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  1. I would agree on OP error....... now where's the instructions?
  2. Yep, thats the one I downloaded for £14. Still can't get anymore than the pictures of the earth rotating. Anyone help how I get the programme to show the stars and planets from earth?
  3. I had no option, I had to buy a new computer so I bought a mac. All weekend I have been transferring files and passwords so I came to doing Stelerium! Through the maps store £14 later I now have Celestra which is a great view from the moon to earth and not earth to the planets. Anyone on here know how I can get the night sky that a great view of the earth rotating? Cheers Stardad.
  4. I've been advised on a power pack to go with the mount. Not a mains version.
  5. stardad

    SGL 10 Dates

    If I'm not working that weekend, we'll be there.
  6. No laptop so far on the list of needs. Power pack was in the price of the mount. The aim is to image later but there's no way I can afford all the parts for that so its start with the EQ5 and learn to use that first before another step.
  7. After years of using an EQ mount and all its faults, e.g. not tracing even with a motor on it I've decided that this years bonus is being spent on a EQ5 mount! It wont cover a new scope so were going with the old Celestron 130. Now the big question:- Do I get goto or syscan? Thoughts and comments if you were doing or have done this upgrade. Cheers
  8. stardad

    2015 - SGL 10

    I'm in with the family if I can get some dates.
  9. Please ignore post. Found previous recent post on subject.
  10. Has anyone published a book about the moon and the different areas to observe on the moon itself? Anyone wish to suggest a book to read that will expand a moon watchers knowledge of what they are looking at? Cheers
  11. Its more a question of where the rotating motor fits on the shaft and jams with the main body of the tripod. It can only fit one way. I was thinking of the EQ5 originally then adding motors as I could afford them.
  12. Our Astromaster 130 came with an EQ-3 mount with very small motor drivers attached. They have always been a pain in the butt as they jam on the mount itself so we have to use it as a manual movement mount. As the years have gone by I'd like to upgrade the mount to a better version with motors that work properly. However with so much choice and the costs of mounts against full packages, plus the extra cloud coverage I'm unsure which way to plump. EQ-5, CG-4 or a full go-to electric mount. Suggestions and where I can get a good deal please
  13. Expectant upgrades....interesting question and one I cant answer. Thanks for the tip on the 200, wasnt aware of that and the dob I was....
  14. Yes some good idea so keep them coming. We've got a motor mounted on our EQ but it never works properly (bad design of the unit.) I've not thought of budget yet so I'm open to just see what's out there. When we were at SGL6 we used a dob and although it was easy to use it wasnt to easy to get in and out of the car and its size was well......BIG. Getting just a newt tube and fitting it to our EQ mount is an idea and a cheaper option but then upgrading all the lenses will be expensive too. Originally I thought of the GOTO types....
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