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  1. NGC 1502

    M35/NGC 2158

    Last night at short notice, 3 of us from my local club went to our dark site. One of the reasons for us going was to view and image comet 46P Wirtanen. It was easily found with my 70mm Pronto and naked eye. Following that, many other objects followed, including M35. Using my TV Pronto at 14x I realised that the much dimmer NGC 2158 less than half a degree south was apparent with averted vision as a fuzzy blob. I was amazed that the much dimmer companion to M35 was seen with such a modest aperture. Raising the power to 27x and the darker sky background improved the visibility of 2158. One of my companions had his 103mm Apo. The jump from 70mm to 103mm was very apparent. Ed.
  2. NGC 1502

    46P Wirtanen and a treat

    Indeed 46P Wirtanen is naked eye under a good sky. Last night, Sunday 11th, three of us from my local club went at short notice to our dark site. 46P was readily found with my TV Pronto at 14x and a 5 degree field, then I realised it was naked eye. One of my clubmates who specialises in comets said it’s been a long time since we’ve had a naked eye comet. Ed.
  3. NGC 1502

    15mm Panoptic

    Perhaps the introduction of the Radians with a comfortable 20mm eye relief and 60 degree fov was a reason 15 Pan was discontinued. But only Al or David Nagler could give the full story. I have looked through a 15 Pan and thought it was a very nice and compact lightweight eyepiece, still desirable today. I also found the eye relief was not a problem as long as the user is not wearing glasses. Ed.
  4. NGC 1502

    15mm Panoptic

    Just a note to mention that there’s a rarely seen for sale 15mm Panoptic for £165 at ENS Birmingham. Wondering if it will get snapped up or hang around.......so much competition about, including from TeleVue....... Ed.
  5. NGC 1502

    Identical Crescents - A Great Start To The Day!

    Great, saw this too from my south facing bedroom window.........fabulous Ed.
  6. Nice one ! Lets hope you’ve started their love of astronomy. The best sky I ever saw was from Madogs Wells in mid Wales back in 2002. It had rained hard all day, then cleared to leave a stunningly clear and transparent sky........... Ed.
  7. NGC 1502

    Orthoscopic eyepieces

    I have an old Vixen catalogue that shows just what you’ve mentioned about rolling down the LVs eyecup, so that’s how they were intended to be used with glasses. However, doesn’t that tend to split the rubber with constant use, especially as the original LVs are getting on a bit now ? Not knocking the LVs at all, sharp and comfortable. I still have the 5mm and 4mm LVs for occasional high power use. Ed.
  8. NGC 1502

    Orthoscopic eyepieces

    A good quality barlow adds nothing but magnification, and can improve the edge correction, as well as preserve eye relief. No reason not to use one, as long as it doesn’t over magnify. But best used with a good eyepiece, no barlow can work miracles. Ed.
  9. NGC 1502

    Baader Hyperion f/5

    I fully respect the above advice. However, my local club has a 16” F4.3 Dob, and the member who looks after that scope usually brings along the Hyperion 17mm to use with it. I have to say that I’ve been positively impressed with how well the 17mm performs in that scope, especially towards the edge of field of view. Perhaps the 17mm is the best of the Hyperions ? Ed.
  10. NGC 1502

    Charity Shop Binos

    You could make an instant profit because I’d snap them up for £21........... Seriously, cracking buy, just shows what’s out there if you’re in the right place at the right time, well done. Ed.
  11. NGC 1502

    I'd like some tips

    Good advice above.... I’d like to add - for enjoyable stargazing, the first thing to have is...........warm clothing.......... Ed.
  12. The wheels on the Dob bases in the previous post are exactly what I was referring to earlier. If you can store the scope close to where it’s used, makes a larger & heavier scope feasible. Ed.
  13. That’s a really tough question. If you have the money to spare, then yes, as long as your certain you’re up for the extra weight and size. There’s always the second hand option of course...... Ed.
  14. An 8” could easily be a lifetime scope. It’s a matter of finding out what suits us, not anyone else, and there’s only one way to find that out, by using something. If you belong to a local club that has scopes to borrow, that’s a great way to find out, and the cost of club membership could save you loads of cash. Ed.
  15. Good advice above. Always a tough call to give advice. A 12” or larger could work if you can store it close to where it will be used, and wheeled out of a shed or similar. Different situation if you need to carry it around or transport it to a viewing site - can you lift it, will it fit across the back seat of your car ? Of course you could have a flexi-dob or truss tube to make it more transportable. For myself my 10” solid tube gets the job done, fits the car, no assembly, no hassle. Of course if you belong to a club or attend star parties then you will find some are ok with very large scopes. It’s a case of finding out what suits you best, not anyone else. Ed.

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