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Hello from Scarborough


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Hello to everyone....I'm Andy, 31 from Scarborough.

I have had an interest in Astronomy for quite a few years but have only started looking closer at the sky over the past couple of years since I have had telescopes.

I started with a Skywatcher 114 reflector and have since moved onto a 8" Skywatcher dobsonian and am enjoying some delightful deep sky views.

I am a member of the Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society that has helped me get to where I am now feeling confident moving my way around the sky finding these objects.

I am a full-time student with the Open University studying a degree in Natural Sciences....currently studying planetary science and astronomy courses that are very interesting; giving the science behind what I am seeing.


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Hi Mark...yes ticked off about a 3rd of the messier objects in total. We hold an annual messier marathon in the astro society but the weather put pay to last years so hopefully this year, the weather will be kinder and give us a full night of messier hunting in early March.

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My first ever attendance at a star party was on Olivers Mount with the astronomical society!!! I don't normally observe up there...I head onto the wolds between Scarborough and Driffield or into Dalby forest to the society observatories for the darker skies as often as I can.

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Hi Andy

Welcome to the forum. I'm saving up for scope at the moment and am currently planning on getting a Sky-Watcher Explorer 200P on an EQ5 mount once I have the money saved. In the meantime my local astro club is helping me with advice observing evenings etc.

Happy days (well night's actually but you know what I mean)



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