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  1. Not great transparency tonight, but with cloud forecast for the next week I set up to image the Double Cluster and Comet PanSTARRS C/2017 T2 with a 80mm refractor. The subs look ok, but I'm leaving it at that - due to conditions and because it's a work night. Good luck to all those still 'playing'! Regards, Mike.
  2. I fancied a change tonight, so I walked to a local beach with a star tracker, modded EOS 600D and Samyang 14mm - and took a series of very wide field images of Orion and Canis Major. It will be interesting to see what I captured close to the southern horizon, which was over the sea. I only stayed for an hour, though, as it's a work night. I'm now home taking some dark frames. As I was on the way to the beach, by the way, it seemed a little misty, but actually the view from the beach was very clear (and very, very dark ). Regards, Mike.
  3. Thanks for your comment, Agnes It's not too bad to set up. I take the mount out first, then the counterweights and finally the telescope (though I only fit the finderscope, etc, once the 'scope is on the mount). The optical assembly itself weighs about 20kg, and it did find it difficult to lift onto the mount at first. However, I found it easier after a while, once I got more used to handling it. I do have option of setting up a smaller and lighter telescope sometimes, on the same mount, if I don't feel like setting up the 12" Newtonian. Regards, Mike.
  4. Taking it relatively easy tonight - by not setting up the 12" Newtonian and not staying out in the cold quite so much . I have an early start for work tomorrow anyway. What I am doing is some widefield imaging, with lenses piggybacked on my ancient C8 'scope for tracking. Already have an hour's worth on Orion's Belt and Sword at 135mm; now capturing the Jellyfish (IC 443) and Monkeyhead (NGC 2174) with a 300mm lens (hoping for an hour's worth there too, though the roof eaves may well intervene). Good luck and clear skies, all! Mike.
  5. My Revelation 12" Newtonian on a Losmandy G-11 (non-Gemini), while imaging Comet PanSTARRS C/2017 T2 last night. Regards, Mike.
  6. After my break to watch Match of the Day and to warm up, I returned to find the Newtonian iced over and the secondary misted up. So I swapped for my 5" refractor and am now imaging one of my favourite galaxies, NGC 4565 in Coma Berenices. However, think I'll call it a night soon. Another clear one Sunday, hopefully Regards, Mike.
  7. After a clear day here in mid Cornwall, high cloud moved in at dusk. I set up at about 7pm anyway, and fortunately by 8pm most of the cloud had cleared away, with only some passing wisps remaining. I've since been out imaging part of the Rosette Nebula and imaging/observing Comet PanSTARRS T2 (which is currently close the zenith) with my 12" Newt. Transparency is reasonable, though the air is very damp and there does seem to be a little mist - and of course a heavy dew, which is starting to freeze on the 'scope. I now have the camera taking dark frames, while I'm inside to warm up (and watch Match of the Day). Planning to do some galaxy imaging later . Regards, Mike.
  8. Unfortunately I didn't get around to setting up last night. The football floodlights were still on until after 10:30pm, then there was a cloudy period until nearly midnight. By the time that had cleared, I'd lost all the Winter constellations behind my roof. I didn't then fancy starting a late galaxy-imaging session after a long day. Anyway, today is dry so the lawn I observe/image from is less boggy. Last night there was standing water in the area I normally set up in, after a day that was very wet until early evening. The forecasts for tonight are rather mixed, though: Met Office says clear all evening and overnight, while Clear Outside shows medium level cloud until midnight, then clear. I hope the former is correct! Good luck, all! Regards, Mike.
  9. Not sure whether to set up - there are showers threatening, the lawn is like a bog and the football club floodlights are on - but every time I look out it's really clear. I may decide to do something a little later, once the lights are off, or otherwise wait until tomorrow night when the prospects look better. Good luck, all! Regards, Mike.
  10. A fairly clear evening here in Cornwall, though with a little thin cloud here and there and of course a bright gibbous Moon! Not great for my preferred subjects, deep sky and comets. However, I set up to view the Moon as soon as I got home just after 6:30pm (as later it will be behind the roof). Detail along the terminator was superb, via a 10mm Plossl and Meade 127mm triplet. Pleased to say that the views were quite steady, even though I'd not given the 'scope time to settle outside. Good viewing (and imaging), all. Regards, Mike.
  11. Giving up now - only managed 9x4-minute frames over a 2.5 hour session, and most of those frames included some time when the subject was obscured by cloud. Good luck to anyone still playing, and goodnight all. Regards, Mike.
  12. I started late, after waiting for moonset, but now I'm attempting to image the 'Leo Trio'. Unfortunately it started to cloud up after one good frame! I'm now taking some dark frames while waiting and hoping for a longer clear spell. Regards, Mike.
  13. Turns out there was no difficult decision about an astronomy session on a 'school night', as the clouds quickly closed in again!
  14. Signs of a clearing evening here, after weeks of grey skies. However, the Moon doesn't set until 11pm and I have a 6:30 start for the return to work, so doubt I can do a lot. Happy New Year, and clear skies all! Regards, Mike.
  15. No sign of a break in clouds here - my last session was on 2 December. I've been off work through Christmas and New Year and had been hoping to do something!
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