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Hi to all. I have dropped into here many times in the last month and am agog of the tubes and glass and mounts many have. I wonder if this is the right lounge I am. Why? I have nuddin'. Used to have a LX90 about eight years ago and did the OU S203 course at that time.

Well, I is oldgit with a good pair of eyeballs still and still able enough to lug a scope around - within limits.

I want to visually see DSOs and get into imagery. Having said that, there are budget constraints. Thus, what is a good scope that will successfully combine the two? I understand that cats are out and I am dubious as to the effectiveness of a 120 refractor for visual observation. I have researched heavily in the last month.

Would appreciate any help here.

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Hi oldgit and welcome to the forum.

To be honest it is probably better to ask this question over on the equipment section with an idea of your budget. You will have discovered through your research that a scope ideal for imaging is not mutually good for observing. The real question is how far do you want to take the imaging because that will necessitate a good mount, with good tracking capabilities that also has healthy load capacity which will consume a lot of your budget which you admit is limited. From the scope perspective, the newtonian design would seem to offer the best compromise. As part of your research you might want to consider Steve Richards' "Making Every Photon Count" (FLO £19.95) to help explore the many way of imaging that might help you decide how to split your budget, it will certainly help you save money by avoiding buying the wrong kit.

Clear skies


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