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  1. There is a lot of filters that can help if you cannot get away from such skies....
  2. 7 weeks from Germany and still not recieved sounds like never had stock ! I have had items in a week from Germany this year
  3. I have a sellers website where i have loads of Svbony items in the UK...enough said as i know the forum rules.. I plan to use it when we get dark clear skies with the 60mm guidescope and the sv305 pro camera ..will post pics when done
  4. Here is my second pic of the MW ...Need to learn some processing skills and get out of these bortle 9 skies
  5. Took the camera to a repair shop and they quoted for a new shutter mechanism and cmos (apparently scratched) and re-calibration a total of £320....needless to say i declined and have it back with me..
  6. Hi , Simple question that i cannot find an answer ? Will the ZWO EAF fit a Altair Lightwave 66mm ED-R ? I have contacted ZWO but no reply yet..just hoping if someone knows Thanks
  7. cygnus, deneb ..again hoping for more detail than my first pic posted under the name...my first pic in astro imaging
  8. I had a good feeling about the sky tonight ...so have done 200 subs at 20sec and maybe 20 darks ...hoping to get an image...the jpeg shown had so much potential............
  9. Found what`s wrong sort of. Took off the lens and CLS filter and pressed shutter...it appears to be part of the mechanism in front of the sensor that is sticking. I thought it was a contaminant so tried to shake it out ...I then decided to get a pair of pincers to grab it and remove it....Not realising it was part of a bigger part of pieces....needless to say now its not as bad as before but not better, seems i have a faulty camera that needs repairing...If i ever own something that can go wrong it does...
  10. Hi all, I seem to be having a problem when using my CLS filter attached to my Canon EOS 800D and Samyang 14mm f2/8 lens , I get a rectangular shadow that appears on a sub moves on the next then disappears then reappears. I have fitted the CLS without the mirror up as you tube and the like don`t say to do. Its becoming frustrating so anyone know what`s going on ?
  11. If your equipment is portable enough to go slightly remote (ie Norfolk countryside) then you will be amply rewarded.
  12. I live in a bortle 8 and use a clip on CLS filter...just try to frame if poss with not much excessive light interference from afformentioned...i was very pleased with my first pic
  13. I bought the Altair Astro 66mm ED-R for £200...should be ok to start
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