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  1. Hello, I have a Zeiss binoviewer with a I believe 1.2x corrector in front of a Zeiss Baader diagonal. Does this mean if I use a Televue x2 pwermate that I will have 3.2x magnification at the eyepieces ? I have often wondered about this.
  2. Hello, I'll offer £250.00 if this is still available.
  3. Hello, If you decide to split I would be interested in the 2" semi apo filter.
  4. My Solarscope also gets more use than any of my others.
  5. Hello, is this still available for sale ? Kind regards, Patrick
  6. Hello, I've succumbed and acquired one myself ! I did a swap for a C11. I also have a very fine D&G 6" f12 achro, but I thought this would be a better option for lunar and planetary imaging.
  7. Hi Andy, No sold I'm afraid ! Regards, Patrick
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