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  1. Hi I live in Longridge Preston PR3 and I am looking for star parties or events round the forest of bowland places like that do you know anywhere

    my Email Ashylad79@hotmail.co.uk

  2. Gorgeous images Mike! You've caught the proton arch in image 1 as well.....
  3. Another great Kielder starcamp, topped off by a beautifully strong aurora. Thanks again to all the organisers who work so hard behind the scenes to make this event so successful. Here's my aurora timelapse from the Sunday night.
  4. Hi I'm available for talks to societies etc, in the North of England (Birmingham northwards) to the Scottish borders I am available to give astronomy talks covering the following subjects. Astrophotography & timelapsePhotometry / AstrometryLight pollution & Dark Sky awarenessAstronomy tourismSpace and size....Running a public observatoryChoose and use a telescope...plus many others...Payment for expenses and if you feel the talk is good then a little extra is always appreciated towards my astro budget I am based in Preston, LancashireCheersRob
  5. Won't be long now but I hope we get some clear nights before then......
  6. Google LRTImelapse, it works with Adobe camera raw or with Lightroom. This allows you to do timelapse processing in batch, using key frames.... Basically, pick beginning middle and end, process these 3 frames and the software interpolates all the others to suit.....
  7. I see skywatcher have a sale on, at least in the USA. Any news on the same happening in the UK? There is a Quattro 12s with my name on it if they do.....
  8. It's a stone human head, with a hole so you can look through his eye from behind, towards Blackpool tower.... It's called Orme View and is pretty cool.... There are sculptures throughout the forest so will work on getting the snake and stars.......
  9. And here's the link to the timelapse I did for them as part of it....
  10. Hi all Not sure if this is the right location for this but The Forest of Bowland, Lancashire , has just been given Dark Sky Discovery status for 4 sites - here's the Press release ..... Bowland's Dark Skies Recognised Nationally Imagine yourself on a frosty, winter evening wrapped in an inky darkness and sprinkled in starlight, in awe of the view as the cosmos magically reveals itself in the wondrous dark skies of Bowland…. There's no better time to explore Bowland's dark skies thanks to a national initiative that has recently given Dark Sky Discovery Site status for four sites in the Area of
  11. £799 ibbo, but an extra £150 ish for a coma corrector.still a shed load less than an ag12.......
  12. Tempted by this...... I have an Orion Optics f3.8 AG8, which I love, but want a bit more focal length to get a slightly larger target resolution (smaller arc sec per pixel.....) without changing my camera (atik mono 4000). I do OAG and filter wheel so would need a field flattener with a decent back focus..... Only real query, it's a steel tube, how will it keep focus? The cf tube on the Orion ag8 is mainly for thermal stability so concerned about temperature related focus drift. It would be on an eq8 so no worries about the weight..... Thoughts?
  13. Bump, looking forward to both the people's star camp 9/10 Oct as well as the full Kielder starcamp a week later..... Everyone welcome, contact the camp site for bookings.....
  14. Hi Guys, Unfortunately due to low numbers, the NT have decided not to go ahead at this time. I'm talking to them about rescheduling but have no more details at the moment. Ohh well, I'll keep you informed....
  15. Hi Adam, it's immediately next to the field centre, about 500m away from the tarn itself. The first image above shows the tarn in the distance, looking south east, over the camping field. In the Google Earth piccy, it's the NW pin.....
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