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  1. Welcome to the forum Harry.. Scott
  2. Cloudgazer

    Hi ALL

    Welcome to the forum Rich.. Scott
  3. Looks promising Rus.. The final version should be good. Scott
  4. Glad to see that Gaz has decided to stay part of the SGL team as a GM .. Hopefully Rob will do the same. Scott
  5. TJ.. Have you read Martin B's primer on Planetary imaging with a Toucam? (http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,3523.0.html) Webcams are the choice for planetary imaging because the high(ish) number of frames per second they can capture is more useful for capturing the brief moments when seeing improves. The C9.25 is a highly rated planetary imaging scope.. Stick a webcam on it and learn how to process the results in Registax/ K3CCD and you should be able to get some nice results. Scott
  6. Welcome to the forum Brendan.. Scott
  7. Welcome to the forum LaVey.. Scott
  8. Welcome to the forum Enwod.. Scott
  9. Welcome to the forum Inês.. Scott
  10. Cloudgazer

    Hi, all

    Welcome to the forum S2.. Scott
  11. Welcome to the forum Mike.. Scott
  12. Looks really smart S5 8).. Scott
  13. Welcome to the forum Stella.. Scott
  14. Their both nice images Dave but if I had to choose I'd go for the first one.. It just looks a little bit sharper and has a bit more detail than the second one. Scott
  15. Cloudgazer

    Hi There

    Welcome to the forum.. Scott
  16. Welcome to the forum Andy.. Scott
  17. Welcome to the forum Paolo.. Scott
  18. Welcome to the forum Steve.. Scott
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