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  1. I have used a number of AZ mounts over the years for my refractors and when I owned such things Newtonian refectors too, both on and off Dobsonian mountings. The one mount I have returned to 3 times now (and I am not selling this one) is the humble SW AZ4. I have been using this mount on and off for the past 10 years now so I think I am probaly qualified to review it now. Currently as you can see I have a shortish tube refractor on board and since I have the steel legged version I have a very solid mount for my scope indeed, rock solid as it happens. I also think, and prehaps I am alone here,
  2. Exactly, lets just love the hobby, we do it for fun after all.
  3. I have bought a few things from Germany recntly, TS service is as quick and sometimes quicker even the FLO (a day earlier actually). I have experinced nothing but good things when dealing them, which is more than I can say for two well know UK based astro suppliers. There is lots of talk about getting hit for addittional taxes when your item arrrives in the UK, that's certainly not my experince.
  4. TS in Germany also have them, about 10 left in stock.
  5. I used to own one of those two, a SW ED 120, not as good optically as the ED100 I also owned, but not a bad scope at all. I bought a Starwave from Altair about a month, optically the best scope I ever owned, including a couple of OO dobs, but I guess that is like compaing apples and oranges so not really a fair comparrison. CA much better controlled in the Starwave scopes compared to even the ED100, which was a pretty good scope, obviously the build quality is a bit on the basic side like a lot SW refractors dodgy focusers and all that. I have yet to hear a bad word said about any of these sco
  6. If you are looking for a case that is the perfect fit for that scope TS in Germany do a very nice hard case. This is one one I bought for my 102 ED-R
  7. I have one of those, the 102 that is. A very nice scope indeed, the build quality is identical, i.e. properly solid. They feel like a scentific instrument.
  8. I always felt that you were the voice of moderation on here John (literally and proverbilly)
  9. I love this forum, but there is a place for talking about the high end stuff, getting started general help and advise isn't it. I was just picturing the face of a beginner on seeing the price of a 4 inch japanese refractor for the first time with nothing else to base an opinion on. Perhaps there should be a seperate forum for such things like they have on CN? Just a thought? On a completely unrelated matter I had an excellent session last night, big moon or no...
  10. I completely agree, it's getting to the point where some of the discussions which seem to be increasingly advocating scopes with premium brand names with primium prices tags to match are going to start putting people off buying a refractor at all. Not everyone can afford to spend 6 grand on 4 inch refractor. One thing is clear. It certainly does not mean, regardless of what folks might say that everying which isn't a Tak, Japanese or what have you must by extention be a little naff, it simply isn't the case. It's a forum, people are entitled to thier views and if bragging rights about who has
  11. What he said: For excellent ED refractors you won't have to selll a kidnesy for I would start looking here: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/language/en/manufacturers_id/143/filter_id/222/astro/-TS Teleskope.html or here for some slightly better ones: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/cat/c287_TS-SD-APO-Refractors.html these are the same as the Technosky or Altair Astro scopes like these ones: https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-102ed-r-fpl53-refractor-459-p.asp or this one: https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-80ed-r-ed-doublet-refractor-telescope-466-p.asp Th
  12. Excellent, thank you for taking the time to explain.
  13. Forget it, I can see now. 9 elements, mine has only 6.
  14. Interesting, thank you, I am not alone in thinking this, In what way are they different?
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