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  1. Thank you. The 12v would be from a 12v battery bank, charged by solar / wind. So clearly I need to do some calcualtions to see how much power that is going to draw. The camera(s) would need to be weather proof. Food for thought, thanks. James
  2. Has anyone set up 12v CCTV for an observatory which can either connect to WiFi or be accessed remotely by directly connecting to 4G via a mobile data plan SIM card?
  3. Tilt was the thing which came to my mind. As above, worth trying to image with the camera rotated 90 degrees. James
  4. If you are in a dark location, I’d just image and see what you get. What size filter does the lens take? You’ll be able to find a UV cut filter, and I’d always put even a clear glass filter at the front of all my lenses to keep them clean and to protect them.
  5. We've put together a 50 question quiz for out local Society (Nottingham Astronomical Society) but others may like to have a go. There is no prize. The answers will be revealed in out online meeting a week tonight which anyone can attend, but I'll share the answers here subsequently. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=PrdgGU4TREmznWHm9tumvdoay5d8lh9DuHOFokKiygZUN1JSVjdKUUdTRThRTTkzUzVYQlVURUNYQS4u James
  6. Yes, whaz the ISO up for focussing then turn it back down for imaging.
  7. Louis DJ’s post answers the question. Nice.
  8. They are all very similar. Dedicate 20 minutes in the day light to figure out how it works; the instruction manuals are usually awful, but you can figure it out with a bit of patience and time.
  9. If wired, these are good and pretty cheap. Wireless versions are much more expensive. https://www.amazon.co.uk/intervalometer-Remote-Shutter-Release-RS-60E3/dp/B01EWRTLEM
  10. I think the issue is due to COVID hindering manufacture and shipping, combined with the massive increase in sales which retailers have seen online during the pandemic. Buy second hand.
  11. I don’t think there is any harm Re-reading what you have. I love this book which is old but still pertinent: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Astronomy-Explained-Gerald-North-1997-08-08/dp/B01K0S8292/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=astronomy+gerald+north&qid=1608111660&sr=8-3 The other thing to do is to use software like Stellarium and set the time and date to your location, and just learn the names of the very brightest stars, and the names of the constellations they reside in. The accompany this, there is an even older book, another of my favourites, written just about th
  12. The setting circle on the HEQ5s I’ve seen just don’t work as they should - if you confirm this, just ignore it.
  13. If you’ve read those books you are already well equipped. What exactly do you want to learn more about?
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