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  1. When I tucked him into bed that night I asked if he'd had a good day and he replied with a huge amount of excitement "BRILLIANT"! For me the two stand out moments were taking jahmanson's advice and actually spending more time looking at targets rather than jumping all over the sky, as I've got a mak I decided to track Saturn for a few hours and the more I looked the better it got. I'm sure I could even make out 3 moons (is that possible?). Also the solar viewing just stunned me. It's something I would never have considered doing if i hadn't tried it at SGL6. Russ's enthusiasm was almost addict
  2. Another HUGE thank you to all who were involved in the organising of SGL6 and also other members who gave their time to do talks and tutorials Lewys and I enjoyed every moment. So much that as we drove out of the site yesterday he looked across and said "Please can we come here next year Dad"? Well done all of you!
  3. indeed i have! I'll pop over now.
  4. This star party lark is a bad idea..... I really want a bigger scope, preferably one that resembles a mobile rocket launcher!!! Oh yes and eyepieces oh the eyepieces......I'm sure i've seen an eyepiece as big as my mak, and almost as heavy! On the plus side managed to get my son his first view of Saturn last night
  5. I so wish I had booked for longer now.... can't wait! Hopefully the weather will pick up by the time I get there thurs, but you know what, If it doesn't I don't care, I'm going to enjoy my first camping trip of the year whatever and spend some quality time with my son.
  6. Burtons make jaffa cakes too, or they used to about 20 years ago (before they were taken over by an American firm). I worked in the engineering dept there when on work placement from school. They were making blackcurrant and lemon & lime too if I remember correctly as a new trial for flavours, don't think they ever took off as can't say I've seen them round here since. So I've tasted 3 flavours of "original" jaffa cake!! and I liked all 3 flavours, although I was a kid and kids like anything with sugar in....
  7. Hello Kev, I just realised your about 5 miles up the road from me! We'll have to look each other up at SGL6 for a tea/coffee/beer/whisky/jaffa cake **delete as appropriate** be good to meet a "local".
  8. I'm so glad of my ickle VW camper after looking at that weather forcast, oil filled rad = toasty warm and dryness. Although Metcheck did forcast clear skies for me this evening 48hrs ago and its totally overcast now so we still have hope!
  9. I wonder if its possible for me to forget my 8 year old son, would certainly make for a more peaceful weekend!
  10. I would be devastated if I forgot my tripod. I own such a small amount of gear that if I forgot any I should automatically be banned from the hobby forevermore. I usually leave the list making for camping trips to wifey, things like pants.....socks.....all those sensible things blokes would somehow manage to get by without, my worries usually revolve around "is that really enough beer" and "i'm sure we're going to need more food for the BBQ"!!!
  11. Ok I'm excited now! Just realised this time next week I'll be doing some last minute packing ready to leave thurs morning. I really should make a to do/take list, but it seems far to grown up......
  12. Another vote for the £30 maplins unit here, only had it a couple of months and been ideal, I put a piece of red acetate over light so I can still use the light when viewing if needed. I know there are those on here who recommend the skywatcher units but at less than a third of the price (17Ah unit) I had to give the cheaper unit a try and its been perfect, only thing is to see how long it lasts. I also bought a plug and socket (2.1mm jack type) that fit the goto mount and a metre or so of cable and soldered up an "extension lead" for the 12v supply. as I found being a bit of a noob I tend to b
  13. The forcast has been 0 - 1% cloud cover all day so I was all set to go. Glad you cancelled! I'd have been gutted if I drove all way to Brecon to be met with this blanket of cloud! They are forcasting 1% cloud cover for Friday already so we'll probably get thunderstorms......
  14. Good view in South Wales too, even managed to get the scope ahead of it and watch it pass through the eyepiece, wow it's fast!!!
  15. Might make Mon, should be in work so will wait and see how the weather pans out and make a last minute decision.
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