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  1. Well done sounds like a fine expedition! You do need a bit of wow factor now and again!
  2. Paul just tried this out thanks, using a ropey smart phone photo from Last Friday compared with the NASA app. it works really well! should be even better results when I put a bit more effort in. (Mine are of course flipped East West)
  3. Michael Thanks, would you say the investment was worth it, I mean did you really see a benefit. also the installation doesn’t look too difficult but interested in your view thanks
  4. Hi A simple request please for any feed back from anyone who has fitted one of these focuser upgrades to a Celestron CPC. I.e. are they worth it and do they make a big difference ? (The price seems eye watering). I did notice a few focusing problems at high mag last night during Moon observations. Is this likely to get worse with age and use? Any first hand experiences greatly received thanks.
  5. I think that’s happening here, do you think the community charge will stop increasing??
  6. I used to have this type sodium lamp at the end of the garden, now got this type of LED which is a lot less intrusive, and has made a big difference. I think they just changed it because the other one broke. It looks like the LED will be the standard replacement in my area. Just hope the council go back to the 12 o’clock switch off at some point.
  7. My feeble attempts with a smart phone, my first Lunar photos ever Taken this year These were through my Baader Morpheus EPs
  8. Adele you're in great company here I’ve learnt loads in 5 months and been saved from making a few mistakes , ask away and enjoy
  9. James Hang in there mate things are going to get better
  10. TELRAD TELRAD TELRAD, I love the Telrad. and my eyepiece box
  11. Thanks I’ve got a laptop with USB 3, is the USB C faster ?
  12. Got some new bathroom reading books
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