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  1. Thanks guys. Greatly explained. I am going Turkey in Sept. Maybe i'll bring the binos with ive heard the skies are great there :S apparently. Thanks for the heads up on the colours . I'll bear that in mind. I'm thinking of going to my first astronomy club on Weds.
  2. Have you heard of a Fringe Killer. Would that help on planets etc. ?
  3. Thanks, yep i was still in awe in what I could see. The fact that I had this in my scope was very pleasing. I'll keep trying and testing different combinations of my ep's to give me better views.
  4. Hey guys. I set my scope up yesterday in Essex where the skies were perfect. I headed out at 8pm and finished at around 9.15 pm. The scope was left to climatise for an hour (can't spell correctly.) For the first time I aligned the scope with two stars. Betelgeuse and Polaris. The first thing i headed to was a nebula that was perfectly in view. The Orion Nebula. I had only seen this in my binos before. I know not to expect what is in Star books in terms of the colour and clarity. But all i say was a white haze . I focused the Nebula in my 20mm ep with a barlow. Then i risked using my 6mm wit
  5. Not happy as i have all new bits to look for. But at least ive been learning the constellations on my new Iphone apps !
  6. BEEN cloudy in essex since Xmas Eve!!
  7. Ive got a 6mm as recommend from here. Great wide views for the moon etc.
  8. I think Johnathon Ross et all help different markets of people watch and enjoy the show. As it was meant to be more of a easy watching show. There has to be more . HAS to be!!!
  9. Phillips Planisphere is good also. On amazon for like a fiver.
  10. Im still learning the constellations but havent been able to go out as the weather has been terrible. Thanfully it looks clear today. But its Xmas eve lol .Just my luck and its freezing!
  11. Thank you. It does come with a dove tail quick release. I think ill consider it for sure.
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