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  1. Like you I had a similar experience with M46 the first time I saw it 11 years ago. I remember being chuffed about finding it, so I dug my notes out from then and a year later. Using a 6” Meade Refractor. On the first two evenings couldn’t make it out even using averted vision just where I knew it should be! Then on the third after looking for a while glimpsed hazy patch at first and then resolved into many stars the majority of these will be below 11th Mag. I got the impression that there were well over 30 visible! No obvious signs of the Planetary nebula NGC 2438. But, then 11 months later with a 10” Dobsonian. An Old Friend, easy to re-find but still tricky to see clearly, nevertheless a much better view than last year. Lots of really faint stars: there must be 60+ more fainter ones and hints of others in the background. Tried the UHC on the Planetary Nebula (NGC 2438) apparently contained within the cluster as it was clearly not going to be visible without it. Gotcha! I also noted that the night’s early observations were disrupted by the sounds of intimacies coming through next doors open bathroom window
  2. AndyC

    Northern Lights

    Northern Lights from Gullfoss, Iceland
  3. Awesome display, wish I was still there to have seen it !
  4. Over to Iceland for 3 days of winter warmth! And for Aurora watching. Had an hour and a half of display on one of the nights.
  5. Discovery image @ http://www.eagleseye.me.uk/Sky/Wordpress/?p=2348 and lnk to http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/supernova.html#PSNJ11185695+1303494
  6. Got It - with 12x 42 bino's ..... just still starlike in the dusk but a bit of a tail more than just astigmatism !! A
  7. Fortunate to spend a fantastic night under the stars at Wadi Rum whilst on Holiday in Jordan. Blisteringly hot during the day, comfortable to cool overnight, only visited by dung beatles and a desert fox in the night. The evening was fairly breezy and there seemed to be a fair bit of dust so not as clear as a previous evening in Petra. Once the moon rose it washed evrying out, efore that happened I decided to try a few pics with the EOS 1000 propped up on a sand bag for 25 seconds or so to see what it could see, the results post tinkering are in my album http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/album/1845-night-at-wadi-rum/
  8. From the album: Night at Wadi Rum

    Omega Centauri - the brightest thing in the bottom right though I didn't know at the time
  9. Yep Got it . easy even with naked eye best/easiest of the 3 appearences that I've now seen A
  10. Just managed a quick session with the Dob for the first time in 4 1/2 months. First time that the 'not-neighbours' security light has been off ( anytime day or night), It shined over the fence directly into my kitchen and right by my observing spot so was just impossible to try. Perhaps it blew or perhaps they just got their first 'leccy bill "it's how much":D:D:D Did a quick wiz of some old favourites : M57, M15, M2, M71, M27, M34, Eps Lyr and Albireo. Nowhere near as good as the skies I saw on safafi in Kenya in September. Oh WOW not even dark adapted and seeing the Milky Way straight away. Scorpius and Sagittarius almost overhead and able to see M7 clearly with the naked eye. Won't forget that in a hurry. Now just praying to any deity that will listen to my plea for the light to STAY OFF. A
  11. Finished off my night of fuzzy hunting with a view of Saturn and I have to say it was by far the highlight of the evening! Actually the first view of it with the 10" Dob. great to see tilted rings and 5 moons: Titan, Rhea, Tethys, Enceladus and Iapetus. And the best bit: realising that without doubt you've just seen the Cassini Division A
  12. Yep a good Friday of Galaxies until getting tired and hopelessly lost in Virgo so decided to give it a break but finish off saving the best til last... Saturn. 16 Galaxies, 12 of them new. Transparency just about on a par with Wednesday nights It's a bit of a pity that most of them only display themselves as fuzzy oval glows of various dimensions. But, I'm finding them without GOTO and really seeing them. Used the 32mm for star-hopping and finding the widest FoV and the 18mm and 10mm Radians for the close-ups depending which gave the best views. The 10mm tended to give better views of the brighter ones than the 18mm did. NGC 2903: As suggested... first on the list easy to locate S of Lambda Leo but took 15 minutes to see it as it was only just getting really dark and then quite a challenging oval M51: again clearly two portions with a more general haze arround an connecting them: just the hint of sprial arms. NGC 5005: starting from Cor Caroli (nice easy double) going South a quite small and barely visible squashed oval. Failed to see anything of NGC 5033 which should be really close but lower SBr. M63: The Sunflower a reasonably large oval perhaps a more impressive sight than M51 tonight. M94: found this easy to spot again M106: once located actually quite easy to see its elongated oval. M109: have tried this a few times previously but spent a bit really trying and was rewarded when using averted vision with glimpses of it. M65 & M66: marginally better views than previously, but just about visible in the 32mm, but best of all in the 10mm. And really able to clearly see the differences in their shapes. M95 & M96: Got 95 today a smaller circular glow oddly found it easier than 96 tonight! Into Virgo for ticking off these M49: It's circular glow was quite easy to distinguish from nearby stars. M90 & M89: In the Same 18mm FoV one circular one flattened M58: Another oval haze ! M59 & M60: another pair in the same 18mm FoV again one circular the other more flattened. Then got totally lost looking for more M87 ...So Just to finish off looked at Saturn with more moons that you could shake a stick at, well 5 anyway:Titan, Rhea, Tethys, Enceladus and Iapetus (could have got Dione if I'd have waited a bit) but capping it all was clearly seeing the Cassini division... just rounded off the night so well. More Tonight A
  13. Just got in after 4 hours ... 16 Galaxies, 12 ones new to me. OK so they're only mostly just fuzzy hazes with little if any detail, managed to see bits with M51. But I've found them (no GOTO) and seen them. Got totally lost in Virgo gave up and decided to look at Saturn for the first time with the 10" Dob. FAB:D:D:D Titan, Rhea, Tethys, Enceladus and Iapetus all easily visible as was the Cassini division during the steady periods great great view with the 4mm Radians. Certainly saved the best til last. Truly beautiful Another go tomorrow night I think A
  14. Yep NGC 2903 is first on my my list on new things to hunt tonight as well as seeing if I can get a better go at the others. Might try some of the Coma ones - but a bit awkwardly positioned behind the house until later. A
  15. I really do like that pair of clusters, so close, so different, so difficult to get a good view of M46, took me 4 sessions with the 6" frac last year to see it no problem with the Dob as long as they're high enough for it to see over the fence A
  16. After first seeing M81 & 2 back in Feb and always seeming to be frustrated in looking for Galaxies, especially M51, have finally had a couple brief evening sessions of success. 10" Dob with 18mm & 10mm Radians Sunday NGC 3115 The Spindle Galaxy, looked for as it has a higher surface brightness yep definately there as an elongated smudge ... sort of odd shape possibly accentuated by the star just about on top of it. Quite surprised to see it. M96 flushed with success went to some of the Leo ones managed this as a faint fat oval glow, couldn't make out anything of M95 though! M105 & NGC3384 in same FoV a roundish oval for and more elongated one for the other. Went to look for M51 just when the neighbours turned th lights on Wednesday pehaps a tad poorer transparency M96,105 and NGC 3384 again but lesser views M51 Yeah after many many attempts to see it ... there it was clearly two faint glows and a more generalised glow around them, wish I'd had a view on Sunday. Not really sure if I could make out any definition of what would be the spiral arms though just the general glow. Good views in both EPs perhaps a tad better in the 10mm. M65 & M66 Again spotted this pair without too much trouble but certainly less well defined than I'd have thought, need another go at them. I found M66 to be much the more rounded in shape than M65. Looks good for a long session Friday Night. A
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