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  1. hi John, welcome to the forum. Clear skies. John
  2. Can I please point out a typo in my original post. The pillow bearings and steel shaft that I used were 8mm and NOT 18mm. Here is where I got my pillow bearings: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01120P4LQ/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_6.vKFb0R54YA2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Here is where the steel rod was sourced from: as https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MV83GXB/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_AcwKFbRG33SF5 Sorry once again for any confusion caused. John
  3. I’ve seen me resort to a long hoodie to block out side light but that often just makes you look like an even more suspicious character after dark. John
  4. Ingenious. Where there’s a will there’s a way. John
  5. Hi Gerard, I agree with the advice above that the most efficient placement is opposite the viewing assembly but you may find it more convenient to put it on the top. If you buy a magnetic kitchen knife holder and attach it to the primary mirror casing, you can attach iron weights to it and move them up and down until you achieve balance. John
  6. Hi George, I’m closer to N Yorks so I cut the 54 degree curve. If you are nearer the south of W Yorks you may wish to go with the 52 degree curve. Once I printed out the curve, you just trace it onto the aluminium and make a series of straight cuts (marked red) and then file the waste away - aluminium is relatively easy to work with. The aluminium is so thin that you just cut it at right angles. this eBay link should help: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminium-Sheet-Plate-Flat-1mm-4mm-multiple-sizes-grade-1050A-H14/283528663514?hash=item4203a011da:g:hCcAAOSwsBtaMTUF&var=584704869652 You need two rectangles of 200mm x 100mm. If you buy the 200mm x 200mm sheet of 4mm aluminium then you can cut it in half. John
  7. I wish you luck. My biggest problem was finding the names for the components and where to buy them, like pillow bearings, but if you search google long enough anything is possible. John
  8. Hi Gerard, sorry I missed this post. I will PM you with some information. John
  9. I was going to write a review but this was it, almost word for word. Last time I used my 90mm mak-cassegrain but last night pulled out the dob. Couldn’t keep Mars in the objective until I realised that the equatorial platform was on Southern Hemisphere mode! Once stabilised, this was one of my best sessions with Mars. I agree that the polar cap was much reduced since last viewed in late August. I often hear that stopping down improves planetary views. Can anyone explain the reasoning for this?
  10. Hi Paul, welcome to the forum. Wishing you many clear nights with your new scope. John
  11. Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum. John
  12. Come on guys, this is clearly an art competition that has been judged and won. Interpretation and creativity has been given equal status to guiding, kit and software manipulation of an image. Who is to say what has the greater intrinsic value? A photograph or a painting? Most photography, other than photo-journalism or raw images, is an art form requiring judgement and taste, is it not? John
  13. Hi there, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your new scope. John
  14. Hi there, welcome back to the forum. John
  15. The Leeds Local Gov. website showed a google map that gave the code for each lamp post. I contacted the tel. no. and spoke a call centre for the sub contractor. I must confess that I said it was due to light trespass into a bedroom window, even though the lamppost is in front of my neighbours house. They said that the council would review it and authorise a shield. She said that normally they do it within two weeks. The cherry picker showed up the following week and the job took literally five minutes. I spoke to the engineer and he said that he fitted several a week. Maybe its COVID but nobody seems to be looking too deeply into the reasons for fitting. My advice @Aramcheckand @ScouseSpaceCadetis to get a request in - what’s to loose? Good luck. John
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