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  1. up for grabs is my canon 24-105mm f/4 L USM lens. Great walk about lens and good all rounder. In used but very good condition. No dust or fungus inside, good clean optics and very sharp. I am selling in order to fund a f2.8 (aperture fever strikes again). comes with soft case, caps and lens hood (no original box sorry) Looking for £400 inc delivery. Will be well packaged and sent via royal mail special delivery. Or if you are local pop to Bath and meet for a coffee and you can try the lens out before you buy.
  2. Hi Pete, I would prefer a cash offer at the moment. times are hard so stuff i don't use gotta get the chop. Thanks for the offer though. Dave
  3. so does this mean all the flowers will bloom in the middle of the night? It's gonna do wonders for my runners beans if so!
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142007937502?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Open to offers from fellow SGL members.
  5. for the EQ5 which is near as darn it the same. you will find this guide very informative. http://www.astro-baby.com/HEQ5/HEQ5-2.htm
  6. you could remove the painted stakes by your house and hope they don't notice
  7. it makes perfect sense but isn't a telescope focal length adjusted to achieve perfect focus by winding the focus tube in or out. therefore not entirely fixed ?
  8. hehe, indeed. but if a person with bad eyesight and glasses/contact lenses removed were to manually focus a camera, take a photograph and print.... would that final print be out of focus when said person pops their glasses back on?
  9. wow, does this mean when you take a photo of a DSO it is out of focus for the rest of the family?
  10. this particular deal aside..... maplin products are generally poor quality and grossly overpriced. sorry
  11. mmm... i don't think mine is that bad so i gonna leave it. mine is rather stiff in the RA movement (with clutches released) which makes balancing the thing a little inaccurate... could be that i simply haven't broken the mount in yet and its still stiff here and there.
  12. Thanks. i was getting worried the other day too when i upgraded my bolts the mount gets really stiff around the 52 deg area which is where the fine tuning takes place. which isn't a bad thing i suppose. i tend to give it a helping push when i adjust it whilst making sure the opposite bolt is well clear. Thanks for posting though as the last thing i considered was to dismantle anything (god forbid).
  13. hi there. when you say loosen the grub screws (and therefore the mount)... is this because the mount is quite stiff to move in the altitude direction?
  14. Some jaw dropping setups..... here's my humble Meade 127mm ED (f7.5) and silver bullet (the get outta town wagon).
  15. They are absolutely lovely shots and have made me wanna visit Bagan. I am currently in Chiang Mai and about to embark on 4 days of downhill mountain biking but looking at these photos has me seriously considering it for my next stop. Thanks for posting.
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