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  1. Although I've mentioned the SW 2" 28mm LET eyepiece before, I'm finding that on the occasions that I am observing, I don't use any other eyepiece anymore!
  2. I came across this video a few days ago. Quite handy, seeing we're at the right time of year to see the constellation of Orion... https://youtu.be/_Rt4FPYC-GA
  3. I was out in my ponies field one evening over the weekend there and noticed some stars and constellations where easily observable. I was thinking "wouldn't it be great if I'd had a pair of binoculars in my rucksack" at the time. That being said, I'd want something that not 20x80 or something ridiculous too big like that to carry around. Looking back at old The Sky At Night with Patrick Moore, one of his favourites was a pair of 7x50 binos. There are of course, the usual 10x50 pair. Ideally, a pair of 7x50 would be great, along with a collapsible monopod (to fit in a rucksack). Do
  4. I ordered 2 Telrad risers from Auntie @FLOon Monday lunchtime. They arrived Tuesday morning. Well done @FLO.
  5. I bought one 2nd hand from a SGL member last year. Well worth the £20. It's given me the most memorable views, including the Andromeda Galaxy!
  6. There's something not quite right here...
  7. I noticed it a number of times, but never thought much about it, until today. It's quite a sight...
  8. I just tend to use my el cheapo SW 28mm 2" LET for scanning around with the 200P.
  9. I've came across a chain of stars in an S shape near the Orion Nebula. Well, I think it's near there. I'm trying to find out what it's called. Any ideas?
  10. That's a terrible to treat someone's package!
  11. I've always thought the SW finderscopes were good value for money.
  12. I read the description below the video and the SCT used was a duffer, thankfully!
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