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Hello From Cloudy Wolverhampton

John P

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post, so please be gentle.

After browsing this site for the last few months I've finally got around to joining properly. I've always had an interest in astronomy, but the vast majority of my stargazing has been done with just the naked eye. The light pollution in my area is really bad, so I always used to think investing in a decent telescope would be a waste of money. However, I bought a pair of 15x70 binoculars recently and some of the views have blown me away (Pleiades, Orion Nebula, and the red/orange tint of Aldeberan). Unfortunately though, I still seem to be struggling with DSO's. Even the Andromeda galaxy is still eluding me, so either the light pollution is worse than I thought, or I am really thick!

I would now consider taking the plunge and buying a telescope (maybe a 6 or 8 inch Dob?) but before I do I thought I would ask for some advice from any local forum members who may have the same light pollution problems.

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welcome to sgl john, if you got a 200 dob and found the light pollution to bad you could pop it in the car and go to a darker site

I could, but for one slight drawback - I don't drive! Lol.

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Uright mate?

Ay the clouds orange round the Black Country?! :):)

I share your light-pollution-pain. :eek:

Yaw ay kiddin, them bright orange :D

Living up close and personal with a busy main road doesn't help either :grin:

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