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  1. Hi there, If you look on my original thread, towards the end, I have posted a pdf with full instructions on the build. Those instructions should work for an 8” Dob. John
  2. To be honest you will not see much difference with the moon. It is so bright that aperture is not an issue. Bigger dobs come into their own with faint objects such as deep sky objects. If these aren’t your priority then the 200 will probably be your best bet. regards John
  3. Hi there, you might also consider a second hand 250mm Dob. Most are either well looked after or have been rarely used. If the main mirror is in good nick, any other problems are relatively easy to fix (the folks here are very willing and able to advise). That might help you stay in budget, get the most aperture and leave something over for eyepieces. Hope you find something that suits. John
  4. Hi Gang, A very professional build. You are obviously blessed with a level garden. I needed the furniture levelling feet to get the whole platform level. John
  5. I have not tried it but I believe they would. John
  6. Following requests from a number of members I have attached more detailed instructions on how to build this equatorial platform. Including a correction of a typo in the original post correcting 8mm for 18mm bearings. I hope it is of some help. John Equatorial Platform Basic Guidelines.pdf
  7. Why don’t I pm you with the dimensions. It will take me a day or so to work it out for your smaller 8” dob. John
  8. Is it the wooden base you need help with or the aluminium arc segments? John
  9. Hi there, The aluminium gets good traction due mainly to the weight of the dob. It only slips when it reaches the end of the travel and hits the stops. John
  10. Hi there, good luck with your project. What aspect are you having problems with? John
  11. Hi there Martin, Welcome to the forum. I wish you luck with the scope and many dark nights. John
  12. Sorry if I misled you. It was a pun on the weather. John
  13. I recommend a fast telescope as the only way to see the conjunction properly. It needs to be up, cool and focussed in less than two minutes between sunset and cloud gaps. John
  14. Saw this exposure of 2,953 tracks of the sun on the University of Hertfordshire website: https://www.herts.ac.uk/about-us/media-centre/news/2020/longest-known-exposure-photograph-ever-captured-using-a-beer-can John
  15. At least budgies know enough not to try try to argue about fundamental physics. John
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