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  1. Lulu and I are booked Thu, Fri, Sat. Pitch 54 will be available I hope. I also hope our new massive tent will fit on the pitch It appears the pitch allocation pdf is locked out (no permission to view this file)
  2. Astronut

    I'm in :)

    Booked for me and Lulu Arrive Thursday, Leave Sunday.
  3. I ordered 2 car stickers, 2 calendars and 2 beanie hats. (see above) I got the car stickers and calendars but I'm still waiting for the hats. Are they in short supply or will I have to contact FLO again?
  4. All electric hookups gone - oh nos! I've only just got home and I need 3 or 4 nights with an electric hookup for the tent. Major panic attack Wonder if Lulu's booked it last night? She's not home yet.
  5. Mine's been like that since day 1 and it's never been left outside (excepting starpartys). It had a moisture/grease stain on the inside of the corrector plate when I first got it. Not sure if I should mention this here but it's been back to David Hinds via FLO twice now for cleaning and the stain is still visible. They had the cheek to charge FLO the second time even though it was still under guarantee saying it was my fault! Needless to say I'm very reluctant to store it in an outside shed, although this would save alot of time setting up. I haven't really got the time to take it apart myse
  6. Oh dear. Order got messed up I think. Ordered 2 calendars, 2 car stickers and 2 beanie hats. Received 1 calendar, 1 car sticker, a note to say 1 beanie hat to follow and an invoice (which includes an ED80 baader solar filter on the list) for some dude in the Orkney Islands Will email Steve, I think.
  7. KT Tunstall has more than a passing interest. Her dad introduced her to the stars when she was a child and that's why her first album is called 'Eye to the Telescope'.
  8. Steve, I'll ring asap this week. Thanks. Not sure if a replacement motor would sort it but it does seem (from the symptoms) that it would. Just checked my receipt and it is less than 2 yrs old. Doesn't seem like more than a year but time flies.
  9. Just read your thread. Not a good situation. I've just re-tried my mount in the vain hope it may be alright but the symptons persist. I might ring FLO as it's less than 2 years old. If it's not covered under Celestron's guarantee or David Hinds are not willing to repair it, I may cut my losses and bin it, sell the OTA and save up for another big dob (with tracking of course but I can live without goto).
  10. re. factory reset, tried that too. No luck
  11. Checking the pin was one of the first things I did. A faulty motor encoder sounds plausible. I'll check that but first I'm going to dig out my receipt as it may still be under guarantee. (less than 2 years old).
  12. I'm using a Skywatcher 17ah portable unit, similar in spec to the Celestron one. I've always used this unit from day one and it's never been a problem. I've ruled out the power supply as the problem as I've tried the mount with Ian's (starflyer) huge leisure battery and the fault with the mount is still there.
  13. Thanks for the offer Ron but as far as I'm aware the latest firmware is available on the Sky @ Night mag CD's. If not I can always download from Celestron's site. Besides, I'm not entirely convinced it's a firmware fault with the red power light going off when the cable's plugged in.
  14. I haven't had much luck with my current setup considering how little it's been used - see sig - but that's another story. Now the mount is faulty. First star alignment slewing starts off fine but halfway through slewing to the first star, the declination motor stops (RA motor seems fine) and a few seconds later it starts up again. This repeats until the 'scope is pointing below the horizon at which point I switch off and try again - same thing happens. I have to do without goto and find things manually but tracking is working fine but then it would be as the declination axis is not in use dur
  15. Yes we had a great time and wish we could have stayed more than 2 nights.
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