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  1. Just ordered a 21mm, hopefully I will be getting it sometime next week. Very much looking forward to it.
  2. I didn't think about the 9mm Baader GO because the 6mm wasn't as clear as the Nirvana 16mm UWA, thought it was best to go with the largest field of view but as stated my scope would possibly suit the 9mm better. Thanks again for the advice I think the best options to do a little research on are - Meade 5000 8.8mm UWA Baader Hyperion 8mm Baader GO 9mm Nirvana 7mm UWA Zoom eyepieces Baader Hyperion 8mm-24m Hyper Flex 7.5mm-22.5mm
  3. See that's showing my lack of knowledge he he and is why I am after advice, it's all about getting the best results from the scope I have, suppose there is no point spending a fortune, but there is a lot of choice out there.
  4. Not sure myself really, thought looking at an eyepiece would produce the best results but good idea. The recommendation are appreciated, the 8mm Hyperion seems to be quite flexible with the fine tuning rings and camera attachment, I thought I'd be needing to spend around £200 but these seem well priced.
  5. Thanks guys, I agree it is wise to take into account the scope I am going to be using the eyepiece on when making the decision. There seems to be a liking for the baader hyperions which is interesting as I didn't really think about those.
  6. Hi I am looking at purchasing a new eyepiece but I am undecided at which way to go. I purchased a nirvana UWA 16mm and have been very impressed with it, I only have 2 other lenses that I use these being the baader ortho 6mm and 32mm plossl. I would like a eyepiece that delivers the quality of the nirvana but allows me to see the planets closer, the 6mm is good and allows you to see the image bigger but the quality does suffer I believe in some circumstances. On the other hand it may be better to look at an eyepiece between 16mm and 32mm that provides a good field of view with excellent clarity. So to some up I can't descide whether to go between 6mm - 16mm or 16mm - 32mm, I don't have a fortune to spend but I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and have not regretted spending the extra on the nirvana. Any advice would be very welcome, thanks Ben
  7. I have a Nikon D60, I am using an adaptor to attach the camera to the end of the scope at the moment but I am very limited to what I can actually take pictures of. As I am a complete novice I was just wanting some advice on what equipment I could look to get that would improve my imaging possibilities. Not wanting to spend a fortune as I have just bought a Nirvana 16mm eyepiece so not a massive amount of surplus funds. Thanks Ben
  8. I started using Binoculars and then moved on to a telescope, well worth it I think. Still not doing my scope justice but I'm always trying to learn new things. Using the Binoculars helps you get used to where objects are and trying to find them, always good to have I think. Anyway enjoy the forum and welcome. Ben:)
  9. Hello and welcome to you!
  10. Bluemoon

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a very good scope there
  11. Hello and a warm welcome to you Ben
  12. I really enjoy looking at Saturn I always find it amazing. I remember a few years ago now I was watching a programe about the nights sky & they were telling you where Saturn was, so I got my parents small telescope and went for a look, I couldn't believe it, there it was, really small but I could make out the shape and see the ring. After seeing pictures of it for so many years it was quite a moment to be able to finally see it. That 1st viewing basically got me interested in buying a telescope and even though it was some years later before I purchased a higher powered scope it was worth the wait to see it again only this time alot better. Anyway well done to you I know how it feels and will be looking forward to having a closer look again very soon. Ben
  13. I am very glad I joined the forum, you can research lots of information about astronomy but being able to seek guidance and advice from people you have used various types of equipment is such a big help. I was rather nervous about posting when I joined because I really don't know a great deal but when I did I was not made to feel like I was lacking in knowledge in anyway, I just received helpful and friendly advice. Great site and great members Ben
  14. Bluemoon

    A newcomer.

    Hello Mike and welcome
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