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  1. Many thanks to all for this thread. After a rubbish day of rainstorms I had not even considered going out and was about to settle down with a beer when I realised that everyone was heading out! Packed the dob and headed off to the Yorkshire Moors. Instead of trying to glimpse a procession of planets in the gap between two houses and a lamp post, I had a tour of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars - the latter steadied slightly after 01:00 and maybe... possibly saw some dark patches in southern hemisphere. Checked off Uranus and Neptune and I even tried Pluto but not convinced that I got that - I need to check if Sky Safari position is confirmed by other sources. Good views of Comet Giacobini-Zinner - diffuse halo clearly seen with 15mm BST. Wind was the main problem and had to leave the shroud off the trusses to reduce shake. All in all an unexpected bonus night - thanks again. John
  2. westmarch

    DIY telescope bag/case

    You might have more luck with the type of canvas, cylindrical draw-string duffle bags that are often sold as army surplus. This is a UK example but I am sure you will find Israeli suppliers. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-British-Army-Green-Canvas-Kitbag-Duffle-Bag-Seasack-Good-Condition-/401382545443 Alternatively, if you can lay your hands on some canvas, it is a fairly simple pattern if you are up to heavy duty sewing. It can then be lined with a foam sleeping mat. Good Luck John
  3. westmarch

    COMPLETED - Wanted: Flexifocus for ETX

    Hi Douglas, They are easy to make. You need: (a) a piece of wire - cycle brake or gear cable works well. (b) the metal connector from a cable connector block. 1. Remove the focus wheel from the ETX (there is a small grub screw on the side of the wheel) and attach to one end of the wire. 2. Insert the other end of the wire into one end of the connector. 3. Attach the connector to the ETX focusing spindle. Hope that helps. John
  4. westmarch

    Mars, Saturn and Jupiter

    Phil, If that lot collapses it could be strawberry jelly underneath it. Be careful out there!
  5. westmarch

    A hello from Hull

    Hi Pete, welcome to the forum. John
  6. westmarch

    what am I doing

    Peter, If your attic is anything like mine then searching for a photo is like finding a needle in a haystack! Be careful you don’t put your foot through the ceiling! John
  7. westmarch

    what am I doing

    Peter, welcome to the forum. Don’t suppose you have a photo of the original, do you? It sounds like a real piece of work! John
  8. westmarch

    New member from Stockton On Tees

    Hi there. Welcome from Yorkshire. John
  9. westmarch

    Hello from Norway😃

    Hi, welcome to the forum Ola. John
  10. westmarch

    A bit late but..

    Hi Paul, welcome to the forum. Hope you both have many dark skies. John
  11. westmarch

    Airy Disk interpretation

    Hi, I found this article helpful. Do any of the illustrations resemble what you are seeing? https://popastro.com/documents/PA_jan-mar2009_p12-13_telescopetopics_startesting.pdf Hth John
  12. westmarch

    And today's unusual enquiry was ....

    I think in all cases it is really a calculation based on belief.
  13. westmarch

    And today's unusual enquiry was ....

    Unless you are Orthodox Christian, it still has not been resolved. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/will-pope-francis-change-the-date-of-easter-87684
  14. westmarch

    And today's unusual enquiry was ....

    Doesn’t sound that different from the arguments that still go on about when we should have Easter.
  15. westmarch

    Planetary tutorial for novice

    David, One of the most succinct and accessible explanations of AP I have seen. Thanks for the link. John

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