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  1. Hi all, REDUCED to £150 Moving house and have no room for the scope. Asking £200 for Sky-Watcher Explorer 250P-DS OTA 250mm Primary Mirror Focal Length 1200mm (f/4.7) 1.25"/2" Dual-Speed 10:1 Crayford Focuser 2" 28mm eyepiece 9x50 Finderscope As can be seen from the pictures, some screws show surface rust from condensation but the optics are all fine and the Crayford is still smooth. Due to size it is collect only from West Midlands or in the Week I work in Oxford so could arrange to take it with me for anyone interested, would travel to deliver within reason.
  2. Hi all, Moving house and have no room for the mount so am selling on asking for £400 for the NEQ6 Pro with Synscan hand controller. Tripod legs and weights show signs of weather as they were stored in the shed, head was however stored indoors and all works fine. Due to weight it is collect only from West Midlands or in the Week I work in Oxford so could arrange to take it with me for anyone interested, would travel to deliver within reason.
  3. Good post and I will be following your progress. I have exactly the same issues at times and find the alignment process difficult, I could not master the finder scope either as its magnification makes finding the correct star difficult. I changed to a Telrad finder which helped me a lot. I tend to go for a bright star near a constellation so I can orient myself when the scope slews to the rough position.
  4. I would be interested in the Skywatcher AZ goto but can't collect until 8th April. Willing to pay up front and collect if that's OK. I assume it has the handset.
  5. Damn too late. If this sale falls through then give me a nudge please.
  6. It has been some time but I used to frequent these forums a lot but for various reasons, have not been around for 3 or 4 years Decided its time to brush off the dust and get the kit out again, seems such a waste to have it all sat gathering dust. Considering the kit has lived in a shed for all this time, I was pleasantly surprised when it all powered up and worked again So I will be catching up and progress since my last venture, updating my Syn-Scan handsets and considering the purchase of the WIFI adaptor, not sure whether the GPS adopter is worth investing in. Need to get my head around it all again so expect some questions in the newbie section Hello again to all and clear skies
  7. Good luck and give me a shout if you need any help
  8. So on to the power tank, after reinforcing the floor of the box with some ply, It made for a nice snug fit for the 75 Ah leisure bttery I had purchased (a 100 Ah battery was too tall) Adding the divider gives somewhere to fix the fuse box to and a compartment for the wiring to sit. I drilled the side and mounted the sockkets, switches (red neon to prevent losing night vision) and a meter to monitor the battery content. A few screws and some wiring and crimping and we have the power to the fuse box and Negative returns. Put it all together and we have our finished product. The cables need to be tidied up a bit, I left them fairly long so that the divider can be slid out to change any fuses without having to disconnect it all. The beast all together And a nice healthy output. Tested on the mount and all works fine, now to give it some use tonight
  9. well folks, after losing a night because I hadn't charged my batteries and reading all the other build projects on here I thought it was time to give it a go myself. I had an old tool box in the shed sat idle and measured it up and yes it would hold a 12 V leisure battery and so the project was born The toolbox cleaned and ready. I decided to put my accessories in the compartments so I have all my kit in one place Bottom section tray Top box and tray. The beuty with this box is that ther top box is strong to allow you to stand on it during DIY so it will double as a stool. Next installment will be the power tank.
  10. thanks guys, the last 2 did bring a smile to my face I must admit.
  11. Not yet Carole although I may look into it. I was hoping to start an Obsy build this year and that will include mains power. Until then my power tank build will have to do. My current power tank is a small car starter unit, I just neglected to charge it after the last session.
  12. Yes folks, I was thinking ahead today, set up the mount this afternoon, got everything ready to polar align tonight when it gets dark. OTA ready to go on, rings and dovetail mounted, checked the polar scope is good. Get out there tonight and what happens? you guessed it, the power tank is empty!!! Doh! all that prep let down by one little oversight! The irony is I am building a powertank using a 75 Ah Leisure Battery, all done today except the cabling! Oh well Bino's and camera tonight now. Laters all
  13. Hmmm just come across this thread, I have neglected the star gazing lately as I have had a bit of a rough time health wise but back on track now. If you are still accepting members to your group, I would be interested in joining you all and learning. I am a relative newcommer and still have loads to learn so the chance to meet some friendly old sages would be most welcome.
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