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  1. westmarch

    Back to basics

    Good to hear that you have reawakened your enthusiasm. Lets face it, most of us got into astronomy by just being outside on a really dark night and having that sense of awe at the sheer vastness of the universe above. Enjoy your new lease. John
  2. westmarch

    Greetings from sunny Northern Ireland!

    hi there, Welcome to the forum from sunny Yorkshire. (I’m sure our tourist boards would all be proud of us!) John
  3. I think that John nailed it. It’s horses for courses but if you are star hopping the telrad/red dot finder gets you in the general locale, the RACI finder gets you lined up for the eyepiece FOV and, if needed, you can then star hop in your eyepiece FOV to find really faint DSOs. For me, star hopping is like stalking the prey - the best part. Sometimes anticipation is better than the realisation!
  4. westmarch

    A perfectly good observatory... in bits!!!

    Put in a hot tub. The ultimate one up-manship while the rest of us are stood in two pairs of socks and a sou’wester.
  5. If you have a back like mine then 14” would produce a Wow! for other reasons.
  6. If you want to view DSOs and your back garden is light polluted, a flex tube is the way to go. It gets the max aperture to a dark sky site and a dark sky is worth more than any filter and, IMHO, is the equivalent of 2” additional aperture to your viewing pleasure.
  7. westmarch

    How to go blind

    Saw this which backs up the advice I see so often here not to ever look directly at the sun. http://us.cnn.com/2017/12/07/health/eclipse-eye-damage-case-study/index.html I thought of posting it on the solar forum but guess that those guys are probably the ones who least need this advice. John
  8. westmarch

    Another session ruined by insecurity blights

    Nick, I followed your example with two washing line poles and canvas between. It cut out the street lamps but my neighbour has fitted a projector to his garage roof so now I have dancing snowflakes all over the side of his house. Looking west, the local santa experience park has switched on rotating floodlights that illuminate the clouds. I don’t even bother setting up in my back garden any more! John
  9. westmarch

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Lawrence, welcome to the forum. John
  10. westmarch

    Hi from south of France

    hi there, welcome to the forum. John
  11. westmarch

    Hello everyone!

    Hi Zayvin, welcome to the forum. I’m not too far from you and there are some excellent dark sky sites in the dales and moors nearby. Enjoy! John
  12. westmarch

    Hello !

    Hi there. welcome to the forum. John
  13. westmarch

    Hello from Loch Lomond

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum. John
  14. westmarch

    Hello Everyone

    Hi there, welcome to the forum. John
  15. westmarch

    just saying hello

    Hi Alan, welcome to the forum. John

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