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  1. On the subject of being out on your own at night, reminded me of this news article... http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2020/october/radio-ham-attacked-while-operating-near-cheltenham.htm#.YMC8ryTPzIU
  2. I used to do security and we were told that carrying long and large torches (flashlights), could be considered as offensive weapons.
  3. Last Spring, Venus was high in the evening sky. Yet this Spring, I couldn't see it at all. Is it higher in the sky in certain years, more than others? And yes, I know about it being the "evening star" or "morning star" depending at what time of the year you see it.
  4. Is this like waiting for buses, there's nothing for ages - then 3 appear at once!
  5. I'd rather use what I have at hand, especially after seeing the price of one!
  6. I would like to get a Sky-Watcher ST80 at some point, just the OTA. I've got an old Meade tripod and GEM that I could use with it. Do you think this could work?
  7. According to Google Translate... "Good morning. I also have a sky watcher 130 900. Today, January 28, 2021 I tried to observe Mars but without success: I saw only lights and not the surface of the planet. I wanted to ask you how you got to see Jupiter Saturn and Mars so well since we have the same telescope. Have you purchased more powerful eyepieces than those already supplied? Thanks."
  8. I just cradle the OTA carefully, with both arms.
  9. I've never had any problems with my finderscope holder shoe on the OTA, though I've read of people tightening the thumbscrew with pliers! 20210122_203234.mp4 20210122_213200.mp4
  10. Gaseous emissions from the body (planet)?
  11. No problems keeping your sensor cool then?
  12. I guess this is an example of "care what you wish for". People were warned that there would be consequences for this action... Hell mend them.
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