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  1. Lovely post. Sometimes it all just comes together, the kit works, the weather cooperates and the sky is dark. I’m just in from a bins session - no targets just drinking it all in. John
  2. Tried to book the Feb week but Lesley away until the 27th. I will confirm when she gets back. John
  3. Hoping to book tomorrow for the week with Lesley. I’m too much of a wimp to go back to Scottish camping, so its a van for me! I’ll check how much hard standing is left. John
  4. Hi Dean, welcome to the forum. There is lots of sound advice to be had here, join in. John
  5. Don’t know your scope but if you run out of options: check the date format entry, is it day or month first? check the gps format, is it d:m:s Or decimal degrees (DD)? Do a hard reset. Good Luck. John
  6. I had a similar problem with a sticky altitude bearing. @brantuk gave me a tip to use a strip of the loop side of velcro on the base bearing of my dob. Perfect mix of free movement and “stiction”. You might also consider an equatorial platform at some point. It holds your target in place and reduces the amount of fine adjustment needed. John
  7. westmarch

    Hello !

    Welcome to the forum. John
  8. Thanks for this. I have passed this info onto a friend who is intending to make a Xmas purchase from you. John
  9. Hi Chris, welcome to the forum and I wish you many clear nights with your Dob. John
  10. Great report, sorry to hear about your disaster. You were very lucky that a bruised back was all you ended up with. Take it easy. John
  11. westmarch

    Hello :-)

    Hi there, welcome to the forum. Clear skies. John
  12. The whole point about a truss Dob is that the individual components split the weight much more than a conventional Dob, as well as taking up less room. So you don’t end up having to do your back in. John
  13. Hi there, welcome to the forum. Clear skies. John
  14. Hello there, welcome to the forum. Clear skies. John
  15. Hi there, welcome to the forum. John
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