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  1. Paul, If you goto the for sale forum,( you will see what i have) Which may help you out! Mick.G.
  2. Admins definately. After being off the forum ror some time, I had forgotten my pass word. SORTED within a blink of an eye. Nice one. Mick.G.
  3. I'm going to have to learn how to type quicker.
  4. Hi crashtest. I live about 1/4 of a mile from the sea front, & when the sea mist roll's in everything get's soaked very fast. When I get in I rince the corrector glass with distilled water & a blast with the hair dryer. No prob's so far in four years. Mick.G.
  5. ..........Did I type. Red dwarf or S.G.L
  6. Hi Ya...........Can Iask what a Freudian Slip is please. Mick.G.
  7. Elf & safety!!! That is how Rrudoph got his red nose. Without Elf & safety...... Mick.G.
  8. Mick.G.

    Back again

    I am so embarrassed. I got intouch with a member of the admin, to get my old profile back. Well within a blink of an eye I am back to to my old self. But I can't remember who it was. typical! I am so sorry.......... Mick.G. (MickyG)
  9. Grant, I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you! (working away from home) Iff you have any left, I'll have one. Regard's....Mick.G.
  10. Hi CGolder, am not looking at a hacksew or boltcroppers. just a screwdriver!
  11. Hi Janine & welcome to the forum. Ask ask & ask again! there are a lot of members here who will put you right. Mick.G.
  12. Hi all, Iwould very much like to mount my etx 80 to my cpc 800 as afinder scope, but stripping the 80 down look's abit daunting! If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be greatful:icon_salut: Mick.G.
  13. Moonshane, all I can say is"brrrr no get off put an injection in my arm)...no way. Mick.G.
  14. Hello from an ex east sussex lad. (Hastings) Welcome to the forum......Mick.G.
  15. Thank's for the reply Jamie. Without major surgery with a pair of scissors to my eyelids, Ill stick to a 12mm ep.
  16. Hi Grant. Is there any chance that those of us who can't order over the tinternet, can pay by banker's cheque, or postal order? Mick.G.
  17. Does any one have trouble with thair eyelashe's when viewing at high mag ep's....It is so distracting! (If this is in the wrong place please move) Best regard's Mick.G.
  18. Hi and welcome, Morf. You will enjoy this scope, as i did when I first started out over 5 years ago. However it is a big learning curve (which is half the fun) All the best Mick.G.
  19. I have signe'd as well. How can we condole the action's of other countries( deforestation of rain ferest's) When this is allowed to happen in our own back yard!...... Mick.G.......I hope not:icon_eek:
  20. Hi. Go to Google & type in ANDY'S SHOT GLASS He has a small vidio tutorial on collimateing newt's. Mick.G.
  21. Hi evey one, not been around for some time. But in the last two month's I have managed to get out with my CPC800 a dozen times, down my alotment. However to cut a long story short, I experienced another power cut in the middle of no where. I froze at this point because I nearly killed myself last time! If it wasent for the hand controler, with it's red glow, I wouldn't have found the cpc. I looked up, my goodness I was lost in space! All the fainter stars started to pop out, I couldn't find my way around. Just wondering how many of you can find your way around the night sky, when pitch black? My name is Mick.G. I am not smarter than a ten year old!
  22. 19 for me! Ttried cheating, got 19. Tried again, got 19. Mick.G.
  23. Words, not enough, not what I'm looking at anyway. Mick.G.
  24. Recieved a Hitecastro 4 chanel controller + an Astrozap dew shield from FLO on friday, so I set the scope up to see where the best place for the controller to be placesd. The dials on the controller got me thinking, should I start at the min' setting, half way, or on full for the night? I'd be glad to know how you guy's set out at the start of the night, to save me faffing abuot on what few nights we do get. Regards Mick.G.
  25. Hi ajfdab. After reading your post, & looking at your pics I have just checked my cpc800. Build qualilty is spot on. I think I would have a word with the seller. Best regards Mick.G.
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