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  1. I heard this the other day with respect to astronomy equipment expenditure. ”Prepare to pay more than you are already prepared to pay” ( Or something like it).
  2. My Telrad (a red dot finder would also do) was a great choice for setting up my CPC quickly. I never seem to use the finder scope anymore.
  3. Claire, welcome such raw enthusiasm will make you a fantastic visual observer, have fun!
  4. Yes this has happened, but it still stays in place when you push it back on when you have finished with the battery. I think it’s not obvious that you have to lift it a bit then spin it around rather than bend it back all the way, it just closes again if you do that (or breaks off) I would still recommend it though as allegedly you don’t have to maintenance charge it.
  5. Why is this divisive? , it’s just that I’ve got one.
  6. Hi I've been looking at the Celestron CPWI software for my CPC mount. It seems really straight forward to set up and use (on the dining room table anyway ) but I’ve got a couple of questions with regard to using it for visual and planetary photography: Do you have to use 4 alignment points ? As you only Need 3 in sky align, or 2 in auto 2 star align. Can the hand controller be enabled when the computer is connected to it? (I think it would be easier to slew and align the stars initially with the hand controller). Do users see a benefit in using it? (I don’t see it mentioned much on this forum) Thanks for any comments or experiences.
  7. Yes, my Mrs was asleep in about 10 mins. Not sure if was his soothing tones or the content !
  8. One comment that Brian Cox said made me wince (for other people) was when he stated that we don’t need to “make up God to explain the universe” (to paraphrase him) because the stars are the real Gods. Best not go there eh....
  9. What about Brian Cox on “Strictly Come Dancing” ? The graphics from his show would make a great back drop to his dancing !
  10. I think must have chucked hundreds of thousands of pounds in the skip then in my time !
  11. I think this is an indoor porcelain insulator from a bit of Reyrolle 132kv switchgear 1960s vintage. its indoors because the insulator sheds are flat as they should not be getting wet. In my experience they often did when the substation roof leaked.
  12. Cheers Mark, Yes the bits of foam it came with just slotted in perfectly! I’ve been having a few alignment problems when using the x2 Barlow so hope this will help to sort it out.
  13. A nice flip mirror and illuminated reticle EP to help with my planetary imaging efforts. I had an old camera box which is now great for storing it all. think it will be useful to separate my visual and photography kit. excellent service btw from Harrison Telescopes.
  14. Not sure when it will be but I’m pretty sure a man and woman will plant this flag, because nobody else will has the will, drive and determination to do it.
  15. Do you think it’s worth getting an illuminated cross hairs EP, I think the FLO one is 12.5 mm? or what is a good flip mirror to use? cheers
  16. Thanks for the advice all I’ll try all these suggestions
  17. Thursday night I was out trying out some more planetary photography (second time actually). I managed to get some good data on Jupiter and Saturn using firecapture. The problems started however when I tried to use the 1.25” x2 Barlow. I would centre the planet with a high power EP then insert the Barlow and the camera but I could never find the planet again. Things I tried were: ensured all the adapters and Barlow and camera were fully locked in the 2” diagonal , using 1.25 adapter. moved the focuser fully back and forth ensured the mount was tracking properly ensured all dust caps removed increased the gain in firecapture made sure view was MAX not ROI in firecapture When I put the EP back in the planet would still be there! Hope someone can suggest what might to happening? Thanks Andy
  18. Ian I’ve got a CPC925 so everything else is light as a feather!
  19. Thanks both it’s going to be an interesting new hobby.
  20. I should think the skywatcher could be more practical if you have got to take it out to a dark site if you don’t have a van ??
  21. Just sitting in my garden looking at the top of the house at the soffits (which I painted a few weeks ago). I know these are 5m up so your model is really impressive at 4.2 metres! I can see the scale very clearly. It will be like the rocket garden at the Kennedy space centre in Florida, good effort !
  22. Paul I did get some kit in the end (as below in the signature) and put it to work this week. very first image attached. As they say “Things can only get better” Anyway going to be a great new hobby.
  23. Hi I’m starting to use firecapture with a CPC925 similar to the OP above. Is it possible to suggest what the gain and exposure settings should be for Jupiter? I suppose there are loads of variables depending on seeing but perhaps there are average settings to start from? I’m pretty happy about dimming down after locating the planet, but really not sure what the exposure Time should be . I think it’s about 1-2ms? thanks
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