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  1. I'd like to add some more Wratten filters to my collection, but for different things (not CA) - mostly to enhance planetary views, etc.
  2. Where would a Wratten #9 fit in there? I'm using the Sky-Watcher Evostar 120 Achro. I've only managed one night with the #8 and was impressed. I've still to stop down the telescope. I found the CA was pretty obvious, after coming from a SW 200P Dob...
  3. I see that the Wratten #12 cuts light of 500nm, therefore seems close to the Baader 495. Would it do the same job as the Baader 495?
  4. Revisiting an old thread... Now I've got a SW Evostar 120 refractor and decent mount (EQ5 Deluxe), would Orthos be any good for me? I'm contemplating motorising this mount.
  5. At least you didn't get this one!
  6. I tried the Wratten #8 on Jupiter , this evening. It did reduce the CA and also seemed to bring out the N and S equatorial belts, making them easier to see. The yellowish colour wasn't unpleasant, actually quite nice.
  7. On Jupiter, this evening. The Wratten #8 made a difference to the CA, making some of the features on the Jovian disk easier to see. I think it made the North and South equatorial bands stand out more. Then the clouds rolled in and the neighbour's floodlight came on.
  8. I was observing Jupiter, a bit earlier. Then the clouds rolled in and a neighbour's floodlight came on.
  9. I'm trying to set up the new SW EQ5 Deluxe mount, I got a few days ago. Do I need to polar alignment using the scope, etc, just for visual use? I can't see Polaris from my backdoor, due to houses in the way. The old Meade EQ-1B mount was a bit easier to set up.
  10. I bought a customer returned EQ5 Deluxe mount from @FLO, the other day. I've found a few loose washers inside the boxes, so am unsure where exactly they came from. There's at least one that's 10mm and the rest are probably 6mm. I'm not sure if they are for the dovetail. Has anyone with a EQ5 Deluxe know what they are for?
  11. This arrived from Auntie @FLOyesterday evening. It's a customer returned EQ5 Deluxe mount. Excuse the mess of the spare room (including the washing drying).
  12. Courtesy of Auntie @FLO, a Wratten #8 filter.
  13. Are they like this? https://web.archive.org/web/20050923061253fw_/http://www.trutek-uk.com/truetech/filters.html
  14. I've ordered a Wratten #8 filter from @FLO, their own brand Astro Essentials in 1.25".
  15. That photo was taken from another website, it was just to use as an example. My refractor has a centre hole in the dust cap. Agreed about making my own...
  16. I was thinking of using the Evostar 120 with the dust cap on, but with the small hole in it to stop it down.
  17. So recapping, I'm back to looking at the Scopetech 80mm offers from Aunty @FLO. Will I notice the difference between the F15 and F12.5 versions? What difference will the single verses multi coating make? The reason for the renewed interest is, I've got a SW EQ5 Deluxe mount coming. Also, @FLO has a price drop on a ex-display model of the F12.5 version. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/offers/offer_scopetech-stl80a-l-80mm-f125-classical-refractor_155968.html
  18. I'm glad someone else saw that 'extra' moon too! I saw it quite clearly the last few nights. Not tonight though, as we're clouded out!
  19. Last night, the moon looked great in the 8" Dob, using the 28mm 2" LET eyepiece. Tonight, clouded out!
  20. I used the 28mm 2" SW LET and 8" Dob on the moon, last night. It was breathtakingly sharp in it's clarity!
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