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Hi From Northumberland and Help??!!


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Hi All

Been interested in the sky in general for years now, but have never done anything about it until hopefully now...and after the recent BBC2 Stargazing Live with Dara and Prof Cox...I just have to try it..

So now for the help bit..

Been looking around ta tinternet and read a few reviews and have found a few telescopes that look interesting (the Sky Watcher!!?? and The Celestron mainly the Nexstar and the ones with what looks like a great little device the SkyAlign computerized Star tracking system think..

I have about £200-300 and am really after the best I can find, Basically would like to see as far as poss in fairly good quality,

I'm not expecting miracles for that money I know that costs thousands!!

Any advice would be greatly welcome..

Thanks Matt

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Hi Matt and welcome to the forum.

I agree with John in recommending to you a dob. 8" is a great aperture that will allow you to resolve objects but your budget doesn't really stretch to any GOTO system unless you want to find objects but not have enough aperture to see them properly. Much better to put your money into the optics.

Clear skies


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Hi Matt, welcome to the Lounge.

Another vote for the 8" dob here, I don't have a problem with Goto's, but if you want to see as far as you can then you need light gathering capability, and this comes at the expense of simply not having the electronics.

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Hi Matt and welcome to DGL :D

When buying remember that spending money on electronics tends to mean spending less on the optics. So you'll get less aperture or inferior quality. Makes it very difficult to choose in your price bracket.

I'd go for a larger aperture over electronics initially so the 8" newtonian is a good recommendation. But my preference is for an equatorial mount rather than a dobsonian. Only because eq reflects the way the heavens move around the Earth and you get to learn about polar alignment and object tracking. (the Earth spins within the heavens actually lol).

Hope that helps :evil1:

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