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  1. Agree with that. I like my 10x50s, but my 70mm Pronto with a 35mm Panoptic on a mini giro alt az mount gives a lovely rock steady and comfortable 5 degree field. Ok, that’s one eyed observing but a great view. Add in an Orion Ultrablock nebula filter (for the appropriate objects) and I could almost live with it as an ‘only’ scope. Ed.
  2. NGC 1502

    Where have all the Essex boys gone ?

    Hi Cloud Dodgers. Hope you’re all ok. Thought I’d let you know that CPAC will be gaining permission soon to use the Wallasea Island RSPB car park. Rachel the warden mentioned you have access too. We’re not giving up our Dengie site, but Wallasea is a lot closer for many of our members. Wondering if you could say how good the sky is at Wallasea ? Probably not as good as Dengie, but a whole lot better than most of us have in our back yards, especially the all around horizon. Thanks in advance for your comments. Rachel said they need 24 hours advance notice if we’re intending to come, because occasionally they have predator control in progress. Will try to get them to agree shorter notice. Maybe see you out there sometime, cheers from Ed at CPAC.
  3. Hi and welcome to SGL. The most often recommended advice for hand holdable astronomy binoculars would be 10 x 50. Your budget allows a good quality purchase, mostly you get what you pay for. Individual eyepiece focussing is more robust than centre focus, as long as you don’t want to use them for regular daytime viewing. Good eye relief, especially if you wear glasses. See what’s available, and checking online reviews can help, especially on astronomy websites. HTH, Ed.
  4. NGC 1502

    New 10" dobsonian build.

    Hi Pete from another Essex based member. Great to be into the DIY side of our wonderful hobby, means there’s astronomy to do even when we suffer a long cloudy spell. Thanks for sharing what you’re up to. The scopes look very nice, and so does the workshop Ed.
  5. NGC 1502

    Thoughts on Binaries

    For those not into doubles, you should be The whole sky is stuffed with them at all seasons of the year, fascinating in their variety, some easy, some tough, lots of the theory of astronomy regarding them to learn, least affected by light pollution, what’s not to like !! Can you tell I like them Ed.
  6. It’s possible to aluminise, but you probably know the kit is very expensive, and specialised. An astronomy venue I used to visit ( Fieldview astronomy B&B ) had the kit, but they had issues with uneven coatings, and the pump took hours to produce the required vacuum in the coating chamber. Not sure, but I think they gave up on the idea. They also changed the business to cater for the birding community when the starcamp moved from Thetford to Kelling Heath and greatly reduced the numbers of astronomy visitors. Ed.
  7. Hi Niel, one of the great things about basic Dobs is the way simple DIY fixes work so well. About the only thing we can’t do is re-aluminise the mirrors. I’m really fortunate to have Galvoptics just 10 miles away, a family firm I’ve used several times with no problems. You could use furniture sliders as a temporary substitute for Teflon, would get you up and running. Yet another simple low tech fix........ Ed.
  8. Great scopes from a sadly different era, although many of us prize kit like that Indeed the mirror needs a recoat, but you may be surprised at how well it would work as it is. Best wishes with your “new” scope, Ed.
  9. NGC 1502

    Dob goto base seized

    Hi again Dom. Using the original parts of the mount as templates would be a good idea. You’d need to be careful if the plywood was a different thickness to the original partical board, the drives on the motors need to mesh properly. But shouldn’t be too hard to sort that. If the ply was thinner, spacers between motor and wood should fix that. Although not directly relevant, this https://stellafane.org is a great source for DIY for telescope building. Good luck, Ed.
  10. NGC 1502

    Dob goto base seized

    Hard to be sure without seeing the mount, however - The SW Dob mounts are made from particle board which is ok if it doesn’t get wet.....as you mention the cover is not waterproof ( was it left outside ? )and you suspect swelling, that would seem to suggest that’s the problem. You could leave the mount to dry thoroughly then recheck, but usually if particle board has swollen because its got damp it stays swollen. Are you into DIY ? You could rebuild the mount with exterior grade plywood and seal it, and if well done would be better than the original and lighter too. If you go that route, you could cut around the motor, and with a bit of work, detach it. Just an idea but could perhaps be a solution. Or you could see if you can purchase a replacement mount, seal all edges prior to assembly, run mastic into the joins after assembly, then keep it as dry as possible. Hope you sort it, Ed.
  11. Good afternoon all...... Most of us will be aware that this Friday evening the 27th July, the totally eclipsed moon rises in the southeast, followed by brilliant Mars at a close opposition. Saturn & Jupiter also on view. Members of Castle Point Astronomy Club plan to meet on Leigh cliffs, at the top of Belton Way West Leigh on Sea, close to the junction with Thames Drive and Marine Parade. That’s at the top of the hill leading up from Leigh railway station going west. Whatever the weather I plan to be there soon after 8.30 pm BST. It’s a public area, so please feel free to turn up and say hello. We will make a judgment call as to whether it’s worth staying. At the moment the forecast is for cloud, so annoying after all the hot sunny skies. But I’ve learned not to celebrate too soon about a good forecast, or let a poor one get me down. We will find out soon enough what will actually happen. Cheers from Ed.
  12. NGC 1502

    What Do You Do About Dew?

    Most built in dew shields are too short, but can easily be made longer using above methods. If that’s not adequate, and it probably won’t be on chilly nights, there’s heating bands that gently keep the objective just a fraction above ambient, or a 12v hairdryer from a battery pack. Ed.
  13. NGC 1502

    What Do You Do About Dew?

    I’ve made several dew shields for small telescopes from regular camping mat foam. It’s widely available from ‘outdoor’ type shops, is lightweight, doesn’t absorb moisture ( just gets wet ) and is easy to cut. No reason why it won’t be fine for binoculars. I once found the foam in black which is ideal, but any dark colour would be ok. HTH Ed.
  14. Agreed, for basic observing, near enough polar alignment is adequate. For a regular equatorial mount - Just set your latitude as best you can on the zero to 90 scale. Point the polar axis north as best you can. All done. In use, as polar alignment is approximate, your target will drift north or south within the field of view as you track in RA. Just give the appropriate tweak on the declination control. Final step - enjoy the view Ed.
  15. NGC 1502

    Renting equipment

    Indeed, my local club loans ( free of charge to members ) scopes from a 12” Dob to a 90mm refractor, all manual, plus go-to from an 8” LX90 to an ETX90. It works brilliantly for folk to try before they buy, saves all that expense buying, finding out it’s not for them, then more purchases....... Ed.

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