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Partial solar eclipse.


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19 minutes ago, JimFR said:

That’s really nice! I had intended to do something like that but had forgotten my K mount T-adaptor! I doubt the focuser on my old skyhawk 4.5” would’ve kept my DSLR up though...

Isn't that what duct tape is for?

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2 hours ago, chemistorge said:

I actually used duct tape for the focus ring on the lens for the time lapse. My children were around and one small hand could spelt an out of focus horror!!!!

I was going to say! I guess lenses don’t complain as much…

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Ok so managed to get a cr@ppy phone to EP pick with cloud but still it’s the second partial I’ve observed this time I drew a crowd 5 people wondered what the bejesus I was doing (some lab technicians) came over and had a look pic doesn’t show it but they noticed the sunspots and penumbra after I told them what to look for and they were truely taken aback anyway here’s my edited moody partial pic lol 


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Job done!

1 hour ago, Paul Manuell said:

With no actual astrophotography setup, this is the best I could manage...

Celestron Astromaster 90az 

20mm eyepiece (50x magnification)

Thousand Oaks filter

Tablet hand held close to eyepiece



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This was today?. Visible from UK and Ireland?. It was a beautiful clear day here in my part of Ireland. 

Dagnamit, I had no idea. 

Myself and Lorna are going to Upstate New York in April 2024 for the Total Solar Eclipse. It will be our honeymoon. 3 weeks. Meet family and friends, and hopefully catch the eclipse. 

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22 minutes ago, Space Hopper said:

@LukeSkywatcher No my duck. It was October 25th.

And it was pretty much clear for the most part 😀

I did check the date of the thread, but missed it. Still annoyed, but it was probably cloudy.

I should have gone to Specsavers.


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