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  1. Nagler Type 4 question?

    That’s great Robin. I’ve also been concerned about used kit, and forums like SGL is a good way to allay our worries. Hope you get first light very soon with your fabulous T4s 👍 Ed.
  2. Nagler Type 4 question?

    The TV Radian has the same “instadjust” feature as the Nagler T4s. The upper part of the EP can be easily rotated, as well as the “clickstop” up and down movement, which can be user adjusted as required. It’s not difficult, just fiddly. To tighten the action the inner spring needs to be made slightly smaller in diameter, and a bit larger for a looser action. With the eyecup at the best height for the individual user, the blackout problem that some have complained about can be eliminated. Ed.
  3. Planets, moons, double stars! Oh my!

    Castle Point Astronomy Club was perfect..........until I joined.........🤪
  4. Planets, moons, double stars! Oh my!

    Hi Gus, enjoyed your enthusiastic write up 👍 I’ve been out these last few nights as well. On Wednesday at my local club we had a session outside, we had 12” and 10” Dobs, an 80mm refractor, Canon IS binoculars, and a new visitor with his EQ mounted reflector, our instrument director helped to show him how it’s used. On Thursday night I had a session at home, lots seen, but double star alpha Hercules ( Rasalgethi ) stunned me with the colour contrast, best I’ve seen it, packed in at 02.45 when tiredness got the better of me. Earlier in the session, Jupiter’s GRS was well seen, the reddish colour was obvious. Last night I had a very short session, it was “clear” but the whole sky was very hazy indeed, but when I first set up, I noticed a star about to be occulted at the moon’s dark limb. Waited and watched the star’s instantaneous extinction. Have yet to check which star that was. Makes up for a long cloudy spell, Ed.
  5. Hello David. It’s always a tough call to give thoughts on a question like this. If you really need to sell one or the other, I’d take your time to decide if you possibly can. Have a few sessions with both scopes in action. Perhaps the winner will reveal itself to you with more use. Compare the views, taking your time. You mention collimation. Have you found a problem with collimating the 130 ? I wouldn’t let that be the decider myself. How do you find the EQ mount versus the alt-azimuth? I’ve used a Celestron 130 myself when visitors at my local club came for advice. The only problem I had was with the unusual type of red dot finder, I’m used to a regular red dot finder myself. Of course finders can be replaced, but if you’re happy with yours, then it’s not a problem for you. Ok, as you’re asking, I’d keep the 130 myself, but of course what suits me may not suit you, and that’s the important question. See what others say, not just me. Good luck ! Ed.
  6. Which One?

    Hi and welcome to SGL. You have already been given good advice. I’d like to add something that could sound a bit depressing but could also save a lot of problems. I’m a member of a local club. A lot of keen new folk see wonderful images of the night sky, and quite understandably would like to try do do the same. They may well be good daytime photographers, but getting great astrophotos is a whole different experience. Many of the astrophotos online and in magazines will have been taken with very expensive kit and taken hours to capture and process. It’s well worth considering that. One good way to proceed could be to join a local club. Some of them, like my club, may have equipment to borrow to try visual and perhaps imaging. My club doesn’t charge to borrow kit, as long as they are paid up members. It’s a good way to dip your toe in the water at little expense. Good luck and HTH, Ed.
  7. Sirius B at last

    Great and well done, especially from your northern latitude making it even more difficult than from the UK........👍.........Ed.
  8. Tele-Optic Giro 3 £150 sale pending

    pm sent
  9. Essex Stargazing 24th March

    Hello again. The weather forecast for Saturday evening doesn’t look great. However, as you will know, forecasts are often wrong, so anything could happen. There will be a go or no-go decision on the Castle Point AC home page by late afternoon. But please check the forecast for yourself, to save a wasted journey. As an alternative, everyone is welcome to attend our weekly meetings, 8.00 pm most Wednesdays, at St Michael’s Church Daws Heath. There’s absolutely no obligation to join. You certainly do not need to be an expert to come along, otherwise none of us would be there...........👀 Best wishes, Ed.
  10. That’s a stunning low price, especially with all the very favourable reviews. If I wasn’t already sorted with EPs, I’d definitely go for them. Ed.
  11. Hi all. This Saturday March 24th at 19.00 hrs, Castle Point Astronomy Club hosts our first public stargazing event for 2018, weather permitting. It’s at Hadleigh Country Park, at the southern end of Chapel Lane, off A13 Hadleigh. Chapel Lane is off the westbound carriageway of the A13, opposite Morrisons. Please note, this event is not at Hadleigh Castle, and do check the weather before travelling. Free entry (donations welcome, to fund further events) all welcome, please come prepared with warm clothing. More here - cpac.org.uk Hope to see you there 👍
  12. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Ok, you have some good advice already. I’ve had a 10” Dob for some years, and have rethought my EP collection a few times. You mention TV 3-6 zoom. Of course, it’s a little cracker, I have one and it gets occasional use in the Dob. But unless you have super smooth hand tracking, it’s not so easy with a 50 degree field. Doable, but a huge difference from with 100 degree field. My high power with the Dob is a 4.8mm Nagler for 250x for tight double stars, tiny planetary nebs and globular clusters on good nights. But my main high power is at 171x.........it’s more useful on more occasions. At the low end, as already mentioned, exit pupil needs to be considered, more especially for use under a light polluted sky, where a big exit pupil can produce a washed out view. But as with all things, your mileage may vary....... I’ve also been a victim of the well known “paralysis by analysis “ syndrome...........😫 Good luck ! Ed.
  13. Hi Buz. I’ve had my Lunt 35 for 8 years, it has the basic B400 diagonal. I’ve compared it directly alongside a friend’s Lunt 60 with a B600. I’m commenting on visual use only. Conditions were good, high sun, very transparent sky. Prominence detail was very similar indeed. The wider view with the B600 was nice. But personally I don’t feel the need to spend a lot more money to get only a relatively small improvement in prominence detail. However, that’s not the whole story, because detail on the Solar disc was a big improvment with the Lunt 60 over my L35. Very satisfying. And when my clubmate added his double stack to his scope, surface detail was amazing...... So for visual views of prominences I’d not bother to upgrade. Only the person spending the money can decide about splashing a lot more money for the undoubted gain of surface detail HTH, Ed.
  14. Nagler type 1 rethink......

    Hi Alan. I do like physically small EPs, and the 11T6 is a little charmer with a big punch ! But your wallet will be cringing as to where this may lead...........😁 BTW, I mostly use my 10” Dob at the club or outreach, that’s partly because some of our newer members and the public will see a brighter view, much easier to spot the fainter stuff. At home I often will use either of my 6” Dobs, an F6 and F3.8. because they are so handy with zero hassle. Your F5 is a good compromise between the two I have. TTFN, Ed.
  15. 35mm Televue Panoptic - SOLD

    Trying to help the sale - the 35 Pan has been in production for many years. However, this one has a tapered edge to the safety undercut, indicating that it’s a very late model. HTH, Ed.