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Observer / Imager survey

Which of these do you fall into?.  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of these do you fall into?.

    • Don't care!. Just out there drinking beer
    • Imager Only.
    • More Observer than imager!
    • More Imager than Observer!
    • Equal split
    • Just wanna be out the house!

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More Observer than imager!

although "Don't care!. Just out there drinking beer" got careful consideration....

:laugh: Thought that may tickle a few people!!.... mind you, the beer is part of the setup in summer!!

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Voted more imager than Observer could of been either way round really as when imaging i don't pop inside and wait for the exposer to finish i am out there with the camera observing the sky with the naked eye or binos :laugh: But with the scope it's has to be more imager Mmmmmmm think it maybe time to get an el cheapo mount and stick a scope on it whilst imaging with the other :laugh:

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  • 1 year later...

I am evenly balanced... oh and equal split for me.

Beer and observing happens on the odd rare summer occasion. Beer and imaging is a no no for me ... I'm a lightweight and the consequences would be catastrophic! :wink:


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voted for the last one: 'out of the house'.

Strictly speaking I am out of the house, I'm actually in Vancouver BC now for the next 2 weeks or so but my scope's at home. I've brought my binos with me so at least I've got some optics available.

I believe there were clear skies throughout most of the UK last night (3rd Sep) - isn't that just typical - I leave the dob and the country and the skies clear. Maybe it's me that's cursed and not the 'scope :wink:

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