is a way to check if pec+sidereal is still working, because I have always doubts, when I use the mount the next day, starting from park-position, if it still will use my pec corrections ?
  8. Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  9. They've come out very clear what the targets are. Did it take a long time for DSS to process that amount of images? Also your stars are nice and tight did you stop the lens down or is that not the nifty fifty?
  10. I have the 8ah Tracer and use it for my newts fan. It comes with a cable that ends in 12 volt cigar female socket. So the cable from your newt would end in the standard male 12 volt, like the ones with a satnav. Just ensure your cable from the newt has the correct fuse. My original cable for the fan ended in spade connectors so I chopped them off and wired in a 12 volt male socket. Excellent battery and life!
  11. You have got ASPS site location and time zone set up in the parameters ? Assuming you have set up the Indexes/FOV correctly what happens when you run ASPS by itself - NOT FROM APT - does it work - and yes you will have to set up RA/DEC. Just browse for your image file and put approx RA/dec in and click Platesolve button. A log is created Plus Windows permissions this will cause no end of problems - where did you put ASPS and the Index's ?
  12. Thanks for all the info after all this Trouble I asked Harrison's to test it they were very good about it. They Tested it and after all this mucking about it turned out that it was a dud. And they are sending me a new one Excellent news I have bought a few things of them in the past and the first time that an item went wrong they came up Trumps so thank you all at Harrison's it has always been good to do business with you. It is out of stock at the moment but I can wait so thank you again and all the members thank you
  13. -8.5°C and it's been there for a while now. Just added a barrier to restrict the airflow from one side of the cooler to see how much it affects the cooling. Went down a bit more but now on the rise and back to -8.5°C.
  14. I'm planning on starting to manually dither my frames. I'm using a star adventurer unguided, would I be right in saying that I could manually dither by pressing the arrow buttons to slightly slew the mount every few frames and slightly tweak the adjuster on the L bracket in the same way? I'm going to start using Backyard Nikon, can I use this to ensure my target stays in the field of view so I don't dither too far?
  15. I had something like that in the back of my mind :) It doesn't have to stand forever. Just for as long as you're going to want it... James
  16. Thank you very much, guys. Glad to hear that they are good. Is there something else I would need for connecting the cooling fan to this battery (e.g. adapters)?
  17. They dont give much away,I want to see some gain vs read noise vs dynamic range curves.
  18. Thanks for sharing that. It certainly gives me more to go on. Time for a bit of reading to learn what gradient merging means
  19. Looking for a scope thats good for dso and galaxies..like 200/800 awesome for DSO and for bigger galaxies..but heavy
  20. Shut down and powered off and removed the TEC1-12706 leaving just the smaller Peltier TEC running at 12v. Camera temperature has got down to -7.8°C and still slowly going down. Conclusion - the TEC1-12706 is not suitable for this application (though it worked for the dehumidifier). Nowhere near the -20°C I got with water cooling but not bad. Restricting the airflow a bit by directing some up into the dome may reduce the cooling a bit but we'll see.
  21. I guess i'll ask the very noobish question then. I get that a non-EC will be able to achieve the level of precision on guiding that the EC has or potentially can achieve but so far i really haven't any evidence (a guide graph from a few mounts would be good and if someone has a link to a few of these that would help) to suggest apart from theoretical that the EC will be better. But the question really is, will you have to tinker and worry less (settings or physical mount) with the EC mount to achieve the precision when compared to that of non-EC?
  22. Yes. I ran a bead of bitumen sealer around the edge of the ground board (read sleeper) / slabs before and could find no evidence of water ingress when I had to dismantle the thing. New sleepers have an expectancy of 10-15 yrs, I'm just about 68 now so if they rot in 15 yrs time I'm not sure I'll be too worried...
  23. Kronos831

    M81 and M82

    Ευχαριστω! Τα δικα σου σκίτσα ακομα καλύτερα!
  24. Thanks, yes I have seen them for £69 on fleabay I have asked the question about adjustability for focus.
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