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  1. Hello, I have a Zeiss binoviewer with a I believe 1.2x corrector in front of a Zeiss Baader diagonal. Does this mean if I use a Televue x2 pwermate that I will have 3.2x magnification at the eyepieces ? I have often wondered about this.
  2. Hello, I'll offer £250.00 if this is still available.
  3. Hello, If you decide to split I would be interested in the 2" semi apo filter.
  4. My Solarscope also gets more use than any of my others.
  5. Hello, is this still available for sale ? Kind regards, Patrick
  6. Hello, I've succumbed and acquired one myself ! I did a swap for a C11. I also have a very fine D&G 6" f12 achro, but I thought this would be a better option for lunar and planetary imaging.
  7. Hi Andy, No sold I'm afraid ! Regards, Patrick
  8. Hello, I'm looking to purchase a Nagler 3-6mm zoom eyepiece. Please let me know if you have one to sell or know of someone who has. Many thanks, Patrick
  9. I have managed to remove my green ring now. It was just a bit tight.
  10. I have tried to remove my green extension piece from my FC100DC, but I'm finding the ring ids giving a lot of resistance. Any advise please as I don't want to force it ?
  11. Hi GTom, I is optimised for a latitude of 52 degrees. No it's a single axis platform, but has quartz controlled tracking.. I can send you pictures if you want ?
  12. Hello, I have available for sale a very nice condition equatorial tracking platform for dobsonian telescopes. The platform was made by Equatorial Platfrorms of the USA. it comes complete with a quartz controlled drive controller in RA and has wheels to make moving it easier. These retail at near £1500.00 to import from the USA. I am asking £500.00 collected or I could arrange for delivery at cost. I can send pictures on request to seriously interested persons.
  13. Hello, Does anyone have a copy of the downloadable Sky and Telescope moon map ? I tried to download a copy from their website, but the link does not work. Thanks, Patrickj
  14. Thank you for your the links. I will download these.
  15. Hello, Does anyone know of a good downloadable moon map that can be used to display the moon as seen in a particular telescope ? What I want to do is to be able to rotate the image to match the view in a telescope eyepiece when using SCT's and refractors with diagonals and straight through viewing ? Kind regards, Patrick
  16. Hello Everyone, I have an 8" reflecting binoscope that I might be persuaded to part with if anyone is interested.
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