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SGL6 - Chat Thread

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Great to see a couple of images done....i woke up this morning the rain was beating down here, i did give you all a thought at SGL6....lets hope you all get better weather over the next few days.

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An unexpected bit of observing last night. Cloudy on the whole but with some substantial clear spells but not enough to image really so stuck to visual via the 12 inch dob.

Early on seeing was really poor but by midnight improved well. Later on got the 6.5mm ethos on Saturn - cloud bands but no ring division.

Did mainly faint fuzzies with the ethos 13mm - Leo triplet (saw all three quite easily), spent quite a bit of time on m51, m81 and m82 and even got a decent view with the 6.5mm on m81 showing the dust and mottling clearly.

Add in a few coloured and double stars and it ended up being a pretty decent night - helped by the company karl and Paul mainly.

Looking forward to Friday which should be clear.

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This star party lark is a bad idea..... I really want a bigger scope, preferably one that resembles a mobile rocket launcher!!!B):(

Oh yes and eyepieces oh the eyepieces......I'm sure i've seen an eyepiece as big as my mak, and almost as heavy!

On the plus side managed to get my son his first view of Saturn last night :)

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Hi guys. I'm not going to be able to make it this evening as still feeling off-colour, but will try to get up tomorrow. I offered to share my spot so if someone wants to nab my spot this evening, please do, as long as there's space for me tomorrow! (Tent, car, scope)

I'll let you know tomorrow if I can't make it.

What's on tomorrow during the day??

I hope someone picks this up!


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I will be popping over this evening to pickup some goodies :) I cant hang around though tonight as I have to get on with work.

Hopefull Saturday ill get a few hours.

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Friday night - clear night at Lucksall. Used my Astro Tech 4" APO and viewed numerous objects - M42, M45, M1, M35, M36, M37, M38, M44, M51, M65, M66, M81, M82, M13 and also the double cluster. I stood by PhilJ with his magnificent 4" f15 vintage frac and jahmanson (John) with his 4" Vixen and 6" Mak/Newt. Together we studied Saturn - what a site in these lovely refractors.

I was also fortunate to be able to borrow JonH's WO binoviewers. You cannot believe the view of the double cluster using these binoviewers through a 4" APO frac. I also viewed M51 with JohnH's 190mm Mak/Newt with the binoviwers in place :)

Finally I left the site about 12.45am (only 10 minutes from Home) and left observers and astro imagers still hard at it.

Hopefully going clear again today for solar viewing and more tonight.


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A 360 degree panorama from Lucksall showing the area. The main three hills are in the NE to SE azimuth

SGL6 360 Panorama

Spent the night trying to drift align using APT, EQAlign etc after a 5 minute sub of M81 showing trailing. An educational but unproductive night lol.

Any practical drift alignment experts want to hold my hand this evening and walk me through it please.

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Not a happy chappy, was due to come along today and for a few hours tonight, but have now been asked to work tonight.

Gutted as my webcam from morgans came today and was looking for some help in using it, and i wanted a nice SGL mug and car sticker :)

Will hope to get to a local meet (S.Wales group)

To Mods...sorry to mess you about and hope the weekend goes well.

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Just nipped over to my parents for a meal after arriving at Lucksall yesterday afternoon.

Last night started with clear skies in the main, but very windy and variable seeing. Better for visual than for imaging thats for sure. Did manage a couple of hours of pics though with a portable setup.

Looks like tonight might be variable sky wise, the driving winds making predictions tricky :)



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Have just got back (visited for the day).

Such a big thank you to everyone there (especially the organisers).

Was made so welcome & learnt lots in only a few hours. It was also lovely looking at the sun.

Will definately be booking for next year & coming along for a bit longer (couple of days).

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Had a great time seeing old friends and new ones, but unfortunately had to leave early as I've gone down with an absolute stinker of a cold and need a couple of days bed rest :grin:

Didn't expect to see any stars, but had some great views last night.....the Owl nebula (a first visually for me), M35, M81/82, M94, The Coccoon Galaxy, M37 and several others.....a very enjoyable night B)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks :)



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Gutted, but I'm not going to make it now.

Split my head open this morning after my little boy was sick in my face! The lergy seems to be spreading.


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Sat here in the tent enjoying the unexpected clearing skies. getting nippy now too, buy hope we get another few hours tonight no wind ruining the pics

Hugh, my car is camped on your spot, we woulda been neighbours!

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Nie one :)

Irt was great to meet up with friends onls and new... and we did out best to bring you clearing skies..

Had an interesting journey home with "Jane" not knowing the one way systems of Hereford and Monmouth and a coupel of raod closures sendign us through soem interesting lanes but thats waht rear engined pocket rockets are made for B)

I know I should have turned right out of the car park and headed striaght for Ross on Wye...

Hope you had clear skies for a good few hours as I hit rain again from Cardiff down...

Big thanks to Helen,Jean, the two Mike and Ron...I think Kev enjoyed :p and too all the others involved in the organisation and running of the event...


Just the one Pic... A Solar Halo...


Next target SGL7 :grin:

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