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  1. I saw a film crew on the Mull of Galloway, making a film about lighthouse keepers called The Vanishing. Gerard Butler was there, looking gorgeous!
  2. That's awful. Whatever sympathy I express for people caught in it is going to sound inadequate, but I do feel for them . And the poor guys at Lucksall must be feeling so anxious. I'm glad you're safe and well Mark.
  3. Lucksall campsite has been on my mind during storm Dennis. The Environment Agency has a severe flood warning with 'danger to life' for the area around Mordiford. That's worse than it was last time we were there. Does anyone know if they are OK there? I know they have good flood defences, but it sounds like they may not have been enough. I know Mark at Beaufort is local - does anyone know if he is OK?
  4. My card is one of those that has expired since payment...what a pain for you to sort out, James! However, it would have hurt you more to rescue me and carry me across flooded fields! I saw the flooding in Hereford on Midlands Today - awful - cancellation was certainly the right decision.
  5. We're gutted! But we appreciate you making the decision earlier rather than later.
  6. There's a flood warning in place for Fownhope - I'm not having that! At least there's not a storm coming in from the Atlantic like there was last year. I'm counting on not floating down the Wye in my dad's caravan!
  7. My word - what a fine-looking couple! I'm voting for you as King and Queen of the Astro-prom!
  8. Watching lots of grown men rolling around in the mud together...nothing weird about that!
  9. Waaaaalk on, waaalk on With Jaffa Cakes in your haaaand And you'll neeeever get drunk aaaaalone! You'll neeeev-er get drunk aaaalone!
  10. Neither...the purchase of smart leather attire is an activity intrinsically couched in an aura of deep inner happiness! As for me getting off topic...as Ian knows from long experience, it's a skill I've honed over many years. I'm very good indeed at it. Don't worry - I'll stop crashing your thread now! (...or will I??!)
  11. That maybe so, Ian, but I think you'd be even happier if you sold all your astro-tackle and spent the money on leather boots and jackets. Go on, you know I'm right!
  12. Does anyone know if the café will be open the whole week? We're staying Fri-Wed, and I don't know if I can be a*sed to cook! (Of course, I could get Ian to cook, but his bottom lip may wobble).
  13. They don't make 'em like that any more!
  14. I think there should be an astronomical-karaoke round. I nominate The Ians to perform "I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper" in spangly body suits....(I'd pay good money to see that!).
  15. Go Scumbag! Can I be Vyvyan this year?! And can I call Michael Morris Bambi Gascoigne??
  16. I think that the most sensible suggestion in this situation would be for you to cheat shamelessly.
  17. You appear to be opposite us....poor you!
  18. It's on the pitch plan thread.
  19. Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh! Your SGL hat has made my day, tich! Do you think you could persuade Ian to get one?
  20. Hey - tich the Viking! Aaaaarggggh!! There's going to be a stoning?! I'll be there with two flats, two points and a packet of gravel...but if you don't mention Jehova, I suppose I could lend you a (rather inept) hand!
  21. There's always room for one more in team Scumbag College Amanda!
  22. That sounds very exciting!
  23. MM might change his mind.... *Pulls universal skeleton key out of pocket, firtles in hidden box, and slides in questions about Star Trek, Abba and hair straighteners*
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