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  1. Celestron StarSense Accessory for SkyWatcher Mounts New & unused - only taken out of box to look at once. I bought for aligning assistance, but haven’t got around to using. Due to family challenges, looking at selling some kit. Can post or distanced safe collection (if local to Coventry). £250 (incl tracking postage - uk only please)
  2. Just searching myself for Astro camping / van. i stopped at Hares leap near Louth. Not sure on the official Bortle, but it’s visible milky way. they have 5 hard standing pitches, with grass inbetween. Each has power hook up. Only £15 per night. But need to take your own toilet though. i did ask about Astro nights, as there is a single bright lamp At the entrance, but with prior agreement, it can be turned off.......
  3. Brilliant - thank you (sorry it took a while to see & respond)
  4. Sorry - did either of you find the answer please ? I have the same problem at the moment......... Thank you
  5. there was a starlink - would that mean, that they will occasionally flare ??
  6. Heres the image from Stu (he agreed for me to post on his behalf)
  7. Sorry to jump in, have been searching for this light at 01:28 Friend of mine has captured it !! So trying to find out what it was............Looks incredibly bright !
  8. Thanks - it lives outside, Will a heavy duty winter cover. Leg bolts have completely seized . I’ll give it a go & see. cheers
  9. Hi - very stupidly let the husband try to loosen a leg for me - needless to say, he’s stuffed them up. Now can’t extend / retract, the legs to get level......... ? I do have a set of HEQ5 legs, so question is - can I put EQ6-R mount, on HEQ5 legs ?? Using a 200 PDS, with guide & cameras. So not pushing the weight side too much...........but it is for imaging. thanks ?
  10. For sale. Bought this at the Astromshow a few years ago. Used a couple of times, but that’s it. Kept in the case & box. Condition is as new. Collection only please. Located Coventry West Midlands. But do travel to Lincolnshire (Coningsby) once a week, so would gladly meet up on the route. Price £1100
  11. Ohhh ?? Looks so much like my Lhasa - Tango
  12. JemC is that a Lhasa ?? looking forward to it ??
  13. Thanks - good to know ?? Yes, will be. Neither hubby or me, have skill, to make one. ?? So just waiting for a quote, to do the garden bit......
  14. It can be a bit still, by that rear dome does unscrew........
  15. Thank you for the posting & pics. Hubby will be treating to me to a pier & it's installation, for a upcoming (& rather big Birthday number ??). looking forward to it even more, now I've seen this thread ????
  16. Hi Steve, I bought a DSO ZWO a few weeks ago, still yet to use it properly though ??? How lovely, quite a special memory that ? Typhoon is my baby & especially the display. Should have his first over base tomorrow, so a brand new routine & a little excited here. An awful lot to live up to follow 2016 pilot (Mark Long - not putting flying name.....) but if you know of him, or saw the display, then you'll know how very good he was.
  17. Hello & welcome back Steve. I did the same recently & came back after a break. It's amazing how much you'll remember, once you start. Biggest change I saw, was the introduction of Polar master..........??? Clear sky's
  18. Alignment has been one of my biggest flaws. Bought it a few weeks ago & love it ! its a bit of a pain, for jumping around, when the atmosphere is a bit unstable. But a minor quibble for an awesome product ??
  19. I've just been talking to the hubby about doing a star party weekend & saw this. I've booked, for hard standing with my van ?
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