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    'allo 'allo

    Welcome to the forum, Regards nibber
  2. Welcome to this great forum Regards Nigel
  3. Hi and Welcome from The Garden Of England, Regards Nigel.
  4. Been wondering what would be best to use as a guidescope camera ,suggestions please? Regards Nigel.
  5. Hi there, Your first picture is exactly like i am getting with my Celestron NextImage ccd at the moment ,i cant seem to get any detail on the disc at the moment even though the image is focused as best as possible, Regards Nigel.
  6. Yes I saw Uranus Friday night for the first time,also showed my father in law,also saw M31 Andromeda Galaxy for the first time but cheated as i have goto !
  7. Ok, thanks for all the info Regards Nigel.
  8. Thinking of upping the budget a bit, what about a new 550D ? a bit wary of spending a lot of money on secondhand kit,and i can get a lot of use out of it for normal photography. Regards Nigel.
  9. Hi, Thanks for all the information and advice,will try again tonight weather/clouds permitting Great pic btw !
  10. Hi , Btw on the second picture i could not get any kind of image/detail on the laptop screen,in the first avi clip and registaxed photo i took last week i could just about focus on the bands of Jupiter,and there was no moon making a much darker night, on the 2nd avi clip recorded last night is all i could get in the display on the laptop, as though it was overexposed, no bands on Jupiter etc just a very bright disc and the only way to focus was to try and focus the 'scope on the moons of Jupiter.
  11. Hi there,Thanks, I am using the Amcap software that came with the Celestron CCD Camera,anyone suggest anything else i could use as well ? the camera must be a Philps SPNC 900 clone as this is the driver i had to download from the Philips website (on advice from Celestron's website)to get the camera to work under windows 7. Regards Nigel.
  12. Okay second attempt last night,this is the best i could get it focused, any other attempt either side(left or right) focusing image went totally ouf of focus,Celestron Nextimage ccd- 60 seconds duration,640x480, 10FPS,with a Barlow tried a Televue X3 and a BCF X2 could not even get any decent type of focus,Have spoken to Telescope House today going to get the LX200 serviced as when i try and focus it ,if focuses, try and tweak it left or right and focus goes off then cannot re-focus with out a lot of faffing about,but still could not get a decent image with the LX90 8", ,No its not the Moon ! LOL!
  13. Okay First attempt last week, dont laugh LOL taken with my MeadeLX90 8"
  14. Hi all, Just tried some shots of Jupiter earlier using a Celestron Nextimage ccd,tried on my LX 200 10" and LX90 8",all the shots tonight have no detail/colour of the disc even though i tried loads of times to get it into focus,i used it last week and got a fair image which shows some some colour/detail (used registax 5),but this was my first attempt to get some decent shots tonight,and it failed miserably,any ideas?:), Regards Nigel.
  15. Hi all, What about a S/Hand 450D? Regards
  16. Thanks for the replies, btw what's the difference (if any) between the EOS 1000D and the Rebel XS EOS 1000D ? Regards.
  17. Hi all, Looking at getting A DSLR camera for astrophotography, want to go for a Canon as i have had Canon in the past and like them,can some one recommend a model, budget is about £300-£400, Regards Nigel.
  18. Yep ,tried last night set everything up ,then it all clouded over ,forecast is pretty awful for next few days grrrrrr!!!!!!
  19. Excellent image ,very impressed, Regards nibber.
  20. Great pictures,very impressed, Regards nibber.
  21. Hi Ben Welcome to this great forum, Regards nibber.
  22. nibber

    Hi from New York

    Hi there, Welcome to SGL, Regards nibber.
  23. Welcome to SGL from across the pond Jim, Regards nibber.
  24. Anyone know where i can get a Peterson Engineering mounting assistant tripod plate for a Meade 10" LX200 in the UK?, its bugging me trying to balance it on the top of the tripod ,and get the centre threaded rod in,plenty for sale in the 'States,cant seem to find any suppliers in the UK, Regards nibber
  25. Hi , And welcome to SGL Regards nibber
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