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  1. as a newbie how will the extender compliment the lens ?
  2. Was looking for a 1.8 prime focus for astronomy imaging and came across a great deal for the Canon 50mm 1.8 here but someone suggested a Yongnou 1.8 here anyone tried the Yongnou and which would you opt for ..if either of them ?
  3. So......tonights forecast was iffy...but not to be down hearted decided to take the AR-127s on the sturdy EQ5 mount out and try my luck......connected the scope to mount ,,,eyepiece fitted plossl 26mm and adjusted to focus the moon ( lol small bright round thing) ...superb view... Then i thought get a pic.....so went indoors and connected the Canon EOS 300d camera to telescope adapter....set to manual ..ISO 400 went back outdoors removed the 26mm plossl inserted the camera and ....and ......and.. this is where it all went wrong....a great big fuzzy light patch appeared through the viewfinder so..which the telescope focus could not fix and i have no lens attached to the camera to focus either... Help required ...please..
  4. With regard only to the filter , i will study this post http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/230878-dslr-mods-be-brave/#entry2494182
  5. Would you recommend the filter removal if it was yours ? and if so what approx is the cost and can it be done D.I.Y ..also you mention narrow band filters ...any to recommend...Thanks very much guys for your replies...much appreciated. Could you recommend filters etc for me to purchase that your experience has given you...As my sig states i have a Nikon D50 and a canon Eos 300d and am swayed to use the Canon from my limited research... The lenses i have for the Canon are as follows: 80-200mm EFS 18-55mm Optomax 400mm with telephoto x2 with a M42 adaptor Its with these in mind i am looking to go forward ... Thanks in advance on what your experience would guide me.. I am currently reading "Every Photon counts" but want to get out there and take pics...
  6. Wow..well as a must accessory it has to be purchased...or at least on my list....first and foremost is continued reading and jotting my experiences...what a wonderful hobby.. more feedback gladly appreciated
  7. Thank you..so as a box accessory its a good Canon buy for future experienced nebula photography ?
  8. Apologies http://www.astronomik.com/en/clip-filter-system.html
  9. I have purchased a Canon EOS 300D for introductory astrophotography but live in a cul de sac with 3 streetlights to contend with my viewing/photography. As a newbie to astrophotography ( which i will now just type AP...lol) ..i have bought a Baader UHC-S Nebula-Filter for future but would this be a good but for planetry and moon photography ? link http://www.astronomik.com/en/checkout/cart/ Regards Paul...any other advice gladly accepted...
  10. Thanks Starfox..i have purchased a EOS remote ...and have just replaced a iphone 4s digitiser and screen so am feeling pretty DIY lol
  11. its all a learning curve...(feeling quite smug )
  12. without googling is HA Hydrogen Alpha...gonna look a fool in a minute...
  13. Yes..i do believe it was the first pre $1000 dslr in 2003
  14. I have just purchased a used EOS 300D for entry level Astrophotography..I have read about a mod available ..Can i comfortably use it out of box with appropriate lens or is the mod necessary and is it a software or hardware change and how or who can do it ? Thanks in advance
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