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  1. Regarding the CR 2032 battery for the Rigel. The battery lasts for ages, and a spare just in case is easily kept in my eyepiece case. Although I have an AA battery pack for a Rigel I don’t use it. I also have an unused Telrad, preferring the much more compact Rigel. Either gets the job done of course.
  2. Brilliant. Sometimes SCTs get caned for optical quality - large central obstruction - compromised design - poor QC etc. Of course all optical designs can have examples of being dodgy. But if you can get results like that SCTs are fine in my book
  3. Best to think of it as a holiday and any astronomy done is a bonus
  4. Hi and welcome to SGL You mentioned polar alignment and then taking it outside......guessing you meant the other way round..... You quite rightly said the 20mm eyepiece shows the planets as a tiny disc and not used the 10mm. The 10mm will double the magnification so you need to try that, a barlow will further increase the magnification and apparent size of the planets. No point in adding the barlow to the 20mm, that will give the same magnification as the 10mm on its own. The barlow only works in combination with an eyepiece not on its own. From your description the collimation is ok. When changing eyepieces or adding the barlow you need to refocus, and your kids may need to refocus for their eyes, that’s important. The Celestron 130 is a useful scope and with patience should give pleasing views of the planets and lots else. When you’ve tried the scope again, including using the 10mm eyepiece and also the barlow when it arrives, always being careful to focus perhaps you could let us know how you got on. Well done introducing your kids to astronomy....enjoy !
  5. If you have an adjustable diagonal then perhaps that could be part of the solution. I can recall the mirror in those was spring loaded to facilitate adjustment. Most diagonals don’t have that useful feature but sometimes it’s possible to shim the mirror with very thin plastic sheet or tape. Could be a laborious trial and error job, but worth it.
  6. Sounds like something happened to the scope. Seems very odd the lens retaining ring being very loose, hard to imagine it would get like that without a deliberate act. If collimation is off, it’s sometimes possible to adjust the focuser so it’s pointing accurately along the tube, depending on how the focuser is attached. Not all refractor issues are at the front end. Hope you sort it, Ed.
  7. If your views when you’re in focus are good that’s all that really matters. Easy to get hung up trying to see how good your optics are, perfect optics don’t exist so best not to fret about it Ed.
  8. The advice already given is great. I’d just like to add my own welcome to SGL Ed.
  9. Another vital factor that I don’t think has been mentioned - How accurate is your focus ? Ed.
  10. Collimation is not far off..... Before proceeding best to make sure the tube is at full extension with the two legs clicked into place. You’ve probably done that, however worth a check......
  11. That looks an excellent Dob mount. Simple, strong, fuss free, bunch of eyepieces and a star chart = bliss. Did I mention dark sky and no clouds.......
  12. Thanks for that, I suppose it’s best to see what works for you in your particular area - what I do may not be good for others, but now mirror washing is easy for me. As often stated, a grubby looking mirror works surprisingly well, so I don’t rush do do this very often. And prevention is better than cure, keep dust out when kit is not in use, which lately in this rotten weather is definitely most of the time. Ed.
  13. I used to find mirror washing difficult. The advice I used was just one or two drops of washing up liquid in a bowl of tepid water, pure cotton swabs with no pressure and frequently changed, thorough rinse with distilled water. But my mirrors looked a grubby mess doing it this way. I figured that dirt is usually greasy, house cleaning teaches us that. So I added more washing up liquid than previously - much better result Definitely don’t fuss over a few spots that may remain. If the mirror looks ok in regular day light it’s fine. Keep your bright torch turned off !
  14. Hi. Lots of folk on here willing to help. If you could let us know a few details please that would help us to help you - What telescope do you have ? That info is crucial to good advice. You mention you need a tripod, then say you also require slow motion controls - that sounds like you need not only a tripod but the part that is between the tripod and the telescope - usually called the mount. Your mention of slow motion controls suggests you need a manual mount rather than an electronic one. Your dollar $ sign suggests you’re not in the UK ? If you could give as much info as you can then hopefully you’ll be pointed to something suitable Ed.
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