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Partial solar eclipse.


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3 hours ago, IB20 said:



3 hours ago, wookie1965 said:

Tal 100rs, Celestron Zoom, Lunt Herschel Wedge, Galaxy S10 



3 hours ago, JeremyS said:

Lunt 50. Max phase

These are really nice!

I dug out my old Skyhawk, and took these at a Wolvo AS sesh this morning, via iPhone and crappy H20mm eyepiece, so not great:E5AF519C-A927-4397-9FD6-5AC111E1654D.thumb.jpeg.a56f2860e0599712dc84ec6b849a54fe.jpeg04292A9F-38B0-4296-ADF3-8810D2BD8A84.thumb.jpeg.9673f27d42c5c874222e5b96207459f0.jpeg


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51 minutes ago, chemistorge said:

My Efforts: Still: Canon 6d, Bresser 127 mak (1900/127), 0.5 x  reducer - supplied filter



Time lapse (Canon 80d, 15 secs interval, 400 mm lens, Bader Astro film).



That’s really nice! I had intended to do something like that but had forgotten my K mount T-adaptor! I doubt the focuser on my old skyhawk 4.5” would’ve kept my DSLR up though...

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