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  1. Forecast last night was for clear sky's so climbed a local hill to get a view. It was fully overcast when I got to the summit but after an hour, thankfully, it cleared. Neo is still naked eye visible but barely so now. Also had NLC's for an added bonus. I can't see NEO lasting much longer and the best is definitely behind us.
  2. Same observation for me last night. It's still naked eye visible but very much on the wane. Get it while you can. This weekend may be its swan song and be a technical object thereafter.
  3. The way you describe it, it sounds slow for a meteor. Could it have been a satellite burning up on re-entry?
  4. Got an unexpected clear night last night. Neo is now an easy naked eye object. The tail seems to be getting longer and the ion tail is separating from the dust tail. Too bright this far north for any resolution in my images though. Saturday night is also looking good if it can maintain its magnitude and it should be a bit darker for extra contrast. Happy days.
  5. Thwarted again by cloud cover in the North West. Did see Neo again between cloud banks, albeit briefly.
  6. I hope the weather forecast is going to be right; reality is that it's still cloudy.
  7. The UK met office was on form. Forecast was for clear sky's but got 90% cloud cover. However... the 10% revealed Neo, albeit briefly as it went in and out of cloud. WOW. No binoculars needed. The tail was easily naked eye and bagged the trophy photo I wanted. Very happy and may even get another window tonight. This will be remembered for a long time !
  8. The wait is almost over. After incessant wind, rain and cloud cover, tonight's the night and with no work tomorrow, it looks like it's going to be an all nighter. Neo should be visible from just after sunset to just before sunrise. Looking at the forecast, this may be the only chance to see it from this location.
  9. Really pleased so many astronomy enthusiasts are getting to see this rare sight. Up here in the North West it was raining at 3am and the earliest I'll get a weather window is next Saturday morning. Praying to the astronomy gods that it doesn't fizzle out by then. Keep the reports coming.
  10. Anecdotally, NEO has appeared to be a difficult but achievable naked eye object so far. It's fading but moving to darker more contrasty sky's. Through binoculars with the extra light gathering potential it seems to be easy. Find a suitable horizon and a clear patch of weather and all should be good. Best wishes.
  11. Climbing ladders while half asleep in the dark while looking through binoculars. No, all good.
  12. The way the head was developing, it suggested it could break into two distinct heads - that being an unusual increase in brightness, twin plumes and a darkness mid core. Let's just call it wild internet speculation based on limited data. I think the NASA pic you just posted blows that theory out. The nucleus looks solid and healthy and gives me confidence it should survive a couple of weeks until I get darker sky's. I may even get a break from the 100% overcast cloud, rain and wind I'm currently enjoying.
  13. Very nice picture. It may be another decade or so when we get another good comet so make the most of the next couple of weeks. I was out in the rain today checking out locations with a low north east horizon. There's surprisingly few within a reasonable distance. Things get better in a week though as it gets a bit higher.
  14. One thing of note from the photos I've seen so far is that they typically use long lenses of around 500mm so Neo is small but there are few other stars visible so it is very bright. In a weeks time when we have more contrast, the fainter parts of the tail should be visible. I'm also interested in the look of the head. Could Neo have another surprise in store?
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