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  1. thanks for that steve, cleared that up over the 2 and 1.25 so i appreciate it. hi chris, if i was to replace the 10mm is there a particular brand you'd recommend? i suppose i wouldn't want to spend over 100pounds 2nd hand or new, as i'm a begginer. also, do you think it would be a good idea to get a barlow, or possibly a powermate (which i hear are better)??
  2. Good luck Gaza, tea is a great idea for next time! Cheers Pat, can't wait to get another view of Jupiter... unfortunately it's clouds for the next few days! Thanks Isabelle, really looking forward to spotting a few more planets.... I'll be sure to keep a pack of tissues with me incase I manage to spot Saturn :) I'm suprised any tears didn't instantly freeze, given the weather in your location!!
  3. hi SGL, i recently bought an 8" dob (first scope) i had a great first night with it, and so i want to get a new eye piece obviously! the one's that came with the scope are 1.25" 10mm and 25mm my scope can take 2" lens's also, so i was wondering whether to invest in 2" or stay with 1.25"?? i know the 1.25" will probably be fine for my scope, but in the future (in many many years) i may want to buy a bigger/better scope where 2" eye pieces are more suitable and it would be nice not to need to re-invest in eye pieces. £$£$£$£ any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!!
  4. Hello everyone, I've used my first ever scope, for my first ever time today. Great times!! But when I came back in the house, I noticed some moisture on the lenses... so I was wondering, should I take my lens covers off, and the cover to the telescope (8" dob.) so they can all dry out, or do people leave them on?>?? thanks in advance for any responses! if you're interested, you can read about my first time here http://stargazerslounge.com/blogs/jordanclarke/487-first-ever-telescope-viewing-first-ever-blog.html or in the blog section (SHAMELESS PLUGGING!!!)
  5. First Ever Telescope Viewing, and First Ever Blog!! Hi to anyone who's interested, hope you're well!! I ordered a Skywatcher Skyline 8" Dob about a month ago, it arrived a few days ago but until now it's been cloudy over light polluted London (esp. with the recyling plant running all night near me). Wow! What a first few hours!! First off I aimed my scope at the moon, almost half full, when I got worried... it seemed so bright I couldn't see any detail. I started fretting about not buying a polarising filter, but then I decided to stop being stupid, and FOCUSSED the EYEPIECE!! Awesome view, the craters were brilliant, but I think what impressed me the most was that I could see the DARK SIDE of the moon! So I could see a full black/white egg, but anyone with just the naked eye could only see a Cheshire Cat's smile :) Next, just a little hop away was (I'm almost totally sure) Jupiter. The main reason I bought my scope was to have a look at Jupiter. Loved it! It seemed pretty bright white, but I could definately see two bands across it (not sure of the colour), and pretty sure - 4 moons around it. After this I tried to recognise a few constellations which was HARDER than I thought it would be. But pretty sure I NAILED: The Plough; Auriga; Gemini (partial); Perseus (partial) and Orion. At this time I thought I should finish up with a casual look at my first ever nebula in Orion [M?? (I'll look it up later)] While I could make out the cloud shape, I could only see about 4 (maybe 6) stars in it.... for a 'Star Factory' I think it needs to start pumping out a few more babies!!! Extra notes: Time~ 6:30-8:30 Location~ My Back Garden, Chingford, London. Clear skies. Stuggled to make out more than 2 stars in Ursa Minor. As it was my first time I will class the seeing as a 5/10 (average). Handwriting is terrible, while cold, balancing a notepad on my knee, and holding a torch. MUST wear thick socks, and long johns next time!!! FREEZING!!! Thanks for reading about my first time!
  6. i just got nightwatch by terence dickinson at book depository (most other sites have older editions). the fourth edition is 2010 rewritten and updated till 2018. it's spiral bound, which is very useful and has excellent starcharts. can't recommend it enough... tho did cost about £25 (beware amazon seems to advertise the 4th edition but the write up is for the 3rd)
  7. hey, i'm a noob, but can i just say i think that image is fantastic, i didn't realise amatuers could take such good shots!!!
  8. Sweet, i've ordered a skyliner 200p, not quite as big, but hopefully should be good for a first scope!
  9. Lovely clouds round here! keep em coming!
  10. i'm due cloud in london for the next few days, so hopefully you'll have better luck than me!!
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