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  1. I may be wrong, but I had the original Cambridge Double Star Atlas, and it was a spiral bound soft cover, as is my second edition CDSA. I’m not aware of a hard cover edition. But did you mean the regular Cambridge Star Atlas ? I’ve seen hard cover versions of that. Apologies if I’m incorrect, Ed.
  2. NGC 1502

    Vixen LVW 42mm...SALE PENDING

    I wondered when someone would buy this lovely EP, just managed to resist myself........ Good luck to buyer, you have just bagged a great deal...... Ed.
  3. NGC 1502

    TeleVue 22T4 Nagler v 27 Panoptic ?

    BTW. Some have asked if my avatar is a true likeness of myself. No it is not........mainly because I’ve aged significantly since that pic was taken.
  4. NGC 1502

    TeleVue 22T4 Nagler v 27 Panoptic ?

    My thanks to the input and comments already given, or to come. Any donations to my eyepiece fund gratefully received Cheers, Ed.
  5. Hi all. I’m looking for advice regarding the 2 eyepieces in the title. They will both give a similar true field with my OO 10” F4.8 Dob. I realise that both eyepieces would benefit if used with a coma corrector. My question is best answered if you’ve used both eyepieces with a similar F ratio reflector - but without a coma corrector. I’m aware that the N22 would give a smaller exit pupil with a darker sky background, that both have the same eye relief spec, and I’m fine with the N22 instadjust feature. My specific question - would both eyepieces perform in a similar manner regarding edge of field performance ? Thanks in advance, your thoughts appreciated, Ed.
  6. NGC 1502

    TS/GSO 10 inch Dob

    Hi Francis. I think I’d just email TS and ask. Expect they would fine with measuring and letting you know. Good luck with the scope and EQ platform. Ed.
  7. Only the buyer can say if the big price is worth it or not........but if you want the best, then it’s usually very expensive. Please don’t forget that you will also need an adequate mount to match the premium tube assembly. Potentionally a “lifetime” scope. Not worth a marriage of course, but if you let your other half know how much you would like it, then negotiate an agreement ? Ed.
  8. Galvoptics ( Image optics ) is a small family firm that I’ve used several times for mirror recoating, as have members of my local club. I’ve always had good service from them and wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. You can phone and talk to someone and usually get a price, although their price list is online. HTH, Ed.
  9. Of course light pollution is definitely a problem. If you have very bright lighting at where you intend to observe, that needs to be dealt with. On the other hand there’s loads of good astronomy that can be done under a light polluted sky, moon, planets, double stars and brighter deep sky objects - lots to look at Ed.
  10. The Heritage 130p already mentioned sounds ideal for your needs. Good quality views for minimum outlay, and greatly recommended. HTH, Ed.
  11. NGC 1502

    Durability of Skywatcher Flextubes

    I’ve made DIY particle board Dob mounts, and before fixing the parts together, sealed the raw edges with 2 coats of PVA, easy to find in Poundland etc. Then after it’s all together, sealed the joints with mastic, again from sources like Poundland. But I still wouldn’t leave it outside when not in use, best kept in a dry location. If its dewy after use, doesn’t take a minute to wipe off the worst of the damp before storage. Ed.
  12. NGC 1502

    Parts for dobsonian build

    Barry Watts at Beacon Hill telescopes is worth a try, always helpful. Ed.
  13. NGC 1502

    The Trapezium with the SW ED150

    Fully agree, ABC&D easy at 19x with my Pronto. OO 10” Dob E&F easy at 150-200x but only if seeing is ok. Always a treat, however many times I view them...... Ed.
  14. As mentioned by Stu, some good skies in parts of Wales. There used to be an astronomy B&B at Madogs Wells in mid Wales. It was in a valley and the skies there could be fabulous. Unfortunately it does rain a lot though....... Some of my astronomy club go to Haw Wood Farm in east Suffolk, they reckon it’s great. Kelling has been mentioned, it can be very good indeed in spite of nearby Sheringham Cromer and Holt. Ed.
  15. NGC 1502

    Patrick Moores “The Ark”

    I’m sure you’re correct. Patrick great bloke that he was, wasn’t so good at managing his finances, Brian May got Patrick sorted by buying Farthings at Selsey and Patrick could live there with no money worries for the rest of his days. I have an astronomy friend who lives in Selsey, last I heard was that Farthings was still unoccupied but looked liked the gardens were tidy. BTW Farthings apparently meant “Far things”........... Ed.

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