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  1. Hi, Q1, No. Q2, A friends daughter goes to a grammar school that teaches GCSE Astronomy, only about 20 pupils have taken it up.
  2. Hi Andy, your first sighting of Saturn is unforgettable isn't it? Mine was through a little 70mm refractor.
  3. Great set of photo's, lots of detail.
  4. I too have had this urge and I bought one and I'm very glad I did. Siberia Rules, O.K.
  5. li'l john

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the lounge.
  6. li'l john


    Welcome to the lounge and good luck with clear skies.
  7. li'l john


    Hi and welcome.
  8. li'l john

    Solar freak!

    Hi and welcome to the lounge.
  9. li'l john

    Hi there

    Welcome from me too.
  10. Hi Mj, Scarlet and Manok 101, thanks for your replies. Everyone has been very helpful. My optician told me I have a slight astigmatism but it hasn't stopped me focusing. I read somewhere (I wish I could remember where, could have been here on the SGL) that if one has an astigmatism then you will need much better ep's, like Televues, if you use a higher power than 12mm. This wasn't the case the other night and in any case I can't afford Televues and my 9 and 10mm plossl's seem to work ok. Perhaps my astigmatism isn't severe enough. Clear skies to you all.
  11. Hi Dave and Shibby, thanks for your help. I'll certainly give your suggestions a go. I have seen colour in Betelguese - though it was more a sandy yellow than red. Clear skies!
  12. Welcome to the lounge. Let us all know which scope you get.
  13. I am fairly new to all this and realise this might be a strange question. I was observing Castor and Pollux on the 6th, also the Beehive Cluster. Turn Left referred to colours, I think Castor was blue and Pollux yellow. It also said some stars in the Beehive were coloured, the problem is I don't see any colour at all. Is this because I need to "train my eye" or would I need better ep's? I was using a TAL-1 with the supplied 25mm plossl and a 32mm Celestron Omni.
  14. Hi, I have a 70mm set up and ready all the time on a AZ3 and have also seen the Trapezium with it, admittedly on the best seeing night I have had so far. Even with the AZ3 it only weighs 5kgs. The whole thing cost £97. The ep's were ok, nothing special but for the money you can't complain.
  15. Hello and welcome from me too.
  16. HI and welcome to the lounge. What scope did you get?
  17. Hi Trev and welcome. I think your scope and a some nice ep's would serve you well.
  18. li'l john

    Hello All

    HI and welcome from me too. Take your time decing on a new scope, the choice is overwhelming.
  19. Hi Paul, welcome. Another vote for Stellarium and get a copy of "Turn Left at Orion", it's great for us newbies.
  20. HI Luis and welcome to the lounge.
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